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Why is my gate not working? As with any electronic device, automatic?gates can malfunction or stop working. This can not only be frustrating but also leave properties vulnerable. This article outlines the top three reasons why gates stop working, how you can check to see what is the problem, as well as other common gate issues. Still need help with your gate? Contact the experts at Jay360 today for more information on gates and gate repair!

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Why Is My Gate Not Working? Top Three Reasons Why

It is expected over the life span of a gate, that malfunctions or delays in operational capacity. These issues are definitely manageable and with some well guided direction and careful diagnosis can be resolved reasonably well. Get your life moving again with these tips to the most common gate issues every owner will eventually encounter.

If you notice your automatic gate is acting strangely or has completely stopped working, what might be the problem? Here are the top three reasons?automatic gates stop working, and how to identify them. Keep in mind that there may be different solutions depending on the type of automatic gate you have.

Gate Not Receiving Power

why is my gate not working? Reason #1

This is one of the most common problems with automatic gates and/or automatic gate controllers. It is also one of the easiest problems to figure out and fix! To check if this is the culprit, go around and ensure all electrical mains are switched on.

If any have been switched off, switch them on! Sometimes, the problem can be as simple as an accidental off switch. Other times, the problem can be a bit more complicated. If all mains are on and everything else looks fine, check the wiring. Even a small amount of damaged wire can cause your gate to stop working. In that case, you may need to change the wiring.

Gate Won’t Close

Another common problem that gate owners will likely run into at some point or another is their gate refusing to close. There are two common reasons gates won’t close – mechanical or electrical problems. For mechanical issues, check to see if there is something blocking the gate’s path. Check the gate for any physical damage to the hinges or wheel bearings.

For electrical issues, check the electrical mains and wiring. You should also check to see if it is a simple issue – did one of your family members or others with access to your gate accidentally place a command on your gate, such as “hold open?” Talk to those who have used the gate recently and ask if they have done anything differently.

Here is a great video on working with gates that won’t close:

Gate Not Working In Cold Weather

why is my gate not working? Reason #3

Automatic gates often stop working properly in colder weather. Some cold-related problems include the gate opening slower, not opening at all, or making clicking noises. If you experience these problems at the same time cold weather sets in, you likely know what the culprit is.

Metal components and grease are affected by the cold weather, causing your gate to slow down or possibly even stop. If you notice something is off with your gate, consider the recent weather. Have the last few days been colder than usual? Was there just have a snowstorm? Keeping track of temperature changes and the onset of gate problems can help you determine the cause.

A gate can be prevented from encountering weather issues by employing a deep cycle battery or simply using the remote to trigger chemical processes that heat and restart the battery. Stay tuned for an upcoming article where we cover how to work a gate in cold climate.

Other Common Gate Problems

Still wondering what could be wrong with your gate? If the problems listed above don’t sound like the issues you’re having with your gate, check out the list below to see if any of these other common gate problems seem familiar.

Common Problem: My gate is not stopping where it’s supposed to stop

Recommended Action: Check the lever holding the “limit nut” and press it back out of the slot on the limit shaft. By doing this, you will place the limit nut in the correct position, and will hopefully resolve this problem (source).

Common Problem: My gate is making very loud noises

Recommended Action:?This is likely a problem with the mechanism that moves your gate. If this is the issue, you may have to call your gate supplier or gate repair service to have the mechanism fixed or replaced.

Common Problem: My gate is moving in the wrong direction

Recommended Action: If your gate is suddenly swinging in the opposite direction, the most likely problem is something blocking its path. Double check to ensure there is nothing in your gate’s pathway. If that is not the problem, check the joints to ensure the lubricant has not worn off, or the rollers to ensure there are no pebbles or other debris blocking the path.

Common Problem: My gate remote is not working

Recommended Action: Did you notice if the little red light at the top of your remote went off or not? Gate remote issues can be resolved with action as simple as a battery change. However, like all electronics, gate remotes have a lifespan. If your gate remote stops working and changing the batteries does not help, it may be time to replace the remote.

How Can I Fix My Gate?

There are many DIY options for fixing your damaged or malfunctioning gate. From online tutorials and videos to how-to guides, it’s easy to find possible solutions to your potential problems. However, repairing an automatic gate yourself can be complicated and potentially dangerous to both you and your gate.

Going into the gate control box can potentially cause even more damage to your gate. Unless you have an extensive knowledge of the tools and parts required to work on your automatic gate, you may find yourself feeling lost, frustrated, and with new problems on your hands.

The best way to ensure your gate is fixed in a timely, safe, and efficient manner is by hiring an experienced gate installer and repair company.

A professional company will have experience with gates and repairs, know exactly what the problem is with your gate, and also know the best course of action to fix it.

You won’t need to worry about guessing the problem and solution, owning the right tools, or having the mechanical know-how. A professional and experienced installer will ensure you receive the right solution for your gate’s problems.

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