How do Burglars Case a House?

A home invasion is one of the most stress-provoking incidents that can happen to a person. Your safe haven no longer feels safe. Your privacy is long gone. There are many methods used to keep burglars out. Knowing exactly how a burglar thinks is one of those methods. How do burglars case a house – or in other words, how do burglars choose a house to rob? This article will provide tips on keeping your home safe from home invasions by getting inside the mind of a burglar. If you’re ready to learn more about keeping your home or property safe, contact Jay360 today and discover what home security system is right for you.

Picking the “Perfect” Home

How do burglars pick the?”perfect” home to rob? There are some easy ways to avoid becoming a burglary victim by knowing exactly what burglars look for.

1. Empty Houses

How do burglars case a house?

This should come as no surprise – burglars want an empty house. Most burglars are amateurs and opportunistic. And of course, they don’t want to get caught. Most burglaries actually happen during the day, during work hours – not in the middle of the night, like the movies show. Of course, you can’t (and shouldn’t) avoid going to work or leaving your house.

How to prevent this: A security camera or a security alarm system?acts as a great deterrent. Even the sound of a dog’s bark is often enough to deter an intruder. Click here to view our list of the top wifi camera brands (and vulnerabilities)?of 2016.

2. Social Media Posts

Posting on various social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook has become part of many people’s daily lives. No one thinks twice about adding a photo from their recent vacation or tweeting about how long their plane ride was. But experts warn that there has been an increase in home robberies due to Facebook “check-ins” – it’s a simple and efficient way to let both your friends and unwanted eyes know exactly when you’re not at home.

How to prevent this: A good way to avoid this while still staying connected is to post photos or statuses about your vacation after?you’ve returned home.

3. What’s In Your Trash?

A less obvious way that burglars may?choose your home is by looking at what is in your trash cans or recycling bins. That brand new TV you just bought? Well, it comes with a huge cardboard box that needs to get recycled. Setting out that cardboard box can attract unwanted attention – you’re advertising to the world that you have an expensive new purchase in your home.

How to prevent this: An easy way to avoid attracting unwanted attention is by cutting up these boxes into small, unidentifiable pieces and placing them inside your?recycling bin.

4. Easily Accessible Doors and Windows?

Almost everyone keeps their front and back doors locked, but what about your garage doors and your windows? Many people forget the importance of locking the door from the garage to the home as they think the garage itself is a great barrier. However, ?many burglars choose to enter through the garage, where the doors?are often easier to break into. On top of that, most garages are loaded with tools that can actually help the burglar break in even if your home access garage door is locked!

How to prevent this: Always keep windows and garage doors locked when you aren’t at home.

5. What Does Your Home Look Like?

Burglars pay attention to what each home on a street looks like. They want to go for the easiest, least-likely-to-cause-problems house. Your home can still be attractive while being very unattractive to burglars. For example, a well-manicured lawn, a fresh coat of paint on your garage door, and a thriving flower garden lets a potential intruder know that you are aware of your house’s?surroundings and will notice if something is wrong. An overgrown lawn and newspapers sitting outside your door tell a burglar that you aren’t home or you don’t care.

How to prevent this: Your house does not need to look like it belongs in a magazine, but a little care goes a long way! Avoid adding tall bushes that can block visibility from neighbours?and keep your yard well lit. Security fencing can also keep you and your family safe.


Am I Being Watched?

Now you know some ways to prevent unwanted attention – but how do you know if you’re already receiving it? Look out for the following signs that someone is watching your home.

1. Taking Pictures

Did you see someone take a photo of your house or your property and then vanish? This may be a sign that your home is being targeted. With the prevalence of smartphones, almost everyone has a camera on them at all times. Trust your instincts. If you see someone acting suspicious, don’t hesitate to report this information to the police.



2. Knocks On Your Door

If a stranger knocks on your door asking to do repairs or work that you did not request, they may be scoping out your house. This is even more likely if the person arrives in the late morning – early afternoon, when most people are at work and even stay-at-home parents are likely to be out running errands. Do not open your door to strangers, and once again, trust your instincts. If you have a security camera, review footage after you spot suspicious behaviour. If you’re interested in a security camera, be sure to know the Ontario laws before getting one!


3. Strange Vehicles And People

If you spot the same vehicle showing up over and over again without any sign of this person being a visitor to your neighbourhood, it may be a burglar casing your house (or someone else’s on the street). Take down the license plate number just in case. If a stranger is walking around the streets without any obvious intent, maybe looking at your house for a little too long, keep note. It’s okay to be aware of your surroundings and note anything that seems off.


4. Recent Work At Your Home

Did you have some work done recently at your house, such as a landscaping job or handyman repair? Some burglars choose professions like these that allow them access to people’s homes without raising suspicion. If a worker randomly shows up after the work has been done without any valid reason, they might have come back with the intention to break in, believing no one would be home. A security camera can help prevent people from targeting your home, and it can also catch the burglar in the act in the unfortunate case that it does happen to you.



What to Do if My House is Broken Into?

There is no way to completely prevent burglaries. Though the tips above provide great ways to avoid and prevent home invasions, they unfortunately still happen to millions of people each year. If your home is broken into, do not panic. If you think the burglars might still be inside, do NOT enter your home. Immediately call 9-1-1 and return to your vehicle or leave the scene. Remember that none of your possessions are worth your life. For more tips on preventing and dealing with home invasion, click here.

How do Burglars Case a House – Infographic

How do burglars case a house infographic

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