Top Outside Security Cameras For Your Home

Interested in outside security cameras for your home? This article will help you decide which outdoor surveillance system is best for you and your family by weighing the pros and cons of each security camera. Jay 360 helps you understand your home security needs and guides you in choosing the right system. Interested in indoor cameras? Check out our Consumers Favourite IP Cameras 2017 guide and our top Wi-Fi Camera Brands article.

Summary of Outside Security Cameras

This chart provides a brief summary of each outdoor security camera’s main features and rating. Click the image below to view a larger version of the chart.

Pros & Cons: Nest Cam Outdoor Surveillance Camera


The Nest Cam Outdoor Surveillance camera has mostly favourable reviews on both and as well as great features and high HD resolution, making it our top pick.

Pros: 24/7 live video feed, night vision with 8 infrared LEDs, talk and listen feature, easy set-up, weatherproof camera, cable, and adaptor. Users of this camera loved that it sent alerts directly to their phones.

Cons: This camera is more costly than others, and many users stated that it is not worth it unless you also pay for the monthly/yearly subscription. Some users complained of poor visibility with night vision.

Pros & Cons: ZOSI HD 800TVL 24 IR-LEDs CCTV Camera Home Security Day/Night Waterproof Camera 


The ZOSI HD 800 TVL camera has great reviews on both and The camera is equipped with 24 infrared LEDs and is waterproof. However, though it can be used outdoors, it is more often used as an indoor camera.

Pros: Very low price, good and clear picture quality, easy to install, good night vision.

Cons: Only a camera – not a full security system, meaning you will have to purchase or already own additional surveillance products. Some customers complained of poor customer service and a limited camera lifespan.

Pros & Cons: EZVIZ Husky Outdoor HD 1080p Security Camera 


The EZVIZ Husky Outdoor security camera is a Wi-Fi camera, meaning it requires an internet connection. It also comes in a 720p version and the option to purchase various kits. It has mixed reviews on, but overall generally favourable reviews.

Pros: Motion alerts sent to phone, easy to add on additional cameras, good video feed quality, app is user friendly, good customer service.

Cons: Cannot connect to Wi-Fi 5GHz, monthly fee for cloud storage of video footage, some customers complained of difficult set-up, other users complained that the camera is too sensitive.

Pros & Cons: Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras Indoor/Outdoor 


The Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Indoor/Outdoor Camera has received over 1,000 reviews on and has a 3.8 star rating. It comes as a 4-pack and is priced well.

Pros: Many users had a good experience with the motion detections and alerts, good clarity for 720p, no additional monthly bills, many users enjoyed the app and found it easy to use.

Cons: May require some technical knowledge to set up cameras, the cameras do not record images unless motion is detected, other users found that the motion detection did not work well for them.

Pros & Cons: Amcrest 960H Video Security System


These weatherproof indoor/outdoor cameras have over 3,000 customer reviews on with a 4.1 star rating, and comes with everything you need to get your security system up and running.

Pros: good night vision, pre-installed 500GB hard drive allowing for 6 straight days of continuous recording, USB back-up feature, 1 year warranty.

Cons: Some customers complained about video quality dropping after a few months and a difficult set-up. Other users questioned the weatherproof capabilities of this camera after issues using it outdoors.

Can I Install An Outside Security Camera?

In Ontario, some cities and regions have Bylaws governing the set-up of outdoor security cameras. The following list includes the areas that have surveillance camera Bylaws.

City of Hamilton – Surveillance Camera Bylaws

City of Burlington – Bylaw Number 108-2002 

Town of Milton – Bylaw Number 30-2003

Town of Halton Hills – Bylaw 2003-0079

For a full listing of local Bylaws, click here.


Have questions about Bylaws, camera installation, and how to make the right security system decision?

Jay360 – Helping You Make The Right Choice!

Deciding on the best outside security cameras for you, your home, and your family is a tough decision. Deciding on, purchasing, and installing a camera can be tricky and time-consuming. Incorrect installation can not only be frustrating, but may even mean that your home is not properly protected.

jay-360There are many more factors to consider when choosing and installing a security camera or a security system.

Jay 360 continues to help clients ensure their premise security, looking at all the different angles to provide you with ease of mind and comfort.

You can rely on the knowledge and experience of Jay360 to provide you with the best home security solutions. We will recommend only the security products that meet your specific needs and budget.

Call on Jay360 to help you to choose and install the ideal security system to suit you and your needs, all at the very best value.

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