This article helps readers understand the vulnerabilities of surveillance cameras.?Contact us?at Jay 360 for help in choosing the right security camera model to help secure your home or business.

Despite the security features offered by IP cameras, parents, in particular, should know that surveillance?camera’s vulnerabilities are being exploited. ?Here is a news clip of parents realizing hackers had invaded their baby monitor camera.

Is my Surveillance Camera at Risk?

Based on the?vulnerability testing of a security?researcher, the following manufacturers are susceptible to tampering and unauthorized access:

manufacturers surveillance camera vulnerabilities list


The list published identifies almost 80 companies that have confirmed points of vulnerability. For the full list of companies please review the researcher’s report findings here.

Surveillance?Camera Vulnerabilities?Fact Sheet

Referring to a detailed and technical document from we translated the 6-page document into a one-table summary. Here are the top security vulnerabilities?found in an IP digital camera:

surveillance camera vulenerabilities summary

If you are wondering what you can do about these particular security issues our source’s published report can provide some helpful insights: see here.

surveillance cameras hidden versus visible

What can be done about these vulnerabilities?

Despite the many advantages of living in a digital environment, each and every piece of technology comes with its own flaws. This is not relegated to surveillance cameras but is also part of every technology ecosystem. Despite the challenges, surveillance cameras remain a foundational tool to help improve property and workplace security. The?discussion then is not whether we should use technology but how: in that line of reasoning we look at how to manage surveillance cameras’ vulnerabilities:

  • Change your password regularly: changing the log-in and factory default passwords on your security system regularly can help you secure your property and the?privacy of your home. It is suggested that passwords are changed every month to ensure optimal security.
  • Stay up-to-date on vulnerability?disclosures: when?surveillance camera makers realize there is a major security flaw, they often provide disclosures either recalling products or providing patches to address the issue.?Here are some examples of companies that have provided surveillance camera vulnerability disclosures:
    Axis -?
    Exploit Database -?
    ELK -?
  • Report security issues to the?manufacturer: some companies like HoneyWell allow customers to submit security issues they’ve encountered for investigation and resolution. This can not only help you but others who are using the same manufacturer.
  • Get help from a security expert:?over the years a security?expert?will come across and resolve all sorts of challenges and headaches for customers, some of which?go beyond the scope of this article.


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