This article helps readers understand the key considerations for choosing a camera model including proactive management, discrete vs. visible cameras, outdoor vs. indoor cameras, camera placement, and top features.?Contact us?at Jay 360 for help in choosing the right security camera model to help secure your home or business.

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Key Considerations?when Purchasing Surveillance Cameras for Home and Small Business

Emphasis on Proactive Owner Management
With the?internet becoming a widely available?utility in urban settings, most surveillance cameras are connected to the internet. Choosing the right camera model requires knowing what work will fall on your shoulders to maximize property security. A number of design and implementation limitations were noted in an article from InfoWorld?including knowledge gaps regarding manufacturer security testing, and the potential for individuals outside your home to access surveillance feeds, hampering the security of your home. Here are some questions to ask in preparation for your next project.

  • Are you willing to invest time in managing?your home surveillance credentials (i.e. user interface, wi-fi passwords, and computer passwords)?
  • Are you comfortable doing?research regularly on your camera model to ensure you are aware of any potential vulnerabilities?
  • Do you have an appetite for awareness of the security limitations of surveillance cameras and how to manage them proactively?

surveillance cameras hidden versus visibleHidden versus Visible Cameras
Determining whether hidden?or visible cameras are right for you requires a?thorough knowledge of your application. ?Hidden cameras help you monitor an area without the awareness of those who may be entering or moving about your property. This can provide advantages like?discrete monitoring?while?on the other hand, visible cameras can deter individuals because they are aware that they are being recorded. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if hidden camera is right for you.

  • Are you monitoring a location that might benefit from having discrete cameras?
  • In the project location is there a suitable discrete place for a camera?
  • Is the intent of the security measure to apprehend a culprit or to deter vandalism?

Click here for?some great examples?of hidden cameras available for purchase on Amazon.

surveillance cameras indoor or outdoorOutdoor versus Indoor Monitoring
The type of camera that will be required will differ depending on the location that is being monitored, and whether it is inside or outside your property. For outdoor cameras, weather proofing is required to protect cameras from dust, rain, or snow. Night vision will also be important if an area does not have consistent lighting. Finally, the challenge also with outdoor monitoring is the need for internet connectivity and a?power source. ?These needs influence how far outside your cameras can be placed.?Ask these questions to help you determine whether outdoor or indoor cameras are right for your needs.

  • Is there an available power source that can supply your outdoor camera?
  • Can your wi-fi router or LAN cable reach the area that you are considering monitoring?
  • What is the intention of the security camera? Is apprehending culprits or deterring unauthorized entry your focus?

floor plan for camera placementPlacement and Lighting

A crucial?factor in property surveillance is the key positioning of a camera that maximizes surveillance coverage, lighting, visible deterrence / discrete monitoring, and ease of maintenance. Knowing where you will place your camera(s) will help you manage each of these placement factors to provide the most optimal surveillance quality. A post from Safe Sound Family suggests securing points of entry, basement stairs, and windows that do not face the street, all of which are prime spots of burglar entry. Without proper lighting, a camera may depend on night vision features.?Here are some questions to ask when considering lighting and placement.

  • What assets or individuals?need to be protected and where are they located?
  • What are the different lighting levels of the location to be monitored?
  • Where are the potential blind spots of the surveillance cameras, and how will they?be?managed?

surveillance cameras featuresChoosing the Right Features

Here are a number of features that require?consideration as you decide ?which camera to employ in your surveillance project.

Night Vision -?perpetrators are most prone to strike during the night, and having this feature will be a great advantage. Both?outdoor and indoor security cameras are available with this feature.

Independent Power Source and Onboard Storage – during power outages the risk of burglary and vandalism increases. This feature helps your cameras stay rolling in these situations. ?Here is one example of a product that offers this feature.

Motion Detection and Alerts – most camera owners won’t be standing around all day waiting for an intruder. Software and camera technology have provided automated alerting and incident reporting whenever motion is detected during periods of inactivity (i.e. after business hours or when everyone at home will be away at school or work) See here for a review of recent security camera models with good performance in motion detection.

Choosing the Right Manufacturer and Tips

In a previous article, we covered a number of major manufacturers for surveillance cameras. In the midst of the many household brands, there were some star performers that stood above the rest. Knowing the right manufacturer can help you make the right investment for a long-term surveillance solution.?See here for the full article.

Here are some quick tips before you jump into your surveillance camera project:

  • Know whether your?camera manufacturer provides support for DIY or requires a qualified installer
  • Check eBay and Amazon for product reviews for the camera model you are considering
  • Consult with a qualified security provider to get you started


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