This article helps readers understand the key considerations for choosing between a digital and analog surveillance camera.?Contact us?at Jay 360 for help in choosing the right security camera model to help secure your home or business. Though digital wins out in terms of features and total cost of ownership, analog is still a?contender when considering its lower initial costs which make them accessible for homes and businesses. This article is geared to the context of residences and small businesses.

Enjoy this video highlighting the best value cameras that are under $200:

Digital Camera Cost Trends and Key?Components

In this?study?comparing the relative costs of cameras from 2010-2014, it was found that costs have been declining at about 5% per year for over a hundred digital cameras, including:

Consumers should feel confident that as technology innovations continue, cost savings will allow companies to offer more competitive and cost-effective solutions.

The key components of cost?(adjusted from USD at &1 USD /$0.7CDN)?for a surveillance system are:

  • Digital Cameras (estimated at 2): $650
  • Digital video storage?equipment: $240
  • Installation costs for approximately 4 hours: contact us?

Based on these projections a surveillance system will cost about $890 for a basic setup along with labour costs typically requiring four hours of work for an experienced service provider.?The main driver for costs is the camera model, which is reported to be in the range of $130-$1357. The next cost analysis?surveyed will be the difference between the main branches of digital versus analog cameras.

surveillance cameras cost comparisonCost Comparisons: IP Cameras will Cost you 11%-16%?Less Long Term

Aside from the bells and whistles of the major types of surveillance cameras, understanding the total cost of ownership is important in assessing the financial investment required. In a white paper provided by Axis, total ownership is?defined as hard (i.e. initial purchase of equipment, setup costs, one-time costs, etc.) and soft costs (i.e. maintenance, repairs, etc.). A cost analysis was conducted based on setups of 14, 25, and 40 cameras of both digital and analog setups. Below are the comparative cost savings, which favour?the IP cameras as far as the?total cost of ownership. The cost savings metrics below are relative to each tier of the?benchmark, so when comparing the ownership of 14 digital cameras and 14 analog cameras the savings are 11%?with digital.

  • 14 Cameras: 11% savings
  • 25 Cameras: 13% savings
  • 40 Cameras: 16% savings

For details on the analysis conducted along with the cost savings for each variety of camera deployment and maintenance, see here. ?For those who are more concerned with upfront costs, analog cameras are clearly the better choice.

Cost of the Top Security Camera Modelssurveillance cameras hidden versus visible

Here is a list of the actual cost of security cameras that have been consumer tested. Each of these cameras boasts at least 100 amazon?reviews (combined US and Canadian) to ensure consensus and quality.

Home Surveillance

These cameras are ideal and offer consumer-proven service in a home surveillance setting. They offer feature-rich and cost-effective solutions for your home security monitoring.

Arlo Smart Home

ARLO security camera

  • Reviews:4000+
  • Ratings:4/5
  • Cost:$379.83
  • Number of cameras:2
  • Notables:?HD definition video and convenient monitoring using their free App

Canary All-in-One Home Security

Canary security camera

  • Reviews:1000+
  • Ratings:4/5
  • Cost:$269.99
  • Number of cameras:1
  • Notables:?Intelligent notifications offer you peace of mind as irregular activity notification can be sent to your mobile device or computer

Small Business Surveillance

The following list of surveillance equipment have been tested ?in small business environments. They offer feature-rich and cost-effective solutions for organizational security needs.

Amcrest 960H

Armcrest security camera

  • Reviews:1000+
  • Ratings:4.5/5
  • Cost:$324.99
  • Number of cameras:4
  • Notables: Offers on-board storage of 500GB and backup for later review


ZOSI security camera

  • Reviews:600+
  • Ratings:4/5
  • Cost:$230.99
  • Number of cameras:4
  • Notables:?Live stream video to a computer and intelligent?monitoring of?activity

Jay360?Goes Above and Beyond to Help Clients?Manage Costs

jay-360Cost is directly tied to the quality of installation, meaning the difference between an effective or defective security solution. Jay360 has experience helping countless customers in installing and improving their property and business?security. Jay360’s team of experts helps you manage the cost by delivering quality solutions that are worth every dollar.

Call on Jay360 to help you to plan the ideal security camera system?to suit you and your needs, all at the very best value.

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This series helps you choose and set up the best camera system for your next surveillance project by offering insights and direction to those wishing to secure their home and small business?premises.


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