Modern advances in technology demand modern responses in security. If you are serious about protecting your home, establishment, family or employees, there are a lot of options at Jay 360 to secure your premises.

Safeguard Your Establishment With High-tech Solutions.

Today’s modern establishments deserve a range of futuristic security systems, from surveillance systems to gates that use proximity cards, to sophisticated biometric systems that use hand geometry, fingerprint, and facial recognition.

Setting up an effective access control systems in place is one of the most reliable ways to protect your business, property, and company information. Having true access control for your business doesn’t only mean preventing access to high-security areas. It also means ensuring that your people, employees, and visitors can gain access to the areas needed at the right times with minimal barriers.

With a trusted, established company, you can not only design and install an access control system that allows people get to where they are needed at the right times, while also preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas.

Here are some of the most secure ways of the 21st Century to improve your establishment’s security with surveillance systems.

Scalable Door Access For Single or Multiple Locations

A fully-integrated access control security system will allow management to control and monitor access of your staff using proximity cards, combination pin, or biometric readers. Access control points can be anything from a door, elevator or other physical barriers in which access can be electronically controlled.

For instance, if an employee is terminated, leaves on his /her accord loses a key or so on, the safety of your premises can be highly compromised. In this stage, your only solution is the age-old one – calling a locksmith to rekey all of your doors and locks which can be time-consuming and costly too. But now, with an Access Control system in place, you can say goodbye to this concern. As the owner, you now make the decision as to when and where to grant entrance access selectively. Plus, when you access control with a card access system, your system is updated through any PC or smart device, disabling any card in question. At the other same time, other cards issued to other employees will continue to work as they have in the past.

Access Control Systems Benefit in Multiple Ways:

Beyond Just Opening Doors

Advanced access control systems track employee, visitor and equipment movements in and out of your premises and restricted areas. They can automate employee time & attendance reporting and integrate with video systems to document movements. They are available with a range of security badge options and can be paired with biometric systems for dual verification.

Web-Based Access Control.

Since they require no PC or hard drive, web-based access control systems are extremely flexible and can dramatically grow with your company. Security administrators can manage their access control system from anywhere with internet access.

Managing Access Throughout Your Premises:

Now you are in control of regulating movement throughout your facility ? be it letting the right people in or keeping the wrong people out when it matters most. Plus, you can gain situational awareness for your business by utilizing security data from your access control system.

  • Ability to control access by individual doors through a PC or smart device.
  • Eliminate the expensive problem of re-keying your building and office doors.
  • Prevent access by undesirable people /former employees
  • Restrict entry to certain designated areas.
  • Onsite reporting of both authorized and unauthorized access attempts.

Comprehensively Integrate with Intrusion systems. Access control systems can also be seamlessly integrated with intrusion systems, video surveillance systems, databases, visitor entry systems, and more, allowing for even greater control across your security platform.

Reach the highest levels of security and operating efficiencies with our end-to-end security systems. Because when it comes to security, you can?t afford to settle for less than the best.

At Jay360, we stand behind our promise. We offer fast, friendly and courteous service as your leading access control company. Our reputation is built on our commitment to providing quality service, which has earned us many valuable customers.

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