Your driveway gate is the hardest working and most important security installation on your residential property. It controls who gets in and out and, thus, keeps your family and property safe from intruders.

As a homeowner you want your driveway gate to work reliably. That is why you and other security-conscious homeowners can absorb the considerable expense of investing in an automated driveway gate.

But, being a mechanical installation and such a costly investment, you have to make sure your automatic gate gets regular maintenance to prevent unnecessary, costly repairs. In this article, you will learn how to maintain your electric gate so you can get the longest, reliable use out of it.

Electric Gate Maintenance Tips

Driveway gates are more functional, secure, and convenient than manual gates. They also boost your property?s aesthetic appeal, shore up its value, and can lower your home insurance costs. But to get the best value out of your automatic gate, you need to maintain it regularly. Here are automatic gate maintenance tips to get you started:

#01. Inspect And Clean Regularly

We can not think of any part of your property that will not benefit from regular cleaning. With sliding automatic gates, regular cleaning also means keeping the gate?s sliding track free of dust, debris, and weeds.

Any form of dirt will mean the gate won?t slide as freely, which puts undue strain on the motor. Regular cleaning will also keep your gate and overall property looking its best for longer. You can wash off most grime with soapy water and a cloth or sponge.

If you have to scrub, be sure to do so gently so you don?t damage the paint finish. Above all though, inspect your electric gate for dirt and damage on a weekly basis.

#02. Lubricate Moving Parts Frequently To Prevent Rusting

For every machine or mechanical device with moving parts, rust is the worst enemy. A result of a chemical reaction on metal that?s exposed to a mixture of moisture and oxygen for extended periods, rust is impossible to prevent on an outdoor installation like a driveway gate if you don?t take the necessary preventive measures.

Left to accumulate, rust will corrode every exposed metal part on your electric gate, including the rollers and sliding track. The rollers won?t roll freely, meaning the gate itself will be stiff and a pain to operate. A sign of possible rusting is a squeaking sound every time the gate opens or closes.

The best way to prevent rust on moving parts is by lubricating frequently. Lubrication also prevents friction, which means the same moving parts won?t wear out and cause the gate to fail entirely. Keep all moving parts, including chains and hinges well greased.

#03. Keep Your Driveway Clutter-Free

It is as much a safety precaution and maintenance best practice to keep your driveway free of all clutter. This minimizes accidents that may damage the gate itself.

Keep baby strollers, lawnmowers, and all large metal objects out of range of your automatic gate opener?s magnetic field as they may cause the gate to open. While that may not damage the gate itself, it will wear it out unnecessarily and make your property less secure.

#04. Schedule Periodic Expert Inspection And Maintenance

While it is encouraged to be proactive and maintain the automatic gate yourself, there are some maintenance tasks that only qualified people can do. Schedule periodic inspection and maintenance visits by a technician from the company that installed your gate to catch issues early. Most automatic gate installers offer inspection and maintenance services.

Are You Looking For A Reliable Electric Gate Maintenance Service Provider?

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