If you want to operate your business securely, you?ll want your security to have the best in technology. Installing a robust high-tech gate system can greatly improve your business establishment’s security. To secure your premises, it?s important to be able to control access points so only desirable employees, visitors and approved people are able to enter the area. Beyond maximizing people?s safety, it also helps improve the efficiency of your staff as well.

Strong Security Systems Can Be Appealing Too

Enhance the value of your property with long-lasting security gates. More than just locks, hinges and iron bars, today’s security gates can also add value, beauty, and convenience to your home or business.

Your gate systems can be custom designed using computer-aided design (CAD) technology to take care of precision and also enhanced with intricate laser cutting or hand forging of designs.

The Advantage Of Automatic Gates For Your Commercial Property.

No matter the need, there are a range of advantages that come with having automatic gates. 

Enhanced Convenience

In comparison to manual gates, automatic gates are far more convenient. They offer a level of efficiency many business owners today greatly appreciate. People who enter and exit your property never have to leave their vehicle, ensuring they stay warm and dry in inclement weather conditions. If you run a business with lots of people, with automatic gates you?ll avoid bottlenecking at peak times, such as when employees start and finish a shift.

Remote operation of automatic gates allows you to open and close them at the touch of a button. You never have to worry again about whether or not a gate has been left open, as all you have to do is quickly click the appropriate key to ensure your property is secure.

Improved Security

Automatic gates are constructed with heavy-duty materials that are nearly impossible to penetrate, making them more secure than many manual gates. automatic gates can be equipped with surveillance equipment that allows you to see who enters your property. You can also incorporate a voice intercom into your automatic gate system, allowing yet another level of clearance checking.

Eye-catching Designs

Modern gate systems can be aesthetic too. They can be fashioned to suit nearly any look. You can select a branded image and design that conveys the look you want to portray to employees, clients, and visitors. You can also select the appropriate mechanism for your automatic gate.

Today, integrated custom gate systems are available in swing gates, cantilever gates, v-wheel roller gates or monorail track cantilever gates. With a modern gate system, you can be assured of efficient work and trouble-free operations in virtually any setting.

Experience the Jay360 Touch.

Reach the highest levels of security and operating efficiencies with our end-to-end security systems. Because when it comes to security, you can?t afford to settle for less than the best.

At Jay360, we stand behind our promise. We offer fast, friendly and courteous service as your leading access control company. Our reputation is built on our commitment to providing quality service, which has earned us many valuable customers. Get in touch with Jay360 today. Our experts are available to consult with you on what can be the most ideal security access option for you depending on your needs and objectives.