This article features a number of top makers of surveillance cameras?to help you?see what features they offer along with market performance.?Contact us?at Jay360 for help in choosing from key?features such as remote monitoring, HD imaging, and pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ), and even wireless, all of which will help secure your home or business. With the many options on the market,?it is important to have a qualified provider help you see every angle in order to safeguard your family and workplace. This time, we will see how a little-known manufacturer?was able to garner significant acclaim by?being a hit with customer?reviews and also offering a full featured camera without being a cost leader.?The first of a 6-part article series on Ultimate Guide to Surveillance helping readers see all the right angles when it comes to choosing and installing their home security system.

Here is a great video on what to look for in terms of a home security camera system, including a helpful explanation of motion detection.


Top Manufacturers in Home Security Systems

Here is a list of top manufacturers?in home security systems to help you work and play with peace of mind. This chart summarizes our findings gleaned from a number of reviews and?the manufacturer’s websites.


surveillance cameras manufacturers comparison chart

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*D-Link model is rated at?IP-65: camera is “dust tight” and protected against water projected from a nozzle.
**Lorex model is rated at?IP-66: camera is?dust tight” and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.
For more information on IP ratings click here.

D-Link – Offers Integrated Solutions for Seamless Setup

D-Link surveillance cameras

Featured Model: DCS-2330L
Strengths:?The D-Link DCS-2330L is an Outdoor HD Wireless Network Camera, designed to handle a variety of environments, including sandy?or aquatic. It is equipped?with HD, delivering?rich details and crisp images for surveillance recordings. This model of D-Link also features??remote management, allowing for monitoring from devices like smartphones?or tablets.
About the Company: D-Link offers home, business, and service provider product lines. Known for their high-speed network routers and telecommunication technologies, they offer integrated solutions between their security camera offerings and networking to allow for seamless configuration and setup.
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Lorex?-?Offers Easy Setup Surveillance System that Performs All Night and Day

Lorax surveillance cameras

Featured Model:?LW-2220
Strengths: The featured model from Lorex offers features like outdoor and indoor capabilities, making it versatile through the use of its anti-glare technology. Leveraging its secure signal technology, this camera also provides an extra layer of protection from neighbours who may access the video feed.
About the Company: Lorex?delivers home, business, and professional?product lines. Lorex designs its products?with a laser focus on?loss prevention for the home and workplace. The company provides competitive products in surveillance cameras and monitoring systems.
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IPS -?Offers??a Full Featured Camera With Built-In Storage

IPS surveillance camerasFeatured Model: IPS-KI-ZD
Strengths: Despite its up-front costs, this camera includes a full featured set along with no monthly costs for viewing recorded video footage. The IPS model also features a vandalism guard and its casing can also help dissipate heat.
About the Company: Shenzen?IPS Technologies focuses on networked cameras as well as R&D in hardware and software. They offer services in manufacturing?in their top 3 markets.
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Swann?- Puts Forward?a Quality Heat-Tested Camera With PTL features

Swann surveillance camerasFeatured Model:?SWPRO-750CAM
Strengths:?The zoom of Swann’s featured camera helps?identify suspect visitors at long ranges even at night. The camera has been noted to be easy to install and also capable of resisting malfunction even at 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
About the Company:?Swann started in the basement of its founder in 1987 and is now a leader in DIY home security surveillance and monitoring. The company offers 24/7 services and product offerings that showcase who started the DIY surveillance?category.
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Netgear?- Competitive Product that Offers HD Video and Weather-Proof Functionality

Netgear surveillance camerasFeatured Model: Arlo Security System?VMS3230
Strengths:?The Arlo?offers weather-resistant functionality that stands the test of the most varied climates. Arlo further provides motion alerts when the monitored area detects foreign motion or entry, leading to automated notifications through email.
About the Company:?Netgear is commonly known for its network?telecommunication technologies like routers and switches, but also offers a solid, crowd-pleasing security camera. The company offers products in the area of home and business as well as supporting service providers who want to install their products for customers.
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Jay 360 Has Security Surveillance?Systems Covered

jay-360There are many more factors to consider when designing and installing a surveillance?system. Jay 360 continues to help?clients ensure their premise security, looking at all the different angles to provide you with ease of mind and comfort.?You can rely on the knowledge and experience of Jay360 to provide?you with the best?home security solutions.?We will recommend only the security products that meet your specific needs and budget.

Call on Jay360 to help you to plan the ideal security camera system?to suit you and your needs, all at the very best value.

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