The ultimate surveillance camera guide helps readers choose and install the best security solution for their property.?Contact us?at Jay 360 for help in choosing the right security camera model for your home or business. The article below features highlights from each of the 6 chapters of the guide and helps readers quickly get up to speed on the most crucial aspects of a camera and considerations for managing cost and installation.

Ultimate Guide to Surveillance Cameras:

For each chapter we feature the key takeaway and related videos.

Chapter 1 – Overview of Major Manufacturers

Key Takeaway: IPS and NetGear were some of the top competitors based on the sampling done by various syndicated reviewers. Cameras were rated on:

  • Wireless connectivity capability
  • HD video quality
  • Weather durability
  • Motion detection capability
  • Pan tilt zoom feature
  • Day and night use capability
  • Amazon product rating

D-Link, Lorex, IPS, Swann, and NetGear were the major manufacturers were covered in the article.

Learn more about these brands:?Chapter 1 – Overview major manufacturers of surveillance cameras

Chapter 2?- How to Choose the Best Camera for Your Project

Key Takeaway:?Buyers of security cameras must determine the model most suited to their application. ?Some things to consider in making this decision include:

  • Proactive Owner Management
  • Hidden versus visible camera
  • Placement and lighting
  • Choosing the right features
  • Choosing the right manufacturer

The article provides guidance on how these considerations should influence a potential security camera purchaser, offering insights and best practices to help guide the decision.?If you aren’t sure where to start, contact Jay360 today and the team will support you each step of the way.

Prepare yourself to ask the right questions for each area of consideration by reading the full article:?Chapter 2 – How to choose the best security camera model for your project

Chapter 3 -?Analog ?vs. Digital Cameras

Key Takeaway:?Analog is your best for short-term and lower initial investment while digital will give you better quality and lower total cost of ownership. Digital and analog differ from one another in the following ways:

  • Total cost of ownership
  • Video analytics
  • Flexibility / scalability
  • Privacy
  • Ease of installation

The article provides the facts and information for you to choose whether analog or digital is a better fit for your security requirements. Readers will find that the post also features customer-favourite models for each category, making the decision more clear and concrete.

Get more information on analog versus digital cameras here:?Chapter 3 – What is the best analog surveillance cameras vs digital surveillance cameras

Chapter 4?- Where to Position?Security Camera

Key Takeaway:?Security camera placement will differ for residential or business applications. Positioning the camera in the right way will maximize?the utility and effectiveness of your camera, and will also make the difference in positively identifying a culprit.

The article covers top tips on getting the best positioning and perspective from the camera along with identifying optimal locations for camera placement in businesses and homes. Read the full article here:?Chapter 4 – Where to place surveillance cameras for the most security.

Chapter 5 -?The Different Types of Security Cameras

Key Takeaway:?Each camera type has strengths and weaknesses. Chapter 5 lays these out for each security camera type to empower readers to choose the right camera for their needs.

This installment focuses on the main camera types that are available and when to use each, along with ratings on placement versatility and cost. Camera types include digital, wireless, dome, ?pan-tilt-zoom, bullet, and box camera.?Know when to use each type of camera by reading the full article here:?Chapter 5- The different?types of security cameras.

Chapter 6 -?How Much do Surveillance Cameras Cost

Key Takeaway:?The main analysis in the article details how digital cameras can save?clients between 11%-15% the cost of analog. Though the analog cameras are more economical in the short term, the costs of operating digital cameras continue to decrease following the initial higher purchase price.

Chapter 6??covers trends in the cost profile of security cameras coupled with an ?analysis/case study on the total cost of ownership for analog and digital cameras. The article also features highly vetted security cameras from Amazon.?Manage the cost of your security system project by reading:?Chapter 6 – How much do surveillance cameras cost?

Finding the Right Surveillance Cameras

Finding the right surveillance cameras to safeguard your home or workplace can be haphazard or informed ?depending on the approach you take. Reading through this ultimate guide provides you with a baseline knowledge of making a better of choice, but having a security expert to help you understand all the ways intrusions and vandalism occurs will help protect your property now and in the future. Readers are to be aware that in general digital cameras offer better total cost of ownership meaning: in the long-run it will be cheaper for you even though you may end up spending more. Security system purchasers are also encouraged to understand the features and the vulnerabilities of their security system. No security system is truly fool-proof but with the right help you can limit the risk and damages incurred offering the most robust security solution for your needs.

Jay360?Goes Above and Beyond?Helping Clients Install Cameras

jay-360The security professionals at Jay360 help clients choose the right security solution to safeguard their property. From finding the right models to positioning for maximum coverage, the team helps client secure what is most valuable to them.?Jay360 has experience helping countless customers in installing and improving their property and business?security. Jay360’s team of experts helps you manage the cost by delivering high-quality solutions and remaining available for consultation and inquiries long after the project is complete.

Call on Jay360 to help you to plan the ideal security camera system?to suit you and your needs, all at the very best value.


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