Types of driveway gates

There are a number of different styles of driveway gates, each best suited for different preferences, property sizes, and budgets. If you need help choosing the right gate for you, check out our guide below. We outline the pros and cons of single swing, double swing, and sliding driveway gates as well as their best uses. For more information about gates and home security, contact the experts at Jay360 now!

?Types Of Driveway Gates – Comparison Chart

Can’t decide on the right gate for your driveway? Check out the list of pros, cons, and general advice for best uses for each gate. The list includes gates ideal for both residential and commercial properties. Click the image below to view the full-size chart.


Driveway Gates – Description and Videos

Still aren’t sure which driveway gate is right for you? Check out each video and see every style of gate in action. Seeing how each gate works can help give you a better sense of which gate may be best for you and your property.

Single Swing Gate


Biggest Pro:?Often less expensive and requires little maintenance

Biggest Con:?Requires significant amount of space to operate

Ideal Use:?Commercial or residential properties

The single swing gate is ideal for large openings on your driveway. Single swing gates can be used for both residential and commercial lots, but are often found on residential properties. They are not nearly as common as double swing gates, as they require more space and a unique property layout. Check out the video below to see a single swing gate in action! As you will see, the gate is best for very long driveways to avoid pushing your gate into the open road.



Double Swing Gate


Biggest Pro:?Many beautiful and unique designs, easier to install

Biggest Con:?Can be more costly than other options

Ideal Use: Often used for?residential properties, can be used on commercial lots too

The double swing gate is one of the most popular residential driveway gate choices. It is a versatile option and comes in many sizes and styles, from wooden to wrought iron to a combination of materials. Double swing gates typically work best with wider driveways. Because it is two separate?gates, you do not need as much room as a single swing gate. Check out of the video below to see one of Jay Fencing’s installed double swing gates!





Sliding Gate


Biggest Pro: Does not swing outward and therefore takes up little space

Biggest Con:?Requires more maintenance than other gates

Ideal Use:?Commercial or residential properties, great for residential properties

A sliding gate is the perfect choice when you have a very large opening and do not have the space for doors to swing outwards. Sliding gates are common on commercial lots, but are also used for residential properties. Though sliding gates require more maintenance than swing gates, many prefer this style due to its size. The video below shows a residential sliding gate. You can see how little space the sliding gate takes up.



Vertical Lift/Swing Gate


Biggest Pro: Provides a significant amount of security

Biggest Con: Complex installation

Ideal Use:?Usually commercial properties, can be used on residential

You will most likely find the vertical swing gate on a commercial lot. They provide extra security for properties that require it and ensure only those invited can enter the property. These gates are often found on car lots or commercial lots that prevent larger vehicles, such as trucks, from entering. There are versions of vertical lift gates made for residential properties, but they are not as common. Check out the quick video below to see a chain link vertical lift gate!



Vertical Pivot Gate


Biggest Pro: Takes up very little space

Biggest Con:?Must ensure additional safety standards so gate does not fall on vehicle/person

Ideal Use:?Usually used for commercial properties, can be used for residential

You have likely run into some version of a vertical pivot gate in a parking garage or commercial parking lot. Vertical pivot gates, like vertical lift gates, are often found on commercial lots. If you search hard enough, you may find one on a residential lot, but they are not as common. Vertical pivot gates are preferred by those who do not have the room for a swinging gate. Though vertical pivot gates are often more expensive, they are sometimes necessary depending on property size and shape. Check out the super quick video below to see a vertical pivot!


Automatic Barrier Gate


Biggest Pro: Comes in a wide variety of styles to suit many different security needs

Biggest Con: Only stops cars, does not provide privacy

Ideal Use:?Commercial properties

An automatic barrier gate is a gate you will almost exclusively find on a commercial property. Barrier gates may not have aesthetic appeal, but they get the job done! They come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit many different needs. They are commonly found at the entrances of parking garages, commercial parking lots, storage facilities, hospital lots, and more. Some automatic barrier gates pivot, slide, and lift. The video below shows a multitude of barrier gates by the company DaoSafe.


Expertly Install Your Driveway Gate With Jay360!

One of the best ways to ensure your brand new driveway gate will work as needed is by hiring an experienced gate installer. Finding the right driveway gate for you, your family, and your property can be a challenge. With Jay360, you will get to work with the experts who can help you find the perfect gate and properly install it.

There are lots of guides and videos online that show how to build and/or install your own security gate. For the very experienced handyman, this might be possible.

However, a poorly installed security gate can cause more problems than it’s worth and fail to provide the security and safety you require. Even LiftMaster.com recommends you always go with a professional installer when installing a new automatic barrier gate.

At Jay360, we have supplied and installed many gates over the years. Because of this, we have gained experience and with each installation and overcome functionality flaws to ensure a properly adjusted gate, whether automatic or manual.

We can supply and install anything from door, swing, and various versions of slider gates. We carry a wide variety of manufactured gates and can even create custom designs according to your specifications and dimensions.

With over 20 years of experience, you can always rely on the knowledge and experience of Jay360 to provide you with the best?home security solutions. If you need a security gate in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Oakville, or Brampton area, contact Jay360 today for more information!

We will recommend only the security products and services that meet your specific needs and budget. Call on Jay 360 today!


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