Looking for wireless outdoor security cameras? Outdoor security cameras are a great solution for both residential and commercial properties. However, finding the right security camera for you can be a challenge. Navigating through so many brands, types, and features can end up confusing any buyer. When shopping online, you may come across an additional challenge – the product you settle on may be unavailable in Canada. This guide will help you navigate the wireless outdoor security camera world, listing only products available in Canada from Amazon.ca. Still wondering which camera is best for you? For the best security advice, contact the experts at Jay360 now! Before purchasing a surveillance camera, make sure to check if there are surveillance camera bylaws in your region!

Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Comparison

Check out the chart below to compare the top 5 outdoor security cameras listed on Amazon.ca. This chart includes information on the FLOUREON 720P HD CameraOOSSXX 8-Channel HD CameraICAMI 720P HD CameraMaximus Smart Home Security Outdoor Light & Camera, and the Wansview Outdoor 1080P Camera

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wireless outdoor security cameras - comparison chart

Top 5 Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

In this section, we’ll provide more detailed information about each of the wireless outdoor security cameras listed above. Many homeowners prefer the ease of wireless cameras; a quick and easy installation with internet access to your camera’s feed is appealing. Though most of these cameras are ideal for the home, some small business owners may choose them for their commercial lot. This section will help you narrow down which camera is right for you, your needs, and your home or property.

FLOUREON 720P HD Wireless IP Camera Outdoor

image source: Amazon.ca

The FLOUREON 720P HD wireless outdoor surveillance camera is sleek and simple with the look of a classic surveillance system. With over 40 customer reviews on Amazon.ca, it receives generally favourable reviews about video quality, motion sensors, and night vision.

It is an affordable camera that appears to satisfy many customer’s personal security needs. However, there have been some complaints about installation difficulty and complicated software.



OOSSXX 8-Channel HD Outdoor/Indoor Camera

Image source: Amazon.ca

The OOSSXX 8-Channel HD outdoor (and indoor) camera set comes with 4 cameras and can be used for both residential or commercial security. Though this bundle comes with 4 cameras, it can support up to 8 cameras, making it ideal for larger homes or small offices. With 4.5 stars on Amazon.ca, it is loved for its high picture quality and user-friendly installation process.

However, some users complained about the smartphone app not working as planned or issues with camera connectivity.


ICAMI 720P HD Outdoor Camera

Image source: Amazon.ca

The ICAMI 720P HD wireless outdoor camera is known for its durability and the ability to set up the camera without the use of a PC. Its smartphone app is free and requires no subscription to view video. An SD card to record the video is not included, however. Many users commented on the affordability of the product and enjoyed using the smartphone app.

Some potential problems with the ICAMI 720P include difficulty installing the product and problems with setting up the camera’s wireless component.


Maximus Smart Home Security Outdoor Light & Camera

Image source: Amazon.ca

The Maximus Smart Home Security outdoor light and camera is a unique camera on our list. This camera is hidden within an outdoor light and functions as both a motion-detection light and a security camera. The system is wireless and is a stylish way to add extra security to your home. It has generally favourable reviews on Amazon.ca, though it is the most expensive product on our list.

Some users complained that the Wi-Fi signal was not strong enough or that installation was complicated, but others had no issues with either signal or installation.


Wansview Outdoor 1080P Wireless Camera

Image source: Amazon.ca

The Wansview Outdoor 1080P wireless camera has over 60 reviews on Amazon.ca and a 4.1 rating. It comes with 1080P PRO HD, waterproof finishing, and night vision up to 67 feet. Many users commented on its affordability, great picture, good motion detection, and relatively easy installation.

Some common customer challenges include difficulty setting up camera’s Wi-Fi component, software crashing or not working properly, and poor video quality at night.



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Security Camera Infographic

Want to a bit more about security cameras and their history? Check out our infographic below! Click the image to view a larger version.

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