Surveillance Camera Installation: Keep Babies and Kids From Setting Off Alarms

Purchasing a surveillance camera and home security system is a great way to keep your home and family safe. However, you may find yourself with a new problem – how can you keep babies and kids from setting off alarms? This article looks at the ways you can keep your family protected and also keep your kids from creating false alarms.?Contacting an experienced installer is another great way to ensure your home is safe from intruders and false alarms.

Why Avoiding False Alarms Is So Important

Aside from giving you and your family a good scare, false alarms are a big problem.?In May 2016, Global News reported that the Calgary police discovered 96% of alarm calls were false alarms! This information caused a change in Calgary’s Bylaws. Starting on May 15, 2016, officers would not be dispatched if only one alarm zone in the home was triggered. Though this Bylaw does seem necessary, it was also controversial. Many residents were not happy to discover that police may not be deployed to their home if and when alarms were triggered.

Having a good understanding of your own security system and reducing the number of false alarms is important. False alarms can tie up police officers and cause unnecessary stress on the homeowner. Consistent false alarms may frustrate homeowners so much that they do away with their home security system altogether, potentially leaving their home and family vulnerable. Teaching children about the alarms, correctly setting up the alarms, and properly containing pets when not at home are all great ways to avoid false alarms.

How to Keep Babies and Kids From Setting Off Alarms

Keeping your children from setting off alarms won’t be hard if you stick to these simple tips for preventing false alarms. Children, especially young kids, are curious about new additions to the home. It’s important to teach them about your new system right away.

In the adorable video below, we meet Kaeden, a young boy who pulled the fire alarm at his school. When his mom explains that she and his dad are not mad at him for pulling the alarm, Kaeden responds with “I was curious!” Though this incident happened at school with a fire alarm, it could have easily happened at home with a security alarm.

This list provides five simple ways to protect your family and keep babies and kids from setting off alarms.

1. Teach Everyone In Your Family About The Alarms

Education is key. As we saw with Kaeden, children are curious and do not always understand the consequences of their actions. After installing your security system, have a family meeting or intentional conversation at the dinner table. Tell your children why false alarms are so bad. Let them know that sensors, cameras, and other parts of your security system are not toys. Tell your children about what can accidentally set off an alarm, such as leaving a window open or unlocked. If you think your kids might forget, draw a diagram or write a note reminding them of these things and put it on your fridge.


2. Teach Your Children The Codes

Of course, depending on the age of your child, it may not be possible to teach them the codes just yet. But if you have a child that will be going in and out of the home, it is important that they know how to disarm the alarm. Many false alarms are caused by someone in the family entering an incorrect code. Have your children memorize the codes, have them practice on a calculator or phone keypad, and remind them that if they ever have to disarm the alarm, to type in the code slowly to avoid mistakes.


3. Keep An Extra Eye On Kids After Installing Alarms

Right after installing your alarms, it might be a good idea to keep an extra watch on your toddlers or kids. Babies may pull out cords by accident. Kids may pull out cords on purpose in order to plug in their own electronics, not realizing how important it is for alarms to stay plugged in.

If you do not allow your kids to get away with poking and prodding at your new system right away, you immediately reinforce good practices that will hopefully mean you will not always have to be worried about kids interfering with or damaging your system.


4. Consider Sensor Placement

Where you place your sensors is important, especially if you have children and pets. Pets set off alarms all the time. It happens so often that two out of five fails on our Greatest Home Security System Fails list involve pets setting off alarms! Sensor placement is important for everyone, not just pet owners. Make sure you install your sensors securely!

Insecure sensors can be triggered by slight movements, such as a forgotten bike or scooter that your child left in the sensors way. Many people are now placing motion sensors outside of a baby’s room to know if anyone is intruding. If you choose to get this kind of motion sensors, you should not have them linked to your overall security system, as it’s very easy to kids themselves to trip this alarm.


5. Buy The Right Sensors

Investing in the right equipment for your family is another simple way to avoid false alarms. For example, some sensors come equipped with a ‘glass break sensor’ that triggers if it hears the sound of breaking glass. However, investing in a sensor that only monitors for the sound of breaking glass but also for the impact may be best suited for homes with children. This will prevent false alarms if your child drops a glass or breaks your favourite vase!

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Avoid Pitfalls With Experienced Installers

installers - keep babies and kids from setting off alarms

Many surveillance cameras, home security alarms, and motion sensors allow for a do-it-yourself (DIY) installation process. Reading through many customer reviews on Amazon shows a common problem: installation is never as easy as it looks.

Homeowners purchase alarms and cameras with the promise that installation will only take a few minutes. However, many quickly find troubles connecting their Wi-Fi to the camera, installing the proper apps, reading complicated instruction manuals, or getting in touch with customer service.

Improperly installed home security systems can add to the false alarm problem, and at worst fail to sound when there is a real threat. Properly installed alarms can help keep babies and kids from setting off alarms and in turn, keep your family safe and sound.

Customers frequently experience:?

  • Poor customer service when security system fails to install?as advertised
  • Difficult installation and lack of clear instructions
  • Difficult installation even with instructions
  • Difficulty syncing with Wi-Fi or other electronics needed to use product
  • Unreliability when product is installed incorrectly, lack the know-how?to fix these errors

The DIY route may?look attractive, but hiring an experienced installer will ensure you avoid common customer pitfalls and installation errors. outlines some benefits of hiring an experienced, professional installer. These include:

  • Providing proper wiring for both silent and audible?alarms
  • Educating the homeowner on how to use the system and the best ways?to keep their home safe
  • Providing information on whether or not a permit is necessary for your city or town
  • Experience with the little challenges and difficulties of installation the homeowner may not be aware of
  • Reliability and peace of mind that your system is installed correctly

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