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Security Camera Systems In Hamilton Ontario – Looking for the best security camera system for your home or business in Hamilton? Security cameras can help add an extra layer of security to your property and help give you peace of mind. This article looks at the importance of security systems, an overview of different security camera brands, and the Hamilton bylaws that govern security camera placement and use. For more information on security camera systems, contact the experts at Jay360 now!

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Why Choose Security Camera Systems In Hamilton Ontario?

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Unfortunately, no matter where you live, crime is all around us. Compared to the rest of the GTA, Hamilton does have a higher crime rate. In a statement given by Chief Glenn De Caire, De Caire stated that Hamilton has the “highest crime rate, crime severity index, violent crime rate and violent crime severity index of our immediate comparator municipalities excluding Toronto” (CBC News Hamilton).

Though the overall crime rate in Hamilton has dropped by 29.6% over the last decade or so, some areas of crime have increased, such as violent crime. The Hamilton Spectator reported in July 2017 that an increase in commercial robberies and home invasions were the reason Hamilton’s violent crime rate increased.

Security camera systems can help deter burglars from homes and commercial lots. Burglars are criminals of opportunity, and will likely choose the quickest and easiest home or business to rob. One study even found that burglars were 2.7x more likely to target homes without security?systems.

Here are some other reasons why you may find a security camera system beneficial:

? Provide evidence in case of a break-in:?If a break-in does occur, your security cameras will likely catch the burglar in the act. This can provide needed evidence to catch the burglar, and it can also help prevent the same burglar from breaking in again.

? Fire/Gas Monitoring: Many security camera systems come complete with other security features as well, such as gas and fire monitoring. If you choose a system with these features, this is a great?way to keep your home and family safer.

? Peace of mind: Leaving your home or business for a few days shouldn’t be stressful! With a security camera system, you will have the peace of mind that a robbery is less likely to occur. And if something does happen, authorities will be alerted and you will know right away.

Popular Security Camera System Brands

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If you are new to the world of security cameras, you may be surprised to see just how many different brands are out there! To help narrow down your search, we’ll provide a brief overview of some of the most popular security system brands. If you’re looking for more information on the brands we carry or how Jay360 can help you expertly install your new system, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


Honeywell offers a wide variety of security camera systems for both home and commercial use. They are known for their good customer support and innovate technologies. Honeywell products are very easy to find. Many are available at local home improvement stores or online through sites such as Amazon. The biggest potential con for Honeywell systems is that some users report poor overall equipment quality.


AlarmForce offers many security solutions including surveillance cameras and two-way emergency response systems. Though AlarmForce may offer fewer additional features than other brands, they are known for their easy-to-use systems and the peace of mind that comes with their two-way emergency response technology. Though AlarmForce is better known for their residential systems, they do offer business solutions.

ADT (American District Telegraph)

ADT is a well-known home security solutions company. Unlike the brands above, ADT focuses solely on residential security and includes services such as fire, flood, and gas monitoring, smart home systems, guard services, and more. ADT has 140 years of experience and is known for their high-quality equipment. However, some ADT customers have found a lack of customer support and lower value for cost.

Security Systems: Common Customer Challenges

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When looking to buy and install a security camera system, there are some common customer challenges you want to avoid. Because security systems are a big investment and are only valuable if they work as intended, it’s important to avoid these potential problems. See below for common customer challenges and complaints.

? Poor customer service – Some customers have found poor customer service while trying to purchase their system, while others received poor customer service while installing their system. Working with a company that values their customers will help ensure you get the right system for you and that your system is properly installed.

? Unprofessional Service -?Another common challenge that some customers found is unprofessional service. Impolite installers, unprofessional work, late arrivals, and more can create a poor experience for businesses and homeowners.

? Inexperienced Installers -?Inexperienced installers may not set up your surveillance cameras correctly. This could mean your system does not work as it should, leaving security vulnerabilities for you or your business. It may also mean costly repairs or even replacement down the road.

How Jay360 Does It Differently – At Jay360, we are dedicated to providing a professional, hassle-free installation for all of your security needs – both commercial and residential. We provide accurate?and reliable services, so you don’t have to worry about an improperly installed system.?We have over 28 years of installation project management experience to draw on and thousands of happy customers!

Security Camera Bylaws In Hamilton

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In Ontario, bylaws governing residential surveillance systems are becoming more and more prevalent. Though some cities in the GTA still do not have any bylaws about security cameras, Hamilton does.

In Hamilton, the video surveillance bylaw prohibits:

?c. The application of visual surveillance equipment, including video cameras, ?night vision? systems, or electronic listening devices capable of permitting either stationary or scanned viewing or listening, designed or operated so as to listen or view persons or land beyond the perimeter of the land actually owned, leased or rented by the occupant, or the use of visual surveillance equipment where the exterior lenses are obstructed from view or which are employed so as to prevent observation of the direction in which they are aimed.? ??Bylaw to Prohibit and Regulate Fortification and Protective Elements of Land?

This means that personal video surveillance cameras are only permitted to view people and land on your own property, and nothing beyond your property lines.

Source -?City of Hamilton???Surveillance Camera Bylaws

At Jay360, we help ensure that your new security system installation does not break any local bylaws. When working with a professional installation company, you won’t have to worry about breaking bylaws. Jay360 has the expertise and professional know-how to make sure your cameras are legal and effective.

Ready To Install A Surveillance Camera In Hamilton?

Jay360 can help you choose and install the perfect surveillance camera for you, your family, or your business. We can also help you understand local bylaws and provide tips for avoiding potential conflicts with your neighbours.

Many surveillance cameras offer do-it-yourself (DIY) installation. Though DIY may seem easy, it is not always the best route. some benefits of hiring an experienced, professional installer. These include:

  • Providing proper wiring for both silent and audible?alarms
  • Educating the homeowner on how to use the system and the best ways?to keep their home safe
  • Providing information on whether or not a permit is necessary for your city or town
  • Experience with the little challenges and difficulties of installation the homeowner may not be aware of
  • Reliability and peace of mind that your system is installed correctly

Installation time, even with an experienced installer, can vary depending on how many cameras you require and the complexity of your surveillance system. However, it may take an inexperienced handyman a full day to set up their system while a professional and experienced installer could set up a system in 2-4 hours.

With over 20 years of experience, you can always rely on the knowledge and experience of Jay360 to provide you with the best?home security solutions.

We will recommend only the security products and services that meet your specific needs and budget. Call on?Jay 360?today!

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