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Wondering why your gate won’t close? With automatic gates, sometimes the problem is as simple as an object blocking the gate’s path. Other times, it can be something a bit more complicated, such as a power failure or damaged wiring. No matter what the problem is, a broken gate can be frustrating to deal with. In Canada and other colder climates, the biggest reason why a gate won’t close is due to the cold weather. This article will provide more detailed information about gate problems in the cold weather. We will also provide some other common problems that might be the culprit if you think cold weather is not an issue. If you have any questions about gates or gate repair, feel free to contact Jay360 now!

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My Gate Won’t Close – How Weather Affects Gates

Its frustrating when you are in front of your home trying to get passed your gate, but it just won’t budge. Thankfully there are a number of common issues every gate owner or property manager has faced. Check out this quick video below to see how rainy or wet weather may be affecting your gate, and how to quickly assess the situation yourself.

If you do a quick search on the internet, you will come across many posts in online forums?and blogs talking about automatic gates not opening or closing when cold and snowy weather strikes. See here for an example posted on online forum Reddit.com, where one user began having problems closing their automatic sliding gate as temperatures dropped.

If you live in a colder climate like Ontario, you may begin to notice problems with your gate as soon as fall and winter sets in. According to Residential Gate Openers Reviews & Buying Guide, these problems arise as metal components begin to contract. This can be avoided if you use specially made grease intended for cold weather. If not, the metal components will contract and the grease will begin to thicken. This makes movement significantly more difficult for your gate. It may slow down or stop closing/opening altogether.

The cold also affects your gate’s battery. Since the battery is kept in a metal box, it is just as susceptible to the cold as the rest of your gate. As the temperature drops, your battery’s internal temperature drops too. This reduction of the electrochemical reaction makes it harder for your battery to start. Sometimes, all it takes to fix the problem is trying to close your gate a few times until the battery warms up a bit (source).

How To Check If Weather Is Causing Gate Problems

The first step to determining if your gate won’t close due to weather is by simply checking the weather! Has it been extra rainy the last few days? Was there a significant drop in temperature? Has the cold set in for the first time this season, or has it snowed recently? As we saw in the video above, even rain can stop your gate from closing properly. Keeping track of the weather and the timing of your gate’s problems will help you figure out if weather is a major factor. Here are some steps to help you figure out your gate’s problem:

  • As we learned in the video, check your gate’s photocell or reflector (if applicable) and see if there is a build-up of moisture. This moisture can block the lens and stop your gate from closing
  • Similar to the tip above, wave your hand in front of your gate’s sensor to see if it’s reacting – if it is, the problem is likely caused by snow or moisture build-up. If not, the sensors are probably not reflecting properly
  • If it’s not a moisture or sensor problem, it may be a battery problem – try disconnecting the battery cables and cleaning them
  • Add insulation to the battery box – ONLY if you know how to safely apply! If not, contact an expert (source).

What If It’s Not The Weather?

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If you find yourself with a gate that won’t close in the middle of a dry summer, or have checked all of the above and nothing is out of sorts, the weather may not be your problem. Here are some other issues that may cause your gate to stop closing.

The gate remote is not working

Recommended Action:?If your gate remote or keypad?has stopped working, it won’t be able to close your gate! Did you notice if the little red light at the top of your remote went off or not? Gate remote issues can be resolved with action as simple as a battery change. Gate remotes also have a lifespan. If a simple battery change doesn’t fix the problem, it is likely time to replace the remote.

There is an electrical issue

Recommended Action:?Sometimes, there is a problem with the wiring or the electrical main. If your gate is acting off or won’t close and open properly, check the wiring. Something may have come loose or there could be damage to some of the wiring. In that case, the wiring needs to be repaired or replaced.

There is something blocking the gate’s path

Recommended Action:?One simple but common problem that may result in your gate not closing is something blocking your gate’s pathway. If there is debris or an object blocking your gate’s path, it will not close. Check the area thoroughly to see if anything, even something small, is in the way.

“Hold open” command has been activated

Recommended Action:?Some gate owners may be surprised to learn that their gate has a “hold open” command. If your gate has this command, double check to make sure you or someone else in your family did not accidentally activate the “hold open” command. If this occurred, switch the command off and everything should return to normal. If you are unsure how to activate or deactivate this command, check the manual or call the manufacturer.

Still Having Problems With Your Gate?

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