LiftMaster Gate Opener Won’t Close – What To Do – One of the most common issues with automatic gates is the gate not closing. Since automatic gates are often installed to add extra security to your home or property, it can be quite frustrating when you’re faced with this challenge.

If your gate is stuck and so are you, this step-by-step guide is intended to help you figure out what is causing your problem and hopefully fix it. Keep in mind that many issues with gate openers should be fixed by a professional. It is never recommended that you go into the control unit yourself, as you risk harming yourself or damaging your gate further. For more information on automatic gates and gate openers, contact the experts at Jay360 now!


Need Help With Your Automatic Gate?

LiftMaster Gate Opener Won’t Close – What To Do

This step-by-step guide will help you determine what to do if your gate opener suddenly stops working and won’t close your gate. Many times, gate openers stop working due to simple mechanical issues. Other times, it can be a more complex electrical issue. We’ll look at both potential causes and take you through the steps to fixing each issue.

Step 1 – Check For Debris Blocking Gate’s Path

First, we will check for a simple mechanical issue. You may be surprised to learn that a simple build-up of debris or a small item in your gate’s path could cause your gate to stop closing! The very first step is to ensure nothing is blocking your gate’s pathway. If all is clear and nothing seems out of the ordinary, move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Check Wheel Bearings and Chain

The wheel bearings, chain, or arm (on a swinging gate) could have become damaged by severe weather, by a car, or other object hitting your gate. If your wheel bearings or chain have become damaged, it can easily stop your gate from opening. Depending on the type of gate you have, you can also check the hinges. A hinge could get stuck or damaged and also cause your gate to stop opening.

Step 3 – Manually Move Your Gate

Before you begin this step, ensure you completely cut off the power supply. Then, detach the chain (sliding gate) or the gate arm (swing gate) and then begin to see if you are able to manually move the gate yourself. If you are able to move the gate yourself, that means it is?not?a mechanical problem – move to the next step. A mechanical issue would stop the gate from moving at all, even if you tried to manually push it. If the gate is still stuck in the open position, then you should call on the professionals to ensure an accurate assessment and repair.

Step 4 – Check “Hold Open” Command And Key switch

gate won't open hold open option

Image source -?Gate Opener Safety

If you were able to move your gate manually, it is likely your gate opener is suffering from a mechanical issue. Your problem is likely electrical. However, some electrical issues are quite simple to resolve. The first thing you need to do is check to see if your gate’s “hold open” command has been accidentally left on.?Your gate opener problem may be as simple as an accidentally pressed button or switch!

If the “hold open” command is not an issue, it may be a key switch problem. It’s possible that the key switch was turned to stop the gate from closing – for example, the fire department may have tested your gate and failed to put it back to your regular settings. If you notice damage or corrosion around your key switch, it may need to be replaced or repaired. If your key switch is damaged, don’t hesitate to call your gate installer to determine your options.

Step 5 – Reset The Power

Have you ever had a problem with your computer or phone, only to find out it needed a simple reset? Automatic gates are electronics too, and sometimes, all you need to do is reset it.?Resetting your gate’s power is an easy way to determine the issue. If your gate is still not closing or responding after a reset, it’s time to do a bit more detective work.

Step 6 – Check Photo Eye/Sensors

By now, you’ve determined you do not have a mechanical problem. You also know that your issue is not a simple switched button or power issue. However, your problem may still be a relatively simple one to fix. When a gate won’t close, one of the most common problems is an issue with your sensors/photo eye. Check out the video below to see how sensors can stop your gate from closing and how to fix the problem.



Follow these steps to check if your sensors are working as they should:

  • Check to see if the safety light is on (found inside the control box)
  • Check to see if your sensors are wet or if they have collected debris
  • Wave your hand in front of your sensor and see if it reacts – if it doesn’t, something is wrong

If you notice any issues like the above with your sensors, clean them thoroughly but carefully. Sometimes debris or even pests can interfere with your sensors, causing your gate to fail to react properly. If you’re still stuck with a gate that won’t close, the problem may be a bigger issue. However, there is one more electrical issue you can check for to help figure out your issue.

Step 7 – Check The Edge Transmitters

gate won't open edge transmitter issue

Image source -?Linear Pro Access

If you have gone through all of the other steps and your gate is still stuck open, you may be dealing with a more serious problem. Check your edge transmitters (if your gate has them, they are found on gates with reversing edges). When you check the transmitters, you will be able to see if there is an issue with the battery.

Thankfully, a battery replacement is a relatively simple procedure, but it is still best if a professional does it?for you. If your battery is fine, then there could be a problem with the edge transmitters. Weather damage or corrosion could have taken place over time, causing significant damage. If this is the case, you will need to entirely replace the transmitter.

Step 8 – Call The Professionals

Though some problems can be DIY fixed, the average homeowner does not have skills or know-how to accurately diagnose a problem and properly fix it. If your gate is still stuck open, then it’s time to call the professionals. It’s best that you do not go into the control box or attempt to fix any serious mechanical or electrical issue if you do not have the proper kn0w-how. You could create more damage that may end up costing you more. You could also injure yourself. Gate openers are complex pieces of technology and should be repaired by those who understand how they work.

Other Possible Causes

If you suspect something else is going on with your gate opener, you could be right! There are lots of other reasons why a gate opener will stop working. Check for these other issues to help you solve your gate opener problem.

Issue: Remote Control Problems

If your gate isn’t closing, it could actually be a remote control issue – not a gate opener issue at all. It is possible your remote decided to stop working?just?as your gate opened up, and now it can’t close! If the remote isn?t flashing a red light when you press the open/close key, it means the battery is probably dead (or the remote itself could be dead).?Gate Openers Review suggests these steps for fixing this problem:

  1. Try swapping the batteries?with a spare and functioning remote. If the controller works then you know its a batter issue ? whew!
  2. If even after buying or swapping batteries into your remote, the?gate?won?t open or the flashing command light isn?t appearing, then?the controller may simply be beyond its life expectancy. This is common in electronics and may require specialized tools and parts to repair.
  3. Call the supplier or a technical representative?to help you replace and program the controller.

Issue: Weather Problems

In Ontario, our extreme weather can affect a lot of our outdoor products! Wet and rainy fall days or cold and icy winter weeks can cause damage to the gate opener or the gate itself, stopping it from opening or closing properly. So, how do you figure out if the weather is an issue? The first step to determining if your gate won?t open due to weather is by simply checking the weather!

Has it been extra rainy the last few days? Was there a significant drop in temperature? Has the cold set in for the first time this season, or has it snowed recently? Even?rain?can stop your gate from closing or opening properly. Rain or snow can block your sensors or photo eye and stop them from working, as we mentioned above. In extreme cases, such as a heavy ice storm, it could physically damage your gate or gate opener. Keep an eye on the weather and maintain your gate opener as necessary.

Issue: Your Driveway

If you have just recently installed your gate, it is possible that a slanted driveway or ascending surface below is causing issues with your gate. Gate Openers Review suggests avoiding installing a gate on any ascending ground to help avoid this issue. If you have no choice due to the layout of your property, make sure you work with a professional installer to ensure any odd surfaces won’t affect your gate’s performance.

Still Having Problems With Your Gate?

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