Avoid these 10 mistakes homeowners make when dealing with home security systems. Knowing the capabilities and vulnerabilities?of a security system is just one of the factors in choosing the right solution. Speak with Jay360 today on your?home and business security needs?helping your family get the security and privacy you deserve. Let’s get things started by?counting down?the top 10 mistakes in buying and managing home security systems.

Top?Mistakes when Buying, Installing, or Running a Home Security System

Despite the plug-and-play features of many home security systems, the process of selecting, installing, and maintaining a security system takes investment. Yet each of these mishaps when dealing with home security systems can be avoided, some of which only require 5 minutes to resolve. Homeowners join Jay 360 in protecting your?communities and family by?avoiding at least one the?mistakes below.

10?-?Forgetting to Change Default Passwords

home security system passwords

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Make sure that once you’ve configured your security system you change the default factory passwords. This includes the following:

  • Administrative consoles
  • Mobile app passwords
  • Previously configured camera passwords (if bought second hand)
  • Change passwords every 2?months to maintain security

9?- Google for?Vulnerabilities Before You Buy

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Even with stunning marketing and allure, technical vulnerabilities are always inherent in any product.?Homeowners are advised to review via online searches whether their camera has security flaws that can easily leak access to other parties. In a previous article, we detailed how to protect yourself from?home security systems vulnerabilities.

8?- Look at Professional and Purchaser Reviews

home security systems review

Even though it’s easy and tempting to just go off of reviews like PC?magazine or home security comparisons, going onto Amazon to check actual reviews from those who have?bought the product?helps you understand the product more. This allows you to look at the best and the worst case scenarios of your product purchase before you spend even a single dime.

7?- Forgetting to Check Product?Complaints

alarm force reviews by best home security

Reviews aren’t the same as complaints and often times knowing specific grievances for your product of choice can help you avoid unforeseen?headaches. Alarmforce complaints is one of the most searched terms on Google and this is a good practice to extend to other brands like Honeywell, ADT, and other home security systems.

6?-?Surprised by Poor Customer Service

Technical specs aside, not having a clear understanding of how well customer service representatives treat clients is another mistake. This is one of the biggest service gaps in the industry. ?Issues revolve around unreturned calls, getting bills after canceling service, unresponsive intrusion monitoring teams, and forcing customers to pay for upgrading hardware.

5?-?Infringing on a Neighbour’s Privacy

home security system privacy

The Office of the?Privacy Commissioner of Canada regulates the privacy rights of all Canadian citizens, and it is the right of every Canadian to have their privacy respected. Monitoring your premise is a right that property owners have, but, unfortunately, the line can be crossed. Home security and surveillance systems owners should avoid the mistake of infringing on a neighbour’s privacy, and ensuring they?are being respected.

4 -?Not Testing your Configuration

home security system testing

Most owners set up their cameras and point them in a general direction, hoping it optimizes the area coverage of their surveillance system. This?is haphazard at best and more likely an ineffective way to utilize a home security system.?It is?crucial to test home security systems when you are at home, allowing pets to run around, and simulating an intrusion can help approximate the effectiveness of your home security setup.

3?-?Maximizing Coverage Area of Home Security Surveillance

home security system placement

It’s usually only after a break-in that users review recorded video images. Sadly, without the right calibration the images and figures of those who have burglarized a premise cannot be ascertained. This is because the camera was not properly focused or tested under various lighting conditions and optimized for coverage. Here is an article from the Jay360 blog on surveillance camera placement?that can help give clients ideas for maximizing?coverage.

2 -?Not Using Motion Detection and Monitoring

home security system motion detection

Most home security systems now have dashboards and alerts that inform you when there is movement detected within your premise. Despite the availability of this technology, because of existing contract arrangements or dates this feature is often not employed. Yet the technology is invaluable and?can help clients avoid the lengthy process of reviewing security footage while actively being able to respond to alerts.

1?- Neglecting to Consult a Home Security Professional

manufacturers surveillance camera vulnerabilities list

There are too many instances of customers being jettisoned after purchasing their home security system or subscribing to a home alarm company.?A local security professional can help you through each step of home security system ownership. Having a security professional like Jay360 can help clients save hours in installing and maintaining their security systems. Take the guess work out of trying to secure your home and get complete service from Kitchener-Waterloo’s trusted home security professionals.

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