Having security cameras installed on your home or commercial property in Waterloo will not guarantee your security. But it can deter threats to your security and give you the feeling of safety, and oftentimes that’s enough.


Safety and security are basic, primal needs that are central to even to our mental health. If your environment feels dangerous, unpredictable, and insecure, you cannot be happy or productive. 


To fulfill your need for security, it is important to know what it is that makes you feel unsafe. Do you feel unsafe in your home or place of work because:


  • Your neighborhood is prone to burglaries and home invasions?
  • A particularly traumatic accident took place in your home or place of business?
  • You feel your workers, vendors, or customers may be stealing or acting dishonestly?


Any of the above is enough to keep you awake at night. But there is a surprisingly easy fix for all three.


Security Cameras Deter Burglars and Intruders From Taking Chances on Your Home Security

Burglar wearing a balaclava looking through the house window

On your own, you can’t stop crime. It has proven a tough job even for Waterloo Police. That doesn’t mean you should sit and just hope and pray, though. 


If you can’t stop crime, the next best thing is to deter it. And the sight of security cameras usually stops burglars dead in their tracks.


Random criminals often break into properties without a clear sense of the level of security on your property. In short, they take their chances. But when they realize they will live behind incriminating video evidence, many choose to move on.


It takes a determined (or dumb) criminal to take chances breaking into a property that is monitored by security cameras. In this sense, installing a security surveillance system on your property can directly improve security and ensure the security of your family or workers and customers, if it’s a commercial property.


Instead Of Moving From Your Much-loved Home, Upgrade Your Security 



Security is a growing concern all over the tri-cities of Waterloo, Kitchener, and Cambridge. It’s not like you’re guaranteed security will be better if you decide to move. 


Besides, why would you move away from a home that holds so many treasured memories for your family? 


So, for a variety of reasons, it is not as easy to change your home or place of business. At least not immediately. What you can immediately do is make sure you have a better idea of what goes on around your property when you around and when you are away. 


Surveillance cameras will give you a set of eyes that will watch your property around the clock.


More than giving you visuals of what happens around your property, security footage helps you pinpoint areas where you are vulnerable to security breaches in the event something untoward does happen. 


Not just that:


One Conviction At a Time, Security Cameras Help Get Criminals Off Waterloo’s Streets


If you can’t deter crime, the next best thing is to help catch the criminals and make Waterloo safer for all its residents.


As well as record video footage of all the suspicious activity on your property, if your security cameras are networked, the system can send you real-time notifications of suspicious movements on your property. 


If there are indeed people who aren’t supposed to be on your property, you can immediately notify the police.


Depending on your system, the suspicious movement can trigger alarms that notify the police or the security company protecting your property. Either way, your smart decision to install security surveillance cameras on your property can help apprehend criminals.


At the end of the day, Waterloo is only completely safe when all the people threatening peace and security in our great city are either off the streets or have realized there is nothing to be gained from breaking into people’s homes and businesses.


Get It Right The First Time. Hire The Right Security Camera Installer



It is more traumatizing getting burgled when you were convinced you had taken the necessary steps to protect your home than when you know you had neglected your security. 


Put another way, why make the effort and incur the expense to install security cameras when you are not going to make sure the equipment is reliable and tamper-proof, and the installation is done properly?


Bear in mind, burglars are a lot more knowledgeable about security monitoring and surveillance than you are. Some are very smart and know the attributes and weaknesses of most brands and types of security cameras. 


Installing sub-standard cameras may, thus, encourage burglars. Either because they know how to stay out of the cameras field of view, or simply because they can disable or vandalize the equipment with little effort.


It is imperative that you get your security cameras from reputable manufacturers and that they are installed by a knowledgeable and experienced contractor. 


Which is where we come in:


Trust Jay360 For All Your Security Camera Installations in Waterloo


In terms of installation expertise and quality of equipment, what do you think 30+ years of experience will give you?


We will answer that. It gives you the reassurance that you are not working with chancers. You will know your installer knows what they are doing. 


Thirty years is how long we have been installing home security systems in Waterloo. Not just security cameras, but access control systems, commercial and residential gates, and automatic gate controllers.


We know all the common issues that property owners face with security surveillance cameras. We know which type of surveillance cameras:


  • Are easy to hack,
  • Are suitable for indoor or outdoor use,
  • Produce the sharpest, most detailed images,


Most importantly, when you choose to work with Jay360, you will:


Get All Your Surveillance Equipment From One Vendor


By far the biggest benefit of working with Jay360 is the satisfaction of knowing the equipment powering your surveillance system is fully tested. We only work with the best manufacturers, whose equipment come with full warranties and spares backup.


While no equipment is 100 percent fail-proof, it should be easy to replace components when they break or get vandalized. We can guarantee this because we are an authorized dealer for Vivotek security surveillance systems.


Making Waterloo safer, one security camera system installation at a time


Because we only install one brand of security cameras, your surveillance system will use equipment from one manufacturer, which eliminates compatibility issues that are common with piecemeal installations.


And because we care about your safety, we always do it right the first time, informed by our 30 years of experience. So if you want that extra layer of security and guarantee that you will get your money’s worth, choose Jay360 to supply and install your security surveillance cameras.


Together, we can help Waterloo become a safer city to live for all of us. We have been doing it for over three decades, one security camera system installation after another. Ready? Hit the button below to get started.