Do you have security cameras monitoring your home in Cambridge? You will want to install them after looking at what the robberies and home invasion statistics say about the level of crime in the city.


According to data, crime has been increasing in Cambridge at a rate of 85.41 percent in the last three years. In Canada as a whole, there is a home break-in every 90 seconds. 


So bad is the rate of crime in Canada, says Safe House, that the police remark, ‘break and enters are now a lucrative and full-time business’. Police now even talk of ‘crime tourism’ where organized break-and-enter gangs from countries like Georgia and Colombia disguise themselves as tourists when their intentions are to burgle high-end homes.


If the above crime statistics make your hair stand on end, knowing that only 31 percent of crimes are reported in Canada will make your skin crawl. Without trying to cause you any panic, if your home is not secure, you must act now. And, for that, security surveillance cameras are a must-have.


Security Cameras Are The Most Effective Way To Deter Crime

With residential break-ins on the rise in Cambridge and nationally, investing in your home’s security has never been more important. Of course, you will do well to adopt the right habits, like:


  • Locking your doors and windows every time you leave home,
  • Pruning all shrubs and trees that block doors and windows,
  • Cutting tall trees that may give burglars access to the roof,
  • Ensuring adequate lighting around your property,
  • Installing deadbolt locks.


The above tips will make it difficult for burglars to conceal themselves and break into your home before anyone notices, especially if it’s a daytime burglary. But if there is no one at home to raise alarm, you can bet some will hang around longer until they find a way in.


The inescapable truth is break-and-enter crimes are rising and police resources are stretched. So there is little you can do as a property owner to stop crime. But you can discourage criminals from targeting your home. The answer is security surveillance cameras.


Install Security Cameras And Halve The Odds Of Being Burgled


Research proves it. When 422 burglars were asked, 60 percent said they would choose a different target if they knew the property was monitored by security cameras.


From the same study, 50 percent of the burglars said they will abort a burglary if they discovered the property they were breaking into had security cameras. 


In fact, where they are installed, security cameras stop all manner of crimes, from armed robberies, vandalism, to murder. When the City of East Orange in New Jersey, USA installed surveillance cameras to monitor the city’s streets, the rate of crime dropped by 50 percent


East Orange had a total population of only 70,000 but recorded at least five car thefts every day. The crime rate was twice the national average. That the rate of crime dropped so sharply after security cameras were installed shows how effective they are as a deterrent.


Stop Internal Theft At Your Business


Is your business struggling with inventory shrinkage? Your employees are far less likely to steal or engage in any activity that may get them fired if they knew the building had security cameras. 


Business surveillance cameras do not only stop burglaries and internal theft. They provide valuable intelligence on how your workers serve customers and generally conduct themselves while at work, which helps you pinpoint areas of improvement. 


If you are losing product to breakages and defects, installing surveillance cameras will give you evidence of where on the line and how that is happening.


There is only one question left to ask:


Who Should You Choose To Install Your Security Cameras In Cambridge?


If you ask our past customers, the answer will be Jay360. You can draw confidence from our long experience installing security cameras, access control systems, and gate controllers in Cambridge. 


As a testament to our expertise and experience, we have the trust of one of the leading security camera manufacturers serving the Canadian market. We are an authorized installer and distributor for Vivotek security surveillance equipment.


Only The Best Surveillance Equipment Will Do



We trust Vivotek’s smart surveillance systems to secure your home or business at an affordable cost. A tech-forward company, notable features of Vivotek surveillance cameras include;


  • panoramic surveillance, 
  • cloud-based surveillance, 
  • license plate recognition, 
  • motion sensing, and 
  • facial recognition. 


All these features combine to give you an agile security surveillance solution that’s affordable, easy to maintain, and which integrates well with most home security systems.


Because we only install equipment from the same manufacturer, you can be sure that all the components of your security system will communicate with each other without issues. With our experience with Vivotek equipment and our technicians’ extensive training, we will make sure the installation is done right the first time.


Your security matters to us. To avoid working under the wrong assumptions, we will first do a thorough security audit of your property. This audit will inform our decisions on camera placement and the choice of equipment and ensure we plug all security holes. 


Don’t be a statistic. Protect your family and valuables by installing security cameras and secure your home or business premises in Cambridge? Contact us below to get started.