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Best Security Camera Systems for Canadian Homes and Small Businesses

Have you ever had to deal with the rough experience of a home invasion, burglary, or another such security breach?    It is such a violation it will be hard to ignore the possibility the culprits could be out there continuing with their reign of terror. At least by investing in a security camera system to monitor your property, you can significantly reduce the chances of this ever happening to…

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IoT is the Next BIG Thing in Business Security Cameras

When the Internet of Things (IoT) rears its head in a business context, most people only think of tracking sensors and RFID tags in the supply chain. However, IoT intelligence can also help improve the 'customer experience' for businesses. Find out how IoT connected security cameras can help you to grow your retail business in this article. According to the 2017 Retail Vision Study by Zebra, 70% of businesses plan…

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What To Consider When Buying Security Cameras for Your Business In Waterloo

A 2019 news article by CBC referenced a report by Statistics Canada that painted a troubling picture on the rise in both the volume and severity of crime in Waterloo. In particular, the report noted a spike in fraud and 'break and enter' crimes.    While it's true that we can't all be on the frontlines fighting crime, there's something you can do to stop this crime wave and protect…

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Wired vs Wireless Commercial Security Camera Systems: Which Is Better For Your Business In Kitchener?

The benefits of installing a security camera system for businesses are widely known. But the question many businesses in Kitchener ask about commercial security camera systems is which between a wired and a wireless surveillance camera system is best.   In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of each of the two types of surveillance camera systems. Afterwards, you should have a clearer idea which one serves…

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5 Must-Have Features For Your Home Security Camera System

There are many ways to secure your home, which all come with varying levels of security. You could install an automated driveway gate that removes the risk of the gate staying open because someone forgot to close and lock it. You can also erect a high fence that screens your property from intruders. But even with all these in place, we can?t think of a home that would not benefit…

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