What Are The Different Types of Access Control?

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Access control systems give you centralized control over who enters and moves through your building. There are three main types of access control every Kitchener business looking to secure their buildings should know about.

Access control has other benefits besides securing your assets and giving your staff and customers a sense of safety while they are on your premises. The best access control systems collect data that allow you to track and review the movement of people through your doors. From this data, you are able to tell:

  • Who entered through what door and at what time,
  • How much time a person spent in a restricted area,
  • What time a visitor or staff member existed your building.

Having the above information on disk becomes indispensable in the event of a security breach or theft at your business. You can use it to concentrate your investigations around a group of people you know to have been in a specific part of the building when the theft or security breach is known to have happened.

The 3 Main Types Of Access Control

Knowing what types of access control there are allows you to compare their different features against your business’ unique needs. Each one of them assigns a specific level of control to the system administrator and is suitable for different businesses and security requirements.

Here are the three main types of access control businesses in Kitchener are using:

Boost Security At Your Business In Kitchener With An Access Control System

Access control systems are an indispensable security tool for the modern organization. It gives you control over who enters your building, which boosts security and gives you peace of mind. Which system do you think would serve your business’ security needs best?
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