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Jay 360 sells, installs, and maintains complete 360-degree security networks, including security cameras, access control systems, gates and automated gate controllers. To get Jay 360’s help with your next project or for free help designing your security system, contact us today.

Jay 360 is a company built on the values of hassle-free customer service, reliable and experienced staff, and building a great reputation.

When watching the video, ensure you stop any playing videos before playing the next video or you will have the audio for both playing at the same time.

Video #1 - a video of one of the automated gates we have installed opening

Video #2 - St. Marys Hospital automated main gate opening and closing procedure

Video #3 - Another automated gate open and close sequence

Video #4 - SL595 large gate closing sequence

Video #5 - A gate closing video from one of our projects

Video #6 - The closing sequence for one of our automated residential driveway gates

Video #7 - The opening sequence of one of our commercial gates


Jay 360 Network provides a HASSLE-FREE and PROFESSIONAL installation.


Jay 360 Network provides RELIABLE and ACCURATE installation services.

We have over 28 years of installation project management experience to draw on and thousands of happy customers.


Deter crime from your location.
Protect your assets.
Monitor and record location activity.