Looking for the best smart home security systems of 2018? Smart home security systems allow you to control almost everything in your home, from lights and clocks?to security cameras and doorbells. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top three smart home security systems of 2018. For each system, we’ll provide an overview and show you which system offers the lowest price, best overall value, and best functionality. If you’re looking to add a smart home security system to your home, contact Jay360 for expert installation and information about finding a system that’s best for you and your family.

The Best Smart Home Security Systems Of 2018

Based on a variety of recent reviews from reviewers such as PC Mag, ASecureLife, CNET, and All Home Robotics, we have concluded that the top three best smart home security systems of 2018 are Frontpoint Home Security System, Abode Home Security Starter Kit, and ADT Pulse. See the chart below to compare these three popular systems. Click the chart to see a larger version.

Smart home security systems - comparison chart

Smart Home Security System Reviews

Still can’t decide on a smart home security system? This section provides more detail about each system to help you narrow down your search. Finding the right home security system can help you avoid common mistakes and security system blunders.

Frontpoint Home Security System

? Best Customer Experience
? Easiest DIY Installation

Frontpoint Home Security System has been rated #1?on multiple review sites. Frontpoint is known for its excellent customer service, something many other home security system brands cannot boast. If you prefer a do-it-yourself installation, Frontpoint offers one of the easiest to install systems on the market. Many homeowners and reviewers alike say that dealing with Frontpoint’s products and customer service is a guaranteed stress-free experience. You can learn a bit more about Frontpoint in the video below!



Frontpoint is also known for its high-quality equipment, however, they do not offer all features in basic packages and add-ons can become pricey. With Frontpoint, you must choose a one or three-year contract. They offer three different plans to best suit your needs and budget.

Their lowest-cost plan is called Protection Monitoring and costs $34.99 per month. Included in this price is fire and environmental monitoring, intrusion protection, and life safety monitoring. Their most expensive plan ($49.99 per month) includes features such as email and text alerts, support for image sensors, motion-sensor video recording, door lock control, and more.

Though Frontpoint has generally favourable reviews, almost all reviewers acknowledge price as a potential pain point. Frontpoint is one of the most expensive DIY home security systems on the market. Frontpoint’s prices are almost competitive with professionally installed systems, but ring in much higher than other DIY systems.

With Frontpoint, you must also choose a one- or three-year contract. According to PC Mag, a base Frontpoint system including three door sensors, one motion sensor, and one touch-screen panel will cost approximately $1,800.00 over the course of a?three-year contract.

Abode Home Security Starter Kit

? Best Features & Functionality
? Lowest Price (No Monthly Contract)

The Abode Home Security Starter Kit comes standard with a wide variety of features that leaves homeowners feeling secure and satisfied with their system. Though this system already comes with many features, Abode also offers more optional accessories, making it easy to customize your home security system to best suit your needs. The system comes with two door/window sensors, a security camera, motion detector, key fob, and more! Watch the quick video below for more information on the Abode system.


The Abode system costs more upfront than some others on the market ($300), however, it does not require you sign a contract or lock you into monthly fees. With Abode, their basic service is free and completely self-monitored. You can access your cameras from your smartphone and do all the monitoring yourself.

You can also pay for a 3-day or 7-day professional monitoring plan if you go away on vacation and want to ensure your house is monitored. If you prefer professional monitoring every day of the month, you can pay $30.00 per month for the professional monitoring plan.

Though Abode does come with many features, it does not come with a control panel, which many homeowners prefer with their home security systems. As far as technology goes, the sensors are bulkier than others on the market, potentially causing difficulty placing them.

Abode is nearly as DIY as possible. From DIY monitoring to DIY installation, you will have a hands-on experience from start to finish. This may not be ideal for families who just don’t have time to set-up and monitor themselves, or for those who are not tech-savvy.

ADT Pulse

? Best Value
? Easiest To Use

If DIY installation is not your thing, then ADT Pulse might be the perfect system for you. Unlike Frontpoint and Abode, ADT requires professional installation. Homeowners can just sit back and relax as their home security system is installed and professionally monitored. With over 140 years of experience, ADT is one of the oldest security companies. It is also one of the most popular in both Canada and the U.S. See the video for more information on ADT Pulse.



ADT is known for its knowledgeable and helpful service representatives. Response to home security and safety issues is fast and effective. Unlike DIY systems that require you to monitor yourself, you can essentially forget about your system and let ADT take care of your home for you.

The cost upfront for ADT is quite low, starting at just $49.00. Their monthly fees can add up, and you must sign a three-year contract. However, considering the level of security you get with ADT, the low upfront cost, and features offered, ADT offers the best value out of the three systems reviewed.

However, if you want out of your contract early, you will have to pay an expensive termination penalty. If you choose ADT, you should be sure that the system is right for you before signing a three-year contract.

If you opt for a significant amount of additional security features outside of the basic package, your upfront cost can skyrocket, ranging up to $3,000 or higher! Sales reps may push for more features when they visit your home, so be sure to know what you want and need beforehand, or else you may end up paying significantly more than you anticipated.

DIY Camera Installation VS Hiring A Professional

Many surveillance cameras, including two on our list, offer DIY installation. DIY installation may seem appealing, as it costs less up front. However, properly installing your security system is important!

An improperly installed system may not work properly, leaving you and your home vulnerable. It may even cost you more down the road if repairs or maintenance are needed.

Porch.com?outlines some benefits of hiring an experienced, professional installer. These include:

  • Providing proper wiring for both silent and audible?alarms
  • Educating the homeowner on how to use the system and the best ways?to keep their home safe
  • Providing information on whether or not a permit is necessary for your city or town
  • Experience with the little challenges and difficulties of installation the homeowner may not be aware of
  • Reliability and peace of mind that your system is installed correctly

Installation time, even with an experienced installer, can vary depending on how many cameras you require and the complexity of your surveillance system. However, it may take an inexperienced handyman a full day to set up their system while a professional and experienced installer could set up a system in 2-4 hours.

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