Access Control Systems

Control Who Comes Into Your Building And Restrict Access To High-Security Areas Of Your Business In Kitchener With Access Control Systems.

In a world where intellectual data is more valuable than physical equipment

Businesses now face a different kind of security threat than we have traditionally had to deal with. As long as you don?t have control over how people enter and move through your building and even who among your staff can access certain areas of your premises, your whole business is at risk.
The old way of using door locks to secure premises is no longer viable as those can easily be duplicated. And changing locks every time there is a security breach, or when someone on your staff loses a key is not how a business should run in 2020. The best-run businesses in Kitchener are using tech-enabled access control systems.

Exploring Access Control Systems

With such a system securing your premise there is no chance of security lapses where people forget to lock doors, putting your business and staff at risk.

Access control systems use a combination of software, data, and physical locks to establish levels of access for specific parts of your premises. These systems can verify and authenticate the identity of people passing through your doors faster than any human being can.

Access control systems can also help monitor the movement of employees and determine the levels of productivity at your business in Kitchener.

The improved security also reassures employees of their safety, which helps them focus on their work. Access control systems also present you as professional and progressive to clients and other visitors to your place of business.

Who Needs Access Control?

Your business needs an access control system to better secure your staff and assets.

If you run a business with so many employees that you find it hard to know who is coming and going at any given time, you need an access control system to better secure your staff and assets. Similarly, if your business produces or handles high-value products for which only selected people must have access, it will be prudent to install an access control system.

Advanced systems use technology to limit human input and automate almost all parts of access control

Modern access control systems differ markedly from systems of old that used a sign-in form that a receptionist or security guard would ask every visitor to fill and sign. The modern, more advanced systems use technology to limit human input and automate almost all parts of access control to prevent cases of employees colluding with thieves and to ensure a smoother flow of people in and out of your buildings.

You can install an access control system at any place - even your home - where you need improved security.

With criminal enterprises getting more sophisticated and daring, your business in Kitchener must move with the times and install an access control system, which is fool-proof, upgradable, and is easier to administer.

Why Your Business In Kitchener Needs A Tech-Powered Access Control System

Faster authentification of staff means they can get to their work stations on time and without hassles, which improves both levels of productivity and customer service. Another important security-related benefit is technology-supported access control systems allow immediate lockdown of an entire multi-story building the moment a security threat is detected. This is simply not possible with the manual systems of old.

Choose An Experienced Access Control Systems Installer

Jay360's security and access control experts will work with you to access your security needs and establish what access control system and type of authentification are right for your property. Contact us here to discuss your needs.
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