Gate Controllers

Installing A Driveway Gate Secures Your Kitchener Property. Adding A Gate Opener Makes The Gate More Secure And Convenient To Open And Close

Installing a gate opener to automate the gate allows you to open and close it without much physical exertion.

In our desire to secure our properties and remove the threat of unauthorized access we install strong, unbreachable driveway gates that are oftentimes heavy and unwieldy. Though these gates deliver on their primary function, operating them can prove challenging.

Adding gate openers can totally remove the risk of gates staying open or unlocked after you have exited the property.

Enhance security around your residential or commercial property, like security cameras and access control systems. With our network of installers and national equipment suppliers, there is no chance that your gate purchase and installation will turn out any other way than perfect.

Choosing The Right Gate Opener

Gate openers can be operated a number of ways, including entering a code into a number pad positioned outside the gate, or via remote control.

Choosing The Right Gate Opener Installer

At Jay360 we sell and install different sizes and models of gate openers for the homeowners of Kitchener.

Adjustable speeds, entrapment sensors for enhanced safety,

thermal protection for the motor to prevent failure due to overheating, among other features

Free airflow, drag, and wind resistance.

Protecting you, your family, and the property from thieves and other intruders.

The investment enhances your security, saves you money, and brings you added convenience.

Our automatic gate installation experts will advise on the right gate opener for the type and construction of your gate.

They are well trained and experienced to also advise on a gate opener choice that will work against the limitations that your type of gate places on free airflow, drag, and wind resistance.
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