Chapter 5 of the Ultimate Surveillance Cameras?Guide focuses on the main camera types that are available and when to use each.?Contact us?at Jay 360 for help in choosing the right security camera type?for your home or business. The ultimate guide to cameras helps to?provide a basic understanding of features to look out for when buying a security camera for work or home premises. The guide also helps readers get a firm grasp on how to set up and make the most of their security system.

To start things off, this video offers a show-and-tell of various security cameras.

Surveillance Cameras Taxonomy and When to Use Which

Knowing which camera type is which is the first step in knowing which context would be most suitable for a particular category of surveillance. The list here offers the key surveillance camera types and what are best practices for application in a monitoring and recording scenario. It should be noted that some camera models may fit into multiple categories.

Here is a table for a quick view into each of the surveillance camera types:

security camera summary chart

types-security-camera-digitalIPIP/Digital Cameras

Digital cameras transport video and information over a Local Area Network allowing for ease of management and simplified installation/maintenance compared to analog counterparts. This camera variant?serves as the main warhorse for the industry, including both residential and home.

When to use: IP cameras are great for homes or businesses with internet connectivity, offering a great balance between ease of use and lower total cost of ownership. See chapter 6 of our ultimate surveillance camera guide for more in-depth information.

wireless surveillance cameras nypd Wireless Cameras

Wireless cameras extend the range of the instrument’s surveillance, allowing it to transfer video and audio images without cabled connections. This reduces the need for cabling while also allowing for remote access and providing the same level of picture quality and functionality as the traditional wired digital camera.

When to use: This variant is helpful for large, sprawling properties, allowing extended camera placements in ?disparate locations. Wireless cameras often may be better suited for homes as they may be prone to hacking and security intrusions, allowing access to unauthorized parties.

camera-placement-guide-1Dome/Wide Dynamic

These cameras offer a discrete surveillance option that is visible to the eye but less intrusive than some other varieties. The dynamic camera allows for auto-adjustments of various lighting levels and can be a good combatant in a messy room like a kitchen or hobby area. Being dome-shaped, it offers a wide viewing landscape that enables property managers to review a wide terrain.

When to use: Suited for?environments with varying lighting levels, as well as those requiring wide views of large, public-access adjacent areas like large shop windows, or high traffic areas within a home where foot traffic flows in multiple directions.

pan tilt zoom surveillance cameraPan-Tilt-Zoom(PTZ)/Automated Verifocal Lenses

This camera puts the manager in the pilot seat, allowing manual navigation for panning, tilting, and zooming into points of interest while also dynamic enough to automatically track moment like an intrusion.

When to use: If you want?to be able to monitor pets or highly active staff within a production or office area, this would be a great choice as it minimizes the number of blind spots in your security system. With the addition of multiple PTZ?cameras, blind spots can be minimized to virtually nil. Security Camera Warehouse also mentions that identifying objects up to 50 ft away is also a great use case for this type of camera.

thermal surveillance camera for flirDay and Night (Infrared/Thermal)

These cameras provide the ability to monitor external?environments despite changing light levels. This is done via infrared technology that helps optimize the picture?or using night vision technology that provides an illumination effect. Thermal technology can also be used to detect heat signatures, giving the system the ability to distinguish between live and inanimate objects.

When to use: This offering provides the best visibility in terms of outdoor monitoring solution. The challenge with this camera is that faces may not be as recognizable on camera. ?This type of camera may need to be paired with another in order to compensate for this.

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bullet surveillance cameraBullet Camera

Bullets cameras are a type of surveillance that is enclosed within a bullet-shaped encasing to decrease maintenance and provide additional protection. It also maximizes the space in which the camera operates because of its compact profile.

When to use:?This type of camera is great for protecting surveillance investments in high-traffic or vandalism-prone areas in which projectiles can be used to harm and damage other types of cameras. The bullet encasing helps protect the camera and can be used outdoors or in high-security environments to provide thorough, robust surveillance to the premise.

Box camera Box (Customizable)?Surveillance

The box style camera offers the ability to swap and exchange parts within the surveillance tool like lens, camera, and casing to?help meet the requirements of your property. Like the bullet camera, it is protected against vandalism but tampering may impair its use.

When to use:?This type of camera is suited for DIY camera enthusiasts who enjoy adding their own flair to their security solutions. Particularly for those who are inclined to tweak and refine their surveillance system, the box camera allows for customization.

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