Every year there is a list of top-reviewed wifi cameras, but seldom are their security vulnerabilities covered to help families and businesses make informed choices. Jay 360 helps you understand your surveillance security needs and make the best choice.

Top-Rated?Wifi Camera?Makers have had Security Vulnerabilities Documented

About half of the top 2016 wifi camera brands have had or currently have documented security vulnerabilities.?Wifi cameras are a great way?to monitor your home while also providing you with flexibility to ensure the safety of your family and property on the go. Yet with all technology?there are vulnerabilities ?- either unintended functionality (bugs) or security vulnerabilities. Some companies like NetGear and Blink?are proactive in trying to help customers make the best choice and stay informed. Other companies are less open about these issues, meaning would-be buyers need to do their homework. Jay360 covers the top name-brand wifi camera manufacturers and the vulnerabilities you should be aware of before you buy.

wifi camera comparison NEST vs NETGEAR vs Zmodo vs Motorolla vs D-LINK


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Nest Labs Cameras Come with Unwanted?Features

wifi camera nest labs vulnerabilities

Nest was prominently featured on PC magazine’s top home security cameras and achieved a rating of 4 stars out of 5. Despite that, customers should be aware of the camera maker’s history of vulnerability.

Vulnerability History:?Despite being turned off, the Nest cameras in 2015 were reported to continue running, meaning wifi camera owners should verify that the function is working as expected. This issue isn’t just with Nest, as seen in the articles below.

Nest Wifi Camera Vulnerability
Top Home Wifi Camera

NETGEAR Transparent to Product Vulnerabilities

wifi camera netgear vulnerabilities

NetGear is fully transparent with any product vulnerabilities, helping customers stay aware and protect their families. This should be the norm in the industry, as opposed to projecting a bullet-proof facade which ultimately ends up?opening people up to would-be perpetrators.
Vulnerability:?Resellers of a NetGear wifi camera system cut corners and forgot to send it back to the company, leading to unauthorized access to video streams. This?could also happen to other camera?manufacturers. This can be an unwanted privacy vulnerability and we believe customers should be aware.

Wifi Camera Vulnerability when?Buying Previously Owned NetGear Camera
NETGEAR Makes Security Disclosures


Zmodo Wifi Cameras are Light on?Credential Protection

Zmodo wifi camera

Zmodo is another brand featured by PC Mag. Zmodo is a company that offers global home automation?devices that simplify the living experience.?Below are some previous vulnerabilities from the?manufacturer to help you make an informed wifi camera purchase decision.

Vulnerability: There have been numerous instances of their?wifi camera software having weak default passwords, or even hard-coded passwords that are accessible to the public given the right tools and credentials. This means that for those models your Zmodo?video stream can be accessed without your permission.

Weak Default Passwords
Security Vulnerability Reported
Icon from Google Play Store


Motorolla Wifi?Camera?Vulnerability?Exposes?Private Video

motorolla wifi cameraMotorolla is a technology maven more famously known for its cellphone line. An outdoor variant of their wifi security camera was featured in an article?highlighting the relative ease with which the camera was hacked.

Vulnerability:?As a result of security vulnerabilities in the software, perpetrators (and the writer of the source article mentioned above) were able to get access to the camera, retrieve the home network’s wifi passwords, and also view the video/images captured by the camera.

Step by step – how to hack a Motorolla Wifi Camera


D-Link Wifi Cameras Vulnerable to Highjacking

surveillance cameras

DLink is better known for its telecommunication products, but it also has hands and feet in the wifi camera product category. One recent contributor from ExploitDB sounds the alarm on a vulnerability issue from the Komfy Wifi Camera.

Vulnerability History: DLink’s camera is shown in the?source material to reveal its Wifi password, allowing perpetrators to access your home wifi camera system without your permission. This opens up the potential to impact other products that reuse the vulnerable component, meaning unchecked access to your wifi camera.
Flaw in Wifi D-Link Camera
D-Link Camera Vulnerable to Hacking


Wifi Camera Experts that Give You the Facts to Make the Call

We’ve covered?a handful of vulnerabilities here and there are many more that?owners or would-be purchasers should be aware of. ?You can see here for Exploit DB’s wifi camera vulnerabilities list?for more information. Customers are always encouraged to do fact finding and though this article focuses on flaws,?each camera system has their strengths as well, which are covered elsewhere by review and technology journals. This article is geared towards helping those?may not be aware of the security vulnerabilities in products that are referred by top names like PC Mag.?Call Jay360 to get no-strings-attached advice as to which manufacturers and products customers can rely on.

jay-360There are many more factors to consider when choosing?and installing a security system. Jay 360 continues to help?clients ensure their premise security, looking at all the different angles to provide you with peace of mind and comfort.?You can rely on the knowledge and experience of Jay360 to provide you with the best?home security solutions.?We will recommend only the security products that meet your specific needs and budget.

Call on Jay360 to help you to choose and install?the ideal security system?to suit you and your needs, all at the very best value.

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