Surveillance camera hackings are a common issue now that devices are connected to the world wide web along with the availability of hacking tools. Knowing the capabilities and vulnerabilities?of a security system is just one of the factors in choosing the right solution.?Jay 360 helps you understand your home and business security needs?while guiding you?in finding the right fit, value, and cost.

Camera Hacking? Incidents

From homes to news broadcasting, surveillance camera hackings are becoming more common than ever because of camera manufacturer’s vulnerabilities. Here are notable instances where surveillance cameras have been hacked?for unsuspecting victims. Though these videos?are alarming the fact is that families?and?businesses should be aware that this is?an implication of living in a connected society where there is an abundance of devices connected to the web. Surveillance camera owners should take every precaution with using monitoring technologies to ensure the privacy of your neighbours and your own family. Often times these hacking?incidents?are focused around trolling (play the role of a troll and being a nuisance to others in a sometimes comical way) but in other cases perpetrators are less benevolent, seeking to shock and disturb?homeowners and families.

1 – Unexpected Wake-Up?Call

A family trying to get some rest realizes they have been a victim of surveillance camera hacking and has to contend with a loud?and?disruptive man who has commandeered their surveillance system. This?incident is the last thing families would want.

If you detect changes in your child’s mood or energy, this may be a cause as disturbed sleep not only rattles a baby’s development but can cause them to be frustrated and less calm due to this kind of ordeal. Parents should review their camera’s footage and audio to ensure that their family members aren’t be disturbed during the middle of the night.


2 – IP Camera Trolling – Interrupting Family Time

The last you want as a parent is to have your family time disturbed by a hacker making disturbing noises through your security camera. The woman in this video seems surprised and bewildered by what is happening, which could have been prevented if they had worked with a security professional.

3 – An Unexpected Dinner Guest

Enjoying time with friends and family is a great way to unwind, but just as dinner is about to be served for this group of friends they realize there is another guest in the home. This camera hacking incident left the guests disturbed and anxious about who else may be watching and can?take away from any well-planned dinner party.

4 -?Anything but Business as Usual

Even small business?surveillance systems are prone to being compromised. Employees can spend arduous amounts of time and company resources looking for ways to resolve the issue when a security expert could have addressed the issue in as little as 5 minutes.

5 – Hacker Crashes?a Lecture at UCSC

Institutions are also susceptible to digital crime as a hacker enters the classroom and gloats about how?there are also other videos of the university?online. The hacker even gives tips as to how the university could improve its security.


What Homes and Businesses Can do About Surveillance Camera Hacking

Despite the flaws in various camera manufacturers, home owners and employers?shouldn’t?relent when looking for ways to secure their premises. Here are some quick tips from Jay360 on how?to safeguard your surveillance investments from camera hacking:

  1. Always update the?default passwords that came with your security system
  2. Regularly use password managers to update your credentials
  3. For laptops and unused security cameras, cover the lenses when they re not in use are required as a safe guard
  4. Check your camera?manufacturer for details before purchasing: see our article on?surveillance camera vulnerabilities
  5. Configure your camera so that it isn’t?accessible from the web, by opting to operate the camera on a private network
  6. Disable the audio on your cameras as this feature is typically not required?as you will seldom be around for a security breach (unless subscribed to?a monitoring service)
  7. Work with a qualified?security professional for peace of mind

It is recommended that these steps are repeated at least every 4 months to ensure sustained security for your home surveillance camera system.

Get the Help you need to Secure your Surveillance Camera Systems with Jay360

Surveillance camera hacking should not?defeat businesses or homeowners. ?With the right expert beside you, reclaim your home and business security. Jay360 provides you with comprehensive security solutions that takes into account your premise’s needs while offering over 20 years of digital and physical security expertise.

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