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21st Century Establishments Need 21st Century Security Systems.

Modern advances in technology demand modern responses in security. If you are serious about protecting your home, establishment, family or employees, there are a lot of options at Jay 360 to secure your premises. Safeguard Your Establishment With High-tech Solutions. Today's modern establishments deserve a range of futuristic security systems, from surveillance systems to gates that use proximity cards, to sophisticated biometric systems that use hand geometry, fingerprint, and facial…

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Improve Your Business’s Security Our Gate Systems

If you want to operate your business securely, you’ll want your security to have the best in technology. Installing a robust high-tech gate system can greatly improve your business establishment's security. To secure your premises, it’s important to be able to control access points so only desirable employees, visitors and approved people are able to enter the area. Beyond maximizing people’s safety, it also helps improve the efficiency of your…

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