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Looking for relevant home security blogs to help you make decisions about surveillance cameras, access control, security gates, and more? Check out our listing of the top 15 security blogs with a brief description of each one to help you narrow down your search for more home security information! For more information on home security, contact the experts at Jay360!

Top 15 Home Security Blogs 2018

There is so much more to home security than simply adding a surveillance camera or two to your property. Learning more about the different security methods and products can help you make informed decisions. It can also help keep you and your family safer. That’s why we’ve made a list of the top home security blogs, so you can easily learn more about the right security solutions for your home and family!

1. Getsafe.com

GetSafe Home Security has a great blog section on their website. Their blog posts include tons of home security information, from articles on burglaries to security systems for your Airbnb to holiday safety tips. If you’re looking for a blog a wide range of topics, check out getsafe.com now!

2. Alarm.com

Alarm.com features products, services, and an extensive blog archive. Some of their blog posts do focus on their products, but many other posts focus on home security in general. They even have a few comical posts, including their recent “Are Eagles Fans Friendlier Than We Think?” blog post! Check out Alarm.com here.

3. Krebsonsecurity.com

Krebs On Security is a blog that is not associated with any services or products. Instead, it is a blog by security expert Brian Krebs, who previously worked as a reporter for?The Washington Post for over 10 years and has written over 1,300 blog posts. If you’re looking for in-depth security news, this is a great blog to dive into. Read Krebs On Security here!

4. Schneier.com

Another great personal blog, Schneier On Security is authored by Bruce Schneier, Chief Technology Officer of?IBM Resilient.?His blog features great articles on many security topics. If you are looking for a blog that simply reviews home security products, you will probably have to look elsewhere. However, if you’re ready for in-depth discussion on current security topics, you should definitely read this blog. Check out Schneier On Security Here!


Protectron.com is a home security site by ADT. The Protectron blog features many easy-to-read articles surrounding various home security topics. Some recent blog posts include information on keeping your vacation home safe and fire safety tips. The blog is by ADT Canada. Read posts by Protectron here!

6. SafeWise.com

SafeWise is a very popular security blog, with lots of information about products, services, and reviews. If you’re looking for a website that seemingly has it all, scan through SafeWise’s blog. You can find great information on both home and office security and great tips for keeping your home safe. Check out SafeWise here!

7. Reolink.com

Reolink is a relatively new home security company that focuses on surveillance cameras. If you are looking for more information about home security and DIY home security camera installation, you will find it all on Reolink’s website. There are also some articles on other topics such as tornado security and holiday safety tips. Read Reolink’s blog here!

8. LiveWatch.com

LiveWatch is a home security company that provides homeowners with cameras and home security plans that best suit their needs. They also have lots of information about “smart homes” and smart home technology, if you are interested in learning more about turning your home into a smart home. See LiveWatch’s blog posts here!

9. Excite.com

Excite is an American home security company, offering many services and products. They also have an active blog with many posts about everything home security! Their blogroll is simple to scroll through, making it easy for you to find the exact topic you’re looking for. Check out excite.com now!

10. Inhomesafetyguide.org

In Home Safety Guide provides detailed information on many different home security topics. They also feature an up-to-date “Best Home Security Systems” review page and a “Home Security Buyer’s Guide” page. This page allows readers to compare and contrast the top home security systems of 2018. Check out In Home Safety Guide’s blog here!

11. Thinkprotection.com

Think Protection’s blog features content on pretty much everything you want to know about home security. Some of their recent blog posts include information on the safety of Canadian cities, DIY security alarms, and information on monitored smoke alarms. Read Think Protection’s blog posts here!

12. Fire-monitoring.com

Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc. is a great security blog if you are looking for more information on both surveillance systems and fire protection. This blog includes tech tips, information on fire safety, CCTV camera information, and more. Learn more from the Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc blog!

13. Myalarmcenter.com

The My Alarm Center blog features tons of easy-to-read information for those who may not be familiar with home security systems. For example, one of their most recent posts includes information on the best security camera placement. Some of their blog posts also include information on kitchen and fire safety, and winter safety. Read posts from My Alarm Center here!

14. Blinkforhome.com

The Blink home security blog is a great way to see home security cameras in action. Their blog features videos and images captured on Blink cameras – so you can see what this product, or similar products, may look like in your own home. Most Blink products are for home use, and therefore, most of their blog posts talk about home security. Check out the Blink blog here!

15. Cspalarms.ca

Canadian Security Professionals’ blog features great content from a Canadian point of view. Many of their blog posts talk about preventing burglaries, home alarm systems, and tips for keeping the elderly safe.? You won’t want to miss out on their many informative blog posts about home security! View Canadian Security Professionals’ blog here!


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