When the Internet of Things (IoT) rears its head in a business context, most people only think of tracking sensors and RFID tags in the supply chain. However, IoT intelligence can also help improve the ‘customer experience’ for businesses. Find out how IoT connected security cameras can help you to grow your retail business in this article.

According to the 2017 Retail Vision Study by Zebra, 70% of businesses plan to invest in the IoT in the next five years. Their primary objective is to increase sales and minimize expenses. Who wouldn’t? But there are still other benefits of using smart business security cameras.

IoT connected security cameras can help you to get a better understanding of your customers. The knowledge gained creates new possibilities for improving your products and customizing your services to your clients’ needs.


Standard Business Security Cameras


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Closed-circuit television systems (CCTV) only provide better eyesight on the security state to avoid security incidents. They only show and record video footage and do not go beyond that. Besides, since they don’t understand what they are filing, they cannot do anything about it.

To control theft, or fire effectively, business security cameras must be able to sense and interpret such incidences by themselves. Additionally, they should also have the capacity to connect with other devices, like alarm systems.

This is why business security cameras require IoT. It links network-enabled cameras to other devices and systems that execute different functions, and transform security surveillance into a smart safety and security control.


Smart Business Security Cameras



The era when business security cameras only provide footage that must be regularly checked by humans is over. Devices capable of instantly recording and interpreting video content are already in the market, and they can offer business managers deep insights instead of shallow video footage.

IoT will undoubtedly improve security and security-based processes in sectors and businesses by offering a faster and more detailed response to any security incidence.

Future business security cameras comprise of three technological advancements that will change the game: deep learning, computer vision, and automation, fuelled by robust processes and applications on cameras in the IoT. Let’s briefly look at each of them.


  1. Deep learning

The use of computers for video analysis is not something new. But, there is an issue that hinders the creation of video analytics: a mobile video created by drones or vehicles contains numerous dynamic variables that can puzzle even the most intelligent machines.

Deep learning is a computer learning approach based on artificial neural systems. Video analytics, which enables business security cameras to interpret live footage, is an example of deep learning. Another use case is automation, which feeds processes with video analysis.


  1. Automation

Speed is a critical aspect of safety and security operations. The faster you respond to security incidents, the higher the probability of inhibiting, or at least minimizing damages. In case of theft in a business premise, every second matter, criminals may finish their mission before security chiefs intervene.

Standard business security surveillance through CCTV is time-consuming as reaction avenues between devices, and human handlers are complex. Smart business security cameras exploit shortcuts and help the operators to interpret data. They promptly send notifications or initiate the right actions themselves.

For example, the “AI Guardian” business security camera helps business owners detect potential thieves promptly. Software fitted into the camera scans live footage and analyses the poses of any individual it can detect. The data is spontaneously matched against predefined “suspicious” activities. When it detects something odd, it signals onsite workers through the app for double-checking.


  1. Computer vision

Computer vision is labeled smarter due to complex algorithms, faster processing speeds, broad network coverage, and access to several data sets via IoT. It enables devices to “see” and analyze in real-time.

Various threats, like smoke, are challenging for the human eye to detect in footages, particularly in fogy and poor lighting conditions. Seconds later, nevertheless, frames may have broken out. Business security cameras fitted with smoke and fire detection can alert promptly and activate the right safety actions without third party support.

Below are some of the examples of how the Internet of Things can make your business both safer and prosperous by improving customer experience.


Develop A Better Understanding Of Your Customers’ Behaviour


Standard business security cameras only provide video footage. But with the use of IoT, you can make your business security cameras smarter. With the help of software apps running on your cameras, you can analyze footage to establish and manage movement patterns in your business.


Attract Customers’ Attention And Offer Them Customized Offers



IoT business security cameras not only capture and analyze the movement patterns of buyers in your store. They can also classify your customers into small groups based on factors such as age and gender.

For instance, if a teenage girl visits your business, a camera can trigger a particular action, like a display near her exhibiting a personalized offer. Display customization improves your interaction with various customer groups.

Technically, this is facilitated by robust processes and intelligent software apps that incorporate video analysis into the cameras’ functionality. IoT software apps for optimizing sales make turn business security cameras into perfect analytical devices.


Maximize inventory in your business


For you to create a fantastic customer experience in your business, then you must keep an eye on your clients as well as on your products all the time. Missing or inappropriately arranged goods affect your sales negatively. Smart business security cameras can regularly analyze inventory levels in your store, keep your workers informed, and restock the shelves in time.

The information from the cameras compliments the data from your stock management system and provides you with a real-time analysis of your inventory.

Do you want to get more out of your business security cameras? Then begin now! The challenge of most business persons is creating the right technological environment to leverage IoT in their businesses.

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