Driveway gates have numerous other benefits beyond the added security they provide. They increase the value of your property and make entrance and exit easy for your family and your visitors. On this page, we discuss some of the many reasons why you should mark your property’s entrance with a gate.


Benefits of Driveway Gates


1. Boosts Your Property’s Market Value

Along with the urge to procreate, one of the strongest human instincts is that of self-preservation, which entails protecting oneself from harm or destruction. 

Every prospective homeowner will instinctively check for whether a house they are considering buying will guarantee their security. 

A property with a secure driveway will therefore always score highly in the eyes of homebuyers, which affects the sale price you can realistically expect to get if you choose to sell your house.

Besides making it difficult for burglars to enter the property, a good driveway gate can also significantly boost the property’s looks and appeal in the eyes of prospective home buyers.


2. Boost Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is described as the attractiveness of a property when viewed from the street. We should think a driveway gate will have a big effect on the overall look and character of your home.

Such a prominent feature of any property – perhaps because it’s the first thing you see in front of you when viewing a property from the street – a good driveway gate can make an ordinary-looking property look exclusive.

With the variety of driveway gate designs to choose from, you should be able to find a gate that meets your budget, but one that also matches and complements your house’s overall design.


3.Prevent Your Children and Pets From Straying


While you want to keep intruders out, you will want to keep your toddler children and pets from straying outside your property.

If your property sits on a busy road, it can get very dangerous for pets and unaccompanied young children to wander. The gate will act as a physical barrier that will keep them within the confines of your fence.


4. Keep Out Stray Dogs and Wildlife


Wildlife straying onto your property may not cause any immediate security concerns, but they can ruin your garden, in which you have invested so much effort and money.

Imagine the destruction that wild hogs, deer, and even rabbits can cause! A driveway gate will stop wildlife from grazing on to your property. 

Besides monkeys and other climbing animals, the only wildlife you can’t keep out with a driveway gate is birds, which incidentally is the kind that does the least damage and which you may want to attract.


5. Reduce Noise Coming From Outside

If your property faces a busy road, there is bound to be a lot of noise from passing cars and trucks. That can be very difficult to get used to and will prove a real pain and distraction if you work from home.

Installing a solid metal or wooden driveway gate will help to absorb and reduce the noise. It may not give your total tranquility, but the difference will be noticeable.


6. Protect Your Privacy


If you care about your privacy and can’t stand the thought of people stealing a glance into your property every time they pass by, then you will want to install a driveway gate. 

Of course, the driveway gate has to be fully covered to block any visual access to the inside of your property to stop nosy neighbors and passersby from peering into your yard.


7. Improve Access Convenience


Last but not least, installing an automated driveway gate improves access convenience. It also gives you a way to control who enters your property. 

With modern automatic driveway gates, you don’t have to leave the house to go and open the gate for a visitor. You can safely do it from inside the house.

Automating your main gate has security benefits too, especially when you are driving into the property at night. An automated driveway gate reduces the risk of getting mugged or carjacked when you get out of your car to open the gate. And imagine that it is raining heavily as you approach the gate!


Recapping On The Security Benefits Of Driveway Gates


If you live in an area where crime is not a big concern, you may not consider it urgent enough to secure your property with a driveway gate. But as we have explained here, there are other important benefits to installing a driveway gate on your property.

To remind you of the security benefits of installing a driveway gate on your property, the gate acts as a physical barrier that slows or discourages burglars. 

The sight of a person climbing over a driveway gate is suspicious and will typically attract the attention of neighbors and passersby. In many cases, that’s a sufficient deterrent.


Want to enjoy the improved curb appeal, privacy, property value, and the other benefits of securing your property with a driveway gate? We will be happy to explore your various options. Contact us today for a free consultation.