There are several benefits to having a parking control system set up for your business or home, preventing access to your commercial or residential property and approving who has access, keeping a log of who comes and goes on your property and protecting your building(s) and their contents, and reducing insurance costs by improving security and preventing unwanted access. Jay360 provides a wide assortment of parking control system services, and you can trust our experts to meet all your needs in this area. Contact us today.

Ticket Dispensers

Key to any parking control system is the ticket dispenser. Upon entry, drivers can push a button and grab the card-sized printout which indicates the time of arrival. This is generally used to keep a record of how many vehicles have entered the property, as well as to track the length of stay in order to determine the cost of parking.

Parking Control System


Jay360 Network has, over the years, supplied and installed a number of gates as part of a parking control system. We have gained experience with each installation, overcoming functionality flaws to ensure a properly adjusted and secure gate, whether automatic or manual. We carry a wide variety of manufactured gates and create custom designs according to your specifications and dimensions.

Give us a call today for a quote on retrofitting your existing gate system or creating a new installation. We can provide experienced direction and complete installation of all of your gate and automation needs for your business. Also be sure to check out our article on “Automatic Barrier Gate: 5 Models You Need to See” which includes links to manufacturers such as NiceLiftMasterSKIDATA and more.

Automatic Barrier Lift Arm Gates

This type of gate is common in parking lots or garages and generally partners with ticket dispensers. A car drives up, takes the ticket, and the automatic barrier rises, allowing entry. Conversely, upon showing proof of payment, vehicles are permitted to exit.

automatic barrier gate

Sliding Gates

Many businesses require a wide entrance in order to accommodate trucks and other large vehicles. A sliding gate offers the perfect fit, ensuring security while allowing for a wide variety of entrants. Jay360 is proficient in this area, as seen below.

Swing Gates

This type of parking control system is typically used for private residences or small business in order to keep the scope of the swing as tight as possible. Here’s an example of Jay360’s work.

Card Readers

A card reader is an electronic device that can read plastic cards embedded with either a barcode, magnetic strip, computer chip, or other storage medium. Their purpose is to limit access to a building or various rooms therein to certain personnel.

Jay360 can supply and install card reader systems to control any number from one to literally thousands of doors. With the use of cards and software integration, you have the peace of mind knowing that your house, business, or multiple sites are secure, monitored, and protected. The software integration allows you to track, schedule, and even disable your electronic cards. Imagine the confidence of knowing that you could delete a key without needing to find it!

A key fob system would also work well.

Key Fob System For Business


Access Pads

Jay360 also carries a wide variety of keypad entry systems that give you the ability to program codes for access and even control a door or a gate from any telephone, including cellular phones. We also carry product lines that can give you the ability to communicate visually with your guests, clients, or customers.

If you require a higher level of access control, we can supply and install biometric print scanners along with facial recognition systems to suit your needs.

parking control system

Perimeter Fencing

Chain link perimeter fencing is extremely popular for light residential use or heavy commercial applications. Why?

  • Practical: A chain link fence is one of the most versatile and practical commercial fencing options to choose from. Not only is this product reasonably priced, but when it’s installed properly, it has a long life expectancy.
  • Cost-Effective: Because of their low prices and high life-expectancy, chain link fences are an overall cost-effective solution to your fencing needs.

Commercial iron and wood fencing are also viable options.

Video Surveillance

Security cameras deter criminals while recording any problematic events that take place on your commercial or residential property, potentially helping with insurance claims or police investigations. Jay360 supplies a wide assortment of camera and video recording systems for needs ranging from individual residential applications to commercial applications that can include multiple cameras streaming through one site or remote viewing to multiple sites.

Camera systems and quality have improved over the years to include HD 1080p cameras for crisp clear playback, long distance viewing for patrolling areas like parking lots, and improved night vision to protect your property and investments. The network-based software has the capabilities to track motion, record on schedule – either continually or when there is an event, and the information can be accessed via computer or smartphone from anywhere there is an internet connection.Jay360’s sales staff is equipped to customize a system to suit your needs and expectations for your particular application. Give us a call or visit our contact page for a quote.


Trust Jay360 For All Your Parking Control System Needs

Jay360 Network can supply and install a wide assortment of parking control system equipment to suit your specific needs. We have the experience to handle everything from new installations to retrofitting existing automatic gate systems, as well as providing repair services to existing gate automation systems and controllers.

With a yearly maintenance service contract as an option, we can keep your automatic gates and subsystems functioning to manufacturer’s standards. Our commitment to our customers is to provide professional service and installations to maximize use and to minimize costs.

Give us a call today for a quote and set up an appointment for one of our professional sales staff to come out and assess your needs.

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