Privacy Laws Concerning Neighbour’s Security Camera At My House

Feeling like your neighbours have been involved in an invasion of your privacy? Our page should cover everything you need to know. Worried about your privacy in your own home or on your own property? As home security cameras become more and more common, so do complaints about nosy neighbours. How can you tell if your neighbour is pointing a security camera at your property? Is there anything you can do about it? Are there any laws or bylaws in your area concerning security cameras? This article will answer all these questions and more! For more information about bylaws and home security, contact the experts at Jay360 today!

Is My Neighbour Invading My Privacy?

Privacy Laws Concerning Neighbours Security Camera At My House

If your neighbour has recently put up a security camera, you may feel uncomfortable if you feel it may be pointing onto your property. But how can you know for sure? Unfortunately, there is no sure-fire way to know if your neighbour is pointing a camera at your property unless it is either very obvious or your neighbour tells you. Before we explain how to bring this up with a neighbour, let’s first go over some signs that your hunch may be right.

  • You suspect the cameras are pointed towards your doors or windows
  • You currently do not have a close relationship with your neighbours
  • Your neighbours have questioned you in the past or seem suspicious
  • You notice the cameras position changes depending on where you spend more time

What Can I Do About My Neighbour’s Cameras?

If you suspect your neighbour’s cameras are invading your privacy, the first step you should take is to simply talk to your neighbours. If you do not know your neighbours very well, you may jump to conclusions about why they have cameras and where they are pointing to. In reality, your neighbour may be trying to watch a particular part of their backyard, such as their unlocked garden shed that happens to border your?yard. It may be a simple misunderstanding. Your neighbours may have no idea that you even noticed their new cameras!

This is why it is so important to calmly and politely bring up the issue to your neighbours. Explain that you noticed their cameras and it seems as though they are pointing towards your property. Explain how you feel without accusing them of anything. This will hopefully allow for a calm, open discussion that allows both parties to share their sides.

If your neighbours truly are spying on you, a conversation may allow your neighbours to explain why they felt the need to point their cameras at you and your home. You may find out that your neighbour does not trust you for something you did not do or something they just suspected. This gives you the chance to explain yourself as well.

If you are having trouble formulating a complaint to your neighbour or need some advice about calmly discussing the matter, many people turn to online forums for informal advice. For example, you can see what readers suggested on to a resident facing a security camera issue or on

Unfortunately, neighbour disputes do happen over security cameras. Sometimes, if both parties are not open to discussion, a simple talk may not be enough. If your neighbour refuses to move their camera and you feel they are purposely invading your privacy, you may choose to follow some or all of the suggestions listed below.

Reclaiming Your Privacy

If you and your neighbours cannot come to an agreement about privacy and camera position, here are some suggestions to reclaim your privacy.

  • Install a fence – Or, if you already have a fence, install a taller fence or add lattice to the top of your fence. This will likely obstruct or completely block the view of your neighbour’s camera onto your property. Just be sure you know the fencing bylaws of your municipality before adding or changing your fence.
  • Plant shrubs or trees – Planting shrubs or trees along your property line can help protect your privacy. They may start off small, but certain shrubs or trees can grow much taller than a fence!
  • Screen in your deck – If you spend a lot of time on your deck, it may be worth it to screen it in! This is much easier than adding lattice to your entire fence and can provide total privacy.
  • Add a fountain – If you suspect your neighbours are spying on you, they may be using more than just security cameras. If you’re worried neighbours are listening in to your conversations, considering adding a fountain to help block out noise.

Ontario Privacy Laws Concerning Neighbour’s Security Camera At My House

Before buying and installing a surveillance camera, it’s important to know the Ontario bylaws of your area. It is also important to know these bylaws if you happen to have a suspected nosy neighbour! Knowing the bylaws in your municipality will help you determine what you can do about unwelcome cameras.

The following list includes the areas that currently have surveillance camera bylaws.

For a full listing of bylaws, click here. As new bylaws come into effect, there may be more cities, towns, and regions that include surveillance bylaws in the future.

What To Do If Talking Doesn’t Work

If talking to your neighbours about security camera concerns does not work or leads to more conflict, and putting up shrubs or a fence doesn’t help, then you may want to call an attorney.

However, in areas that do not have surveillance camera laws, there may not be a quick and easy solution.

As a Vancouver Mother found out, the police may not be able to do anything.

When her son found out that a neighbour’s camera pointed directly into their backyard, the police simply told them to put up shrubs or shine a bright light into the camera.

However, that does not mean you shouldn’t file a complaint if you feel uncomfortable. Even if you do not live in an area with applicable bylaws, unreasonable invasion of privacy is still open to lawsuits. Document the dates of conversations you have with neighbours and take note of where cameras are placed. Hopefully, disputes can be resolved without a court date.

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