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Top 10 Ontario Burglaries: Lessons Learned

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Ontario Burglaries

Think you’ve heard it all? Think again! Though you may not hear very often about burglaries committed in Ontario, nowhere is 100% safe from crime. These recent Ontario burglaries may have you shocked, surprised, or just scratching your head. Burglaries and home invasions can make people feel unsafe in their own home. If you’re interested in learning about ways of preventing burglaries, contact Jay360 today to learn more about security cameras, access control systems, and more!

Top 10 Ontario Burglaries: Lessons Learned

The following list highlights some of the most shocking recent Ontario burglaries. It also explains the lessons learned from each incident, so that we can hopefully begin to cut down on the amount of burglaries as well as raise awareness about simple ways to protect yourself and your home.

10. Hiding Out

In December 2016, after receiving an alert from a burglar alarm, Peel Regional Police responded to a home invasion in Brampton, ON. Officers arrived at the scene and, after searching every inch of the house, eventually discovered a man hiding in the home’s attic. Because the suspect was caught before he could even leave the home, nothing was actually stolen. It is reported that the homeowners were away at the time.

Lessons learned: Burglar alarms do make a difference! Without the alarm, police would likely have not known about the burglary until the homeowners returned – and the burglar could have found more victims before then! Thankfully for everyone, this burglar was caught on the scene.


9. Violent Nighttime Burglary

In October 2015, police searched for four suspects after armed burglars broke into a Brampton, ON home at midnight. Residents were at home during the time. One resident of the home was assaulted and taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Many home invasions in Canada do not involve guns. However, like this case, it is not unheard of and can be deeply emotionally and mentally traumatic to the victims.

Lessons learned: Though most burglaries do happen during the day, it is important to remember that they can still happen at night. Because of this, it’s important to have security systems in place and a plan ready in case this happens to you. Remember, if you are home during an invasion, always comply with perpetrators. No item is worth your life.


8. Unlocked Doors and Cleaned Floors

In 2013, 8 odd burglaries happened over the span of two months in Aurora, ON. It appears that the burglar would knock on the door, see if anyone was home, and then enter. However, almost all of the burglarized homes contained zero evidence of forced entry – the burglar appears to only enter through already unlocked doors. The suspected burglar also cleaned up some of the houses after breaking and entering, making it difficult for victims to notice the burglary right away. One homeowner was home when the alleged perpetrator walked in.

The homeowner said: “There was a knock at my door and before I could open it a woman had walked in wearing nylon gloves.  I asked her what she was doing in my house and she handed me a gift card and quickly turned around and left.” Mike Walker reports from barrie.ctvnews.ca

Lessons learned: Keep your doors locked! This Aurora burglar was an opportunist, as most burglars are. Why bother with a locked door when there are plenty of unlocked ones? Even when you’re home, keep those doors locked. As the one homeowner found witnessed, a burglar made a mistake and just walked in while he was at home. He was lucky to receive a gift card out of it, but the outcome could have been much worse.


7. Violent Daylight Burglary

Top 10 Ontario Burglaries

In January 2016, a violent home invasion took place in Woodbridge, ON. Two men forced their way through a locked door, demanded money from the unsuspecting victim, and then assaulted him. The victim was taken to the hospital and sustained non life-threatening injuries. Police concluded that these types of crimes have been on the rise in southern York Region.

Lessons learned: Though many people equate break-ins with nighttime, the truth is that most break-ins actually happen during the day when burglars assume people are at work or school.


6. The Funeral Burglars

In 2014, a slew of burglaries happened in the Waterloo, ON region. Though most of the burglaries happened in Kitchener, Cambridge, and Waterloo, others reported burglaries happening as far as Woodstock, ON. Between January and March 2014, 12 victims were targeted while attending close family’s funerals or visitations. The alleged perpetrators were eventually caught, and accused of using online obituaries to discover when their next victims would not be at home. Already grieving victims returned home to find their beloved items missing and their houses ransacked. This not only left them with monetary damages but with emotional trauma.

Lessons learned: Unfortunately, people continue to prey on the unsuspecting. This case shows that some people will take advantage of others in their most vulnerable moments. Because of this unfortunate truth, it’s important to be prepared for the worst, so that in times of personal vulnerability, your home will not be targeted.

Sources: kitchener.ctvnews.ca and therecord.com

5. International Burglary

In September 2016, an Ontario couple watched a man break into their Florida vacation house. However, the couple was not in Florida at the time. No, they were in their Ontario home and watched the break-in via a security webcam. After submitting the tape to the authorities, deputies in Florida were able to arrest the suspect.

Lessons learned: Setting up security systems is important when you have one home to worry about, but even more important when you have two! A vacation home is often vacant for long periods of time, and this Ontario couple may not have found out about the burglary until months later if that did not have a security camera.


4. The Missing Mannequins

In the summer of 2016, a strange slew of thefts began to happen in Belleville, ON – female mannequins went missing from various shops. People were not aware of why the mannequins were stolen, but it was clear that just the mannequins, not the clothing on them, were the target. Clothes on the mannequins were ripped off and left on the ground. This weird crime has left both victims and police scratching their heads.

Lessons learned: Though you may laugh at the thought of someone going around to stores stealing mannequins, this is still a crime. It’s important to remember that thieves and burglars don’t always take what you might expect. Though mannequins seem low in value compared to jewelry or expensive dresses, they were still being targeted. That’s why setting up a security system in your store or a commercial lot, even if you believe your items are of lesser value, is still important.


3. The 11-Year-Old “Thief”

In 2016, police responded to reports of an erratic-moving vehicle on Highway 400 in Vaughn, ON. Police were shocked when they eventually caught the suspect. Instead of a drunk driver, they found an 11-year-old boy who had stolen his parent’s vehicles and taken it on a wild ride after playing the popular video game Grand Theft Auto. In Grand Theft Auto, players steal cars, go on high-speed chases, and commit violent crimes. Police did not charge the 11-year-old.

Lessons learned: Although this a unique and unlikely case, this situation should remind us that sometimes a burglar or thief is someone we may know. Though this 11-year-old boy made a horribly dangerous decision, it’s clear he did not mean to hurt anyone and didn’t understand the full consequences of his actions. In other cases, a burglar is someone that you know – maybe your handyman or another service provider. Be aware of anyone in your home and always report suspicious behaviour.


2. The “Spiderman” Project

In 2014, police nicknamed a thief “Spiderman,” after the suspect used highly sophisticated tools to break into high-end Toronto, ON and Vaughn, ON homes. The thief scaled walls to avoid motion sensors and even cut holes through roofs to gain access to to the attic. Like something out of an action movie, police reported that millions of dollars in property were stolen by this criminal between 2010 – 2014. The “Spiderman” thief faced 31 breaking and entering charges.

Lessons learned: Although most burglars are opportunistic, the case of the “Spiderman” thief shows that sometimes, these attacks are well thought out and planned. Remember to always report suspicious behaviour and make sure your alarm systems are engaged 24/7.

Source: cbcnews.ca

1. “The King of Car Thieves”

In November 2016, police busted a wide-scale car theft ring in Vaughn, ON. Among those caught was a man dubbed “The King of Car Thieves.” This man, the alleged ringleader of the ring, was semi-famous. “The King of Car Thieves” was actually profiled on the History Channel true crime TV show called Mastermind in 2000. Many expensive stolen vehicles, such as Lamborghinis and Maseratis were recovered by police. This group of thieves also stole cargo, and was later linked to an entire truckload of stolen Nutella!

Lessons learned: Many of the cars were stolen from homes after the thieves broke in and took car keys from unsuspecting homeowners. Keep your car keys in a safe location, away from windows and doors. If you have a garage, try to keep your car inside and make it difficult to access and less visible to possible burglars.


This top 10 Ontario Burglaries list shows that theft and home invasions can happen to anyone. We see that although most burglars are opportunistic, in some cases, the crimes were well thought out and thoroughly planned. Even though most home burglaries happen during the day, there are exceptions. That’s why it’s important to always be prepared. Learning how burglars case a house and knowing what to do if it happens to you can help prevent a first or second burglary.

Workplace Video Surveillance Laws in Ontario, Canada

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Workplace video surveillance laws are intended to protect employers and employees.  Get safe advice from the security professionals at Jay360 to help you make compliant choices without negatively impacting employee morale. In this article, we look at how to best protect business  owners from breaking the law when using surveillance, along with must-ask questions before installing a camera. Employees will also find information below on their rights and what is considered excessive monitoring that can be reported for privacy violations.

Organizations are to note that the information offered here is for informational purposes and legal experts should be consulted for advice. This article is provided to help inform business owners of their rights and the rights of their employees and how to balance privacy and security for all.

Here is a video to get an overview of the Canadian security surveillance landscape and where it may be heading:

Surveillance Cameras Lawsuits and Law Enforcement Inquiries

There have already been cases of civil rights groups and everyday people pressing for legal action against the misuse and application of surveillance technologies:

  • An AirBnb user is pressing charges against the company for not disclosing the active security cameras and is facing charges for wiretapping and invasion of privacy (Source: Verge)
  • Correctional Services Canada has set off a criminal investigation by the Ontario Provincial police (Source: Globe and Mail)
  • BC Civil Liberties Association is charging the Canadian Federal government with overstepping privacy boundaries and not protecting citizens from illegal search and seizure (Source: iPolitics)

Jay360 believes this is only the beginning as neighbours and coworkers become more aware of their privacy rights and the advances of digital technology.

Why is it Important to Know the Laws On Surveillance

Knowing the laws on surveillance can help you:

  • Make the right security investments,
  • Reduce the risk of harming your public image,
  • Educate business on their employees’ privacy rights
  • Manage your business
  • Avoid legal troubles

Collecting personal video or audio of another person without expressed consent is a violation of PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronics Document Act) and can lead to regulatory inquiries and lawsuits with stakeholders.

What does the Government say about Surveillance Camera Laws

The government is typically the referee when it comes to balancing information security for businesses while also defending the privacy right of citizens. Canadian lawmakers will continue to debate and alter policies to meet the needs of residents, but here is what we know so far about the law today along with due diligence tests to help position your company if an inquiry does arise:

  • Can I use a camera to monitor employee performance/conduct? – No. This is a violation of  employee privacy, a camera can only be installed to help identify the source of criminal activity (source).
    Due diligence test: If uncertain, explore the concept with your team and an unbiased third-party to increase your due diligence profile.
  • What is the proper use of security surveillance?  The privacy commissions office shares that monitoring of critical assets or high-crime areas is permissible and part of reasonable use (source).
    Due diligence test: Ensure your company can demonstrate other options were evaluated and can articulate why surveillance was chosen instead of other less invasive measures.
  • What is the permitted use of surveillance video/audio information? – Recorded media must not be used to track the movement of employees, but rather for security purposes rather than monitoring individual employees (source).
    Due diligence test: If company items go missing, get the consent of employees before reviewing footage on specific employees (source).
  • How do I Minimize the stakeholders affected? – If a store front is using surveillance it is recommended that pedestrians passing by the store should not be recorded (source).
    Due diligence test: Consider the objective of the monitoring solution and whether the lowest number of individuals are being monitored to fulfill that purpose.

Must-Ask Questions Before Installing Surveillance

Sources: sourcesource, source

Learn more here from a local Toronto information security expert about privacy for small businesses.

workplace surveillance lawsA Unique Problem for Photography Business Companies who Post Online

For companies taking landscaping or photography of high traffic areas, there is a privacy concern arising when people’s images are placed online without prior written consent. Photographers should be aware that this is a privacy violation and the camera wielder is unknowingly exposing themselves to risks of litigation. One approach offered by the privacy commissioner is to use face blurring or anonymizing technology when rendering photos, though this may impact the quality of the image. Another approach would be to ensure pedestrians have their backs turned, reducing their exposure.

Far Reaching Consequences to a Breach of Surveillance Law

Aside from the potential litigation should employees file lawsuits against a company, the Privacy Commissioner may inspect organizations and their compliance in upholding the privacy of their employees and service providers. Within PIPEDA it is stated that, under the discretion of the Commissioner, the findings of such inspections may be published as well as included in their annual report if it concerns the interest of the general public. Companies don’t need to go at it alone when considering security and privacy, and here is how Jay360 is available to assist.

Jay360: The Fastest & Easiest Way to Install Compliant Security Systems

jay-360Jay 360 looks at helping you position your security system not only for an optimized security profile but also for regulatory and privacy compliance. Ensure you have the right tools for the job when safeguarding your premise with the right security advisor for peace of mind and privacy. The team helps manage your business interests of protecting valuable assets and confidential information without compromising employee privacy.  You can rely on the knowledge and experience of Jay 360 to provide you with the best home security solutions. Digital or analog, we have you covered. We will recommend only the security products that meet your specific needs and budget.

Call on Jay360 to help you to plan the ideal security camera system to suit you and your needs, all at the very best value.

What Are The Chances Of A Burglar Coming Back?

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What Are The Chances Of A Burglar Coming Back?

Getting robbed once can be a traumatic experience for anyone. Home invasions occur where people feel the safest. This type of intrusion can have lasting emotional effects on the victim. Considering one burglary can be so damaging, what are the chances that a second will occur at the same property? What are the chances of a burglar coming back to the scene of the crime? To help protect your home and your family, call on Jay360 today and discover the best security solutions for you.

What Are The Chances?

What Are The Chances Of A Burglar Coming Back?

Unfortunately and surprisingly, burglars often return to the scene of their crime. Many think that because they were robbed once, it won’t happen again – but that is just not the case. There are multiple factors that influence a burglar’s decision to come back to the same house they’ve robbed before.

According to statistics on repeat burglaries from Riolink.com, as many as one in three home invasion victims become a victim again. A second burglary may happen weeks, months, or even years after the first one. That’s why it’s important to do everything you can to prevent burglaries in the first (or second) place.

Why Do Burglars Come Back?

It may seem like returning to the scene of the crime is not the smartest move on the burglar’s part. Most homeowners are extra cautious and may even purchase a security system or security cameras after a burglary takes place at their home. However, burglars weight the pros and cons when deciding which house to rob. Though returning to an already burgled house may seem like a con to those unfamiliar with burglar tactics, it is often a pro. Here are the top reasons why burglars come back.

1. Familiar Layout and Less Effort

Why go through all the trouble of learning a new house’s layout when you’ve already memorized the old one? A burglar’s most dangerous asset is speed. If a burglar already knows which rooms have the most valuable items and which rooms are duds, then they can get in and out even quicker than the first time. This is also why burglars break into similar homes on the same street or in the same neighbourhood.


2. Home Vulnerabilities

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why one home was selected over others – obvious vulnerabilities. One example is easily accessible open windows or garage doors. Another example is a poorly lit yard or lack of security system. Unless the homeowner addresses these vulnerabilities, they remain susceptible to a repeat burglary – either from the same burglar or a new one!


3. Replacement Of Items

Burglars are smart – they know that as soon as your valuable items, such as your new iPhone or laptop is stolen, you will immediately get another one. Often, insurance will take care of it and within weeks, the stolen items are replaced. This is prime time for your home to get robbed again is during the time these items are replaced. A repeat burglar will look for the same items all over again, as they are likely in the same spot and have a high value.

4. Knows You Aren’t Expecting It

As mentioned above, many people are unaware that they are at greater risk of being robbed again after the first home invasion. Though they may be extra cautious after a home invasion, most people don’t really think they’re going to get robbed twice in a short period of time. Unfortunately, burglars are aware of that kind of thinking and will take full advantage of it.


5. Knows What Other Valuables You Have

Because time is so important to burglars, they will often only take a few valuable items and leave others behind. Because of this, a repeat burglar already knows the valuables they left back at your house and has memorized exactly where they are. No searching or guessing is required for this – making your home an easy target.



Sourcesexcite.comackermansecurity.com, blog.frontpointsecurity.com and reolink.com

How To Lower Your Chances of Being A Repeat Victim

There are many ways to lower your chances and prevent a burglar from targeting your house again. Take note of the following tips and see if your house is as secure as it could be.

Secure Your Home and Yard

It is important to keep both your home and your yard secure to deter any new or repeat burglars. Always keep your doors and windows locked. Do not leave your windows open when you are away from home. Did you know that the majority of burglaries happen during workday hours? Just because it’s bright and sunny outside does not mean it is safe to leave windows or screen doors open. Keep your yard well lit with motion sensor lights.

Windows are one of the easiest ways for burglars to enter a home. In a Reddit Ask Me Anything Q&A, an anonymous retired burglar answered curious homeowners’ questions.

User 9garrison asked: “How easy was it for you to enter targeted houses? What were your techniques?”

taw4ama_CatBurglar (retired burglar) replied: 

“It was very easy. My method of entering was usually to find a decent backyard window and break it, entering through there. I had secured (hello, duct tape) a sharp rock to an elbow guard, and would just hit the window.

The worst times were when I forgot my gloves and had no way of opening the window (you’d be amazed at how many windows are painted shut, or were never meant to open to begin with). I had a pair of heavy mesh gloves to clear away glass at those times, and if I forgot them and couldn’t find another means of clearing the glass quickly, I’d abort the attempt.”

Source: Reddit.com

Move Valuables To Safe Location

It may be worth purchasing a small vault for valuables you do not want to lose in the unfortunate event of a second burglary. Because burglars will take note of where your valuables are located during the first burglary, it is also wise to find a new location for them even if you do not get a vault. Put valuables in a discreet new location. Do not leave laptops or other expensive electronics in easily accessible areas of the house.

Do Not Allow Strangers In Your Home

Most people will never have any idea what their burglar looked like. Therefore, if a stranger shows up to your house unannounced, it is best to proceed with caution. Burglars will often pretend to be workers such as a handymen, or actually work jobs that allow them to be inside people’s homes, making burglaries easier when the homeowner is away. If someone knocks on your door and claims to be an employee from a certain company, do not allow them inside until you have confirmation from the company that work was scheduled for that time and day.

Install a Security System

A security system is a great way to deter both new and repeat offenders from breaking into your home. There are a variety of options when it comes to security systems, including security cameras and many types of security alarms. At Jay360, we care deeply about preventing the traumatic and stressful experience of burglaries and home invasions. Purchasing a home security system can help protect your home from a first or repeat home invasion attempt.

Jay360 can help you sort through all the different options and help you decide on a system that is best for you, your family, and your budget. We will only recommend services and products that you need. We offer access control systemssecurity cameras, and gate controllers. We also install alarm and security systems.

Sources: canadasafetycouncil.org and Quora.com,

Call on Jay360 Today!

With over 20 years of experience, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of Jay360 to provide you with the best home security solutions. Call on Jay360 to help you to choose and install the ideal security system to suit you and your needs, all at the very best value.


Protected: Ontario Video Surveillance Camera Laws Complete Listing

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

How Do Burglars Case a House?

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How do Burglars Case a House?

A home invasion is one of the most stress-provoking incidents that can happen to a person. Your safe haven no longer feels safe. Your privacy is long gone. There are many methods used to keep burglars out. Knowing exactly how a burglar thinks is one of those methods. How do burglars case a house – or in other words, how do burglars choose a house to rob? This article will provide tips on keeping your home safe from home invasions by getting inside the mind of a burglar. If you’re ready to learn more about keeping your home or property safe, contact Jay360 today and discover what home security system is right for you.

Picking the “Perfect” Home

How do burglars pick the “perfect” home to rob? There are some easy ways to avoid becoming a burglary victim by knowing exactly what burglars look for.

1. Empty Houses

How do burglars case a house?

This should come as no surprise – burglars want an empty house. Most burglars are amateurs and opportunistic. And of course, they don’t want to get caught. Most burglaries actually happen during the day, during work hours – not in the middle of the night, like the movies show. Of course, you can’t (and shouldn’t) avoid going to work or leaving your house.

How to prevent this: A security camera or a security alarm system acts as a great deterrent. Even the sound of a dog’s bark is often enough to deter an intruder. Click here to view our list of the top wifi camera brands (and vulnerabilities) of 2016.

2. Social Media Posts

Posting on various social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook has become part of many people’s daily lives. No one thinks twice about adding a photo from their recent vacation or tweeting about how long their plane ride was. But experts warn that there has been an increase in home robberies due to Facebook “check-ins” – it’s a simple and efficient way to let both your friends and unwanted eyes know exactly when you’re not at home.

How to prevent this: A good way to avoid this while still staying connected is to post photos or statuses about your vacation after you’ve returned home.

3. What’s In Your Trash?

A less obvious way that burglars may choose your home is by looking at what is in your trash cans or recycling bins. That brand new TV you just bought? Well, it comes with a huge cardboard box that needs to get recycled. Setting out that cardboard box can attract unwanted attention – you’re advertising to the world that you have an expensive new purchase in your home.

How to prevent this: An easy way to avoid attracting unwanted attention is by cutting up these boxes into small, unidentifiable pieces and placing them inside your recycling bin.

4. Easily Accessible Doors and Windows 

Almost everyone keeps their front and back doors locked, but what about your garage doors and your windows? Many people forget the importance of locking the door from the garage to the home as they think the garage itself is a great barrier. However,  many burglars choose to enter through the garage, where the doors are often easier to break into. On top of that, most garages are loaded with tools that can actually help the burglar break in even if your home access garage door is locked!

How to prevent this: Always keep windows and garage doors locked when you aren’t at home.

5. What Does Your Home Look Like?

Burglars pay attention to what each home on a street looks like. They want to go for the easiest, least-likely-to-cause-problems house. Your home can still be attractive while being very unattractive to burglars. For example, a well-manicured lawn, a fresh coat of paint on your garage door, and a thriving flower garden lets a potential intruder know that you are aware of your house’s surroundings and will notice if something is wrong. An overgrown lawn and newspapers sitting outside your door tell a burglar that you aren’t home or you don’t care.

How to prevent this: Your house does not need to look like it belongs in a magazine, but a little care goes a long way! Avoid adding tall bushes that can block visibility from neighbours and keep your yard well lit. Security fencing can also keep you and your family safe.


Am I Being Watched?

Now you know some ways to prevent unwanted attention – but how do you know if you’re already receiving it? Look out for the following signs that someone is watching your home.

1. Taking Pictures

Did you see someone take a photo of your house or your property and then vanish? This may be a sign that your home is being targeted. With the prevalence of smartphones, almost everyone has a camera on them at all times. Trust your instincts. If you see someone acting suspicious, don’t hesitate to report this information to the police.



2. Knocks On Your Door

If a stranger knocks on your door asking to do repairs or work that you did not request, they may be scoping out your house. This is even more likely if the person arrives in the late morning – early afternoon, when most people are at work and even stay-at-home parents are likely to be out running errands. Do not open your door to strangers, and once again, trust your instincts. If you have a security camera, review footage after you spot suspicious behaviour. If you’re interested in a security camera, be sure to know the Ontario laws before getting one!


3. Strange Vehicles And People

If you spot the same vehicle showing up over and over again without any sign of this person being a visitor to your neighbourhood, it may be a burglar casing your house (or someone else’s on the street). Take down the license plate number just in case. If a stranger is walking around the streets without any obvious intent, maybe looking at your house for a little too long, keep note. It’s okay to be aware of your surroundings and note anything that seems off.


4. Recent Work At Your Home

Did you have some work done recently at your house, such as a landscaping job or handyman repair? Some burglars choose professions like these that allow them access to people’s homes without raising suspicion. If a worker randomly shows up after the work has been done without any valid reason, they might have come back with the intention to break in, believing no one would be home. A security camera can help prevent people from targeting your home, and it can also catch the burglar in the act in the unfortunate case that it does happen to you.



What to Do if My House is Broken Into?

There is no way to completely prevent burglaries. Though the tips above provide great ways to avoid and prevent home invasions, they unfortunately still happen to millions of people each year. If your home is broken into, do not panic. If you think the burglars might still be inside, do NOT enter your home. Immediately call 9-1-1 and return to your vehicle or leave the scene. Remember that none of your possessions are worth your life. For more tips on preventing and dealing with home invasion, click here.

Jay360 – Helping Prevent Home Invasions

According to 

At Jay360, we understand how damaging a home invasion can be. With over 20 years of experience, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of Jay360 to provide you with the best home security solutions. Call on Jay360 to help you to choose and install the ideal security system to suit you and your needs, all at the very best value.Jay360 can help you sort through all the different options and help you decide on a system that is best for you, your family, and your budget.

We will only recommend services and products that you need. We offer access control systemssecurity cameras, and gate controllers. We also install alarm and security systems.At Jay360, we care deeply about preventing the traumatic and stressful experience of burglaries and home invasions. Thinking about the right home security system for you may seem stressful and even overwhelming.

What Do I Do If My House Is Broken Into In Waterloo?

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Dealing With a Home Invasion – What Do I Do If My House Is Broken Into?

Home invasions are a terrifying invasion of privacy. Your home should be your safe haven, and yet some people choose to completely violate these boundaries. Home invasions often occur during work hours, when no one is home. However, it is important to be prepared for a possible home invasion at any time. Contact Jay360 if you have any questions about preventing burglaries and protecting your home.

Always Be Prepared

As the old saying goes, “better safe than sorry.” In the event of a home invasion, it’s best to be prepared. SGI Canada reports that break-ins happen every 90 seconds, and 80% of home invasions occur during daylight hours. According to the Waterloo Regional Police Services Board’s Police-Reported Crime Trends in Waterloo Region 2015 report, there were 1,952 reported break and enters in the Waterloo Region alone.

Here are some of the best ways the Canada Safety Council, SafeWise, and Popular Mechanics recommends to keep your home safe.

Have a plan

Planning - what do i do if house broken into waterlooAs soon as possible, create an in-case-of-emergency plan. This plan should outline emergency exits, safe hiding spaces, and even emergency drills.

Practice what you would do in the case of a home invasion. Include your whole family or roommates and devise a plan in which everyone works together.

Keep your home secured

Don’t hesitate to reinforce your doors and windows. Deadbolts and sliding locks can be enough to deter an intruder. Some even opt to add bars to their windows for extra security.

Do not keep large amounts of money in your house. Consider buying a small safe and keep expensive jewelry or cash in the safe.

Keep your yard secured

Keep the outside of your home well-lit, and make sure your outdoor lights are not easy to tamper with. Consider planting thorny bushes around low windows, to deter intruders from sneaking in through easily accessible windows. Security fences are also a great way to keep unwanted visitors out.

An added bonus of thorny bushes is that in the unfortunate event of an invasion, bushes can collect DNA samples from blood or torn clothes. Keep your garage doors locked and secure, as many burglars and intruders enter through the garage.

Be wary of strangers

In some cases, it’s okay to be skeptical of strangers. Never open your door for strangers, even if they look official or well-dressed. Some intruders will disguise themselves as a company employee. Call the company they say they represent to find out if they are truly a worker.

If you have a way of viewing your front porch without being seen, observe the person at your door for a few minutes before answering. An intercom system is the best way of communicating without putting yourself at risk of forced entry.

Call emergency services (9-1-1)

If you suspect something suspicious, do not be afraid of calling 9-1-1. If you are wrong or the intruder leaves, you will not get in trouble. Once again, better safe than sorry. If you call 9-1-1, stay on the line, stay calm, and provide all the information requested of you.

If an intruder is in your home, you do not need to continue speaking – just stay on the line and wait for police arrival.


Install a home security system

A great deterrent for home invasions is home security systems. A camera alone, whether it is on or off, real or fake, can deter a burglar. A camera can also record the perpetrator, allowing you to submit that to the police, hopefully leading to an arrest.

An alarm will also deter intruders, as it’s easier for them to find a home without one than to deal with your alarm system.


What To Do If You Are Home

Although unlikely, in the unfortunate circumstance that you are at home during a home invasion, here are some ways to stay safe. This is where your emergency plan might just save your life.

what do i do if house broken into waterloo

Call 9-1-1 immediately

Do NOT wait to find out who is in your home. Trust your gut. If something is not right, call emergency services immediately. As mentioned above, you will not be penalized if you are wrong.

Flee the scene

If you can safely leave your home without getting caught, leave immediately. No possession is worth your life. Having a pre-made exit strategy is important in this scenario.

Designate a safe space

If you cannot leave, go to your designated safe space. If an intruder is in your home, you may find yourself panicking. As important as it is to stay calm, that is not always possible in the case of an emergency. Before an incident occurs, designate a safe space and make that space known to your whole family. This space does not have to be large but should be large enough to fit you and anyone else in your household. Keep a flashlight and landline in this space, as well as a secure door hinged outwards.


If you find yourself dealing with the suspect(s), cooperating is the best way to avoid getting hurt. It may be difficult to part with some beloved items, but as mentioned above, no possession is worth your life. In this event, you may have a hard time staying calm, but try your best and do everything you can do memorize everything about the suspect. Gender, height, eye colour, hair colour and length, clothing, weight, tattoos, etc. This will help police track down the suspect and ensure it does not happen to anyone else.

Home Invasions – The Aftermath

If you are a victim of a home invasion, whether you were at home or not, you may face difficult emotional trauma. In August 2014, the Windsor Star reported on a violent home invasion. The suspects, looking for drugs, tortured a man and a woman until they discovered they were at the wrong house. The following quote outlines the trauma this woman faces every single day.

“The woman still lives in fear in her own home. “I am unable to sit in the dark or alone,” she said. “I am easily alarmed by unrecognized sounds. I have difficulty staying out past sundown…I always feel like someone is watching me or hiding in the back seat of my car. I suffer from stress, anxiety, constant headaches and flashbacks from that dreadful night.”

– Craig Pearson, Windsor Star 

 Victims do not have to experience a violent crime to experience trauma after an invasion. Brian Blickenstaff writes about his experience coming home to his burglarized house in this Pacific Standard article titled The PTSD of Home Burglary. Though Blickenstaff was not home during the invasion, he still experienced paranoia, anxiety, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), difficulty sleeping, and nightmares. Blickenstaff writes:

“Burglary is especially traumatic because not only is this sacred space invaded but often items of great personal value — sacred items, if you will — are stolen.” 

Home invasions are traumatic experiences. It is important to have a plan in case of emergency and learn how to prevent invasions from happening at all.

Jay360 – Helping to Prevent Home Invasions

At Jay360, we care deeply about preventing the traumatic and stressful experience of burglaries and home invasions. Thinking about the right home security system for you may seem stressful and even overwhelming.

Jay360 can help you sort through all the different options and help you decide on a system that is best for you, your family, and your budget. We will only recommend services and products that you need. We offer access control systemssecurity cameras, and gate controllers. We also install alarm and security systems.

With over 20 years of experience, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of Jay360 to provide you with the best home security solutions. Call on Jay360 to help you to choose and install the ideal security system to suit you and your needs, all at the very best value.

Greatest Home Security Systems Fails

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Greatest Home Security Systems Fails

Nothing is perfect, including home security systems. Home security system fails are becoming increasingly common, as home security itself becomes more popular. A lot can go wrong with a faulty or incorrectly installed home security system. Our top 5 list shows common failures many face with their own home security system. For each specific example on this list, there are dozens more like them not shown here. It’s important to know the issues of home security systems so your failures don’t end up on a list like this one! Jay 360 helps you discover what home security system is best for you and your family.


Top Five Home Security System Fails

Whether it’s the case of a beloved pet tripping your alarm, or an alarm failing to go off when there’s a true threat, a lot can go wrong with home security. Below is our list of top 5 home security fails. As unfortunate as they are, these security failures can help educate others on how to avoid and prevent similar problems.

1. Security Alarm Company Owner’s Home Burglarized

In 2009, Scott Herron, the owner of an alarm system company, fell victim to a home invasion. Despite having his own home security system, his house was robbed while he and his wife were on vacation. In the WPBF 25 News video above, Herron laughs as he says, “It is ironic, I understand – but it happens to everybody.” The number one fail on our list acts as a reminder that anyone can fall victim to burglaries – even the owner of an alarm company.


2. Disabling The Alarms

Screwdriver used in home security systems fail

A recent story by Fox 19 News tells of a man who broke into an elderly couple’s home with a screwdriver and then disabled their alarm system before it could go off. This story shows how easy it may be for someone to disable a home security system – apparently with nothing more than a screwdriver. A more fitting security system for this couple or better installation could have helped prevent this incident from ever happening.


3. Clumsy Cat Sets Off Alarm

A cute cat enjoys looking outside the sliding doors – but gets a little too excited and bumps his head right on the glass, triggering the alarm! Though this seems like a silly video, false alarms are a big problem. In May 2016, Global News reported that Calgary home security system bylaws were changed after data showed that 96% of alarm calls were false alarms. The new bylaw states that police will not be sent to the home unless more than one alarm has gone off. Some, including home security systems companies, felt uneasy about this change. A system tailored to your family and your pets could help decrease the huge number of false alarms.


4. The “Malfunctioning” Alarm

Sometimes, a “false alarm” ends up being not so false at all. That is exactly what happened to a local man in San Antonio, as reported by KENS5 Eyewitness News. The San Antonio man reportedly received a call from his security system company explaining his alarm system was malfunctioning. When the resident returned home, it turned out that his home had actually been robbed!

5. The Cutest Culprits

Cats aren’t the only animals that regularly set off alarm systems. NBC Bay Area News reported that police were dispatched after a home alarm system went off – only to find two fluffy white puppies as the unlikely culprits! Although this is a cute story, like we mentioned in security alarm fail #3, false alarms are an increasingly problematic issue – for both homeowners and police officers.

Learn From These Mistakes

Most of the failures above are preventable with proper installation and education. Here are a few easy ways to ensure this does not happen to you.

  • Keep your pets contained when you are not home (for example, a specific room for your cat or a crate for your dog). Another option is to purchase “pet immune” sensors that will not be set off by your furry friend.
  • Keep your alarm system up-to-date and replace batteries often. Don’t find yourself in a situation where your alarm fails to go off – keep it running smoothly with regular maintenance.
  • Report false alarms. If you suspect there’s something wrong with your alarm system, don’t hesitate to call your provider. An incorrectly installed alarm may go off at random or not go off at all when there’s a real threat!
  • Stay on top of things – memorize your codes and input them with caution so you don’t enter an incorrect number. Keep your doors and windows secure. Don’t store stray objects close to your detectors.

Source: http://www.safewise.com/blog/8-simple-ways-prevent-home-security-false-alarms/

Follow these simple steps and you can greatly reduce your chances of making the same mistakes others made.

Be Aware of Other Security Breaches

Another big problem that did not make it onto our list is the recent influx in security camera hackings. In August 2016, CTV News reported that dozens of security cameras were hacked and then live streamed onto the internet. As security cameras become more common, hackings are also becoming a bigger problem. CTV News reports two big ways to keep your cameras safe from hackers:

  1. Change the default passwords to something unique.
  2. Do not buy a system that can be remotely accessed – thought cameras that can be viewed from your phone are becoming increasingly popular, this is the easiest way for them to get hacked. It’s best to avoid this type of system for now.

Click here to watch an ABC News video about camera hackings and the importance of changing your default camera password.

Avoid Home Security Failures With Jay 360

Home security failures can be as minor as a cat or a dog tripping the alarm system and sending a false alarm to the police. However, these failures become much more serious when an actual intruder is involved, and the systems don’t work as they’re supposed to.

In October 2014, USA Today reported that a family sued their home security system company after alarms failed to go off when intruders broke in and severely injured their 18-year-old son.

Proper installation of your home security system can ensure the system works as needed, minimizing false alarms and security breaches. Porch.com outlines some other benefits of hiring an experienced, professional installer. These include:

  • Providing proper wiring for both silent and audible alarms
  • Educating the homeowner on how to use the system and the best ways to keep their home safe
  • Providing information on whether or not a permit is necessary in your city or town
  • Experience with the little challenges and difficulties of installation the homeowner may not be aware of
  • Reliability and peace of mind that your system is installed correctly

With over 20 years of experience, you can always rely on the knowledge and experience of Jay360 to provide you with the best home security solutions. We will recommend only the security products and services that meet your specific needs and budget. Call on Jay 360 today!

Top 5 Office Alarm Systems of 2017

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Top 5 Office Security Alarm Systems of 2017

Trying to pick out the best office alarm system, but don’t know where to start? Finding the perfect security and alarm system for your office or workplace is important. Alarm systems are the best solution to preventing theft and keeping you, your employees, and your workplace safe. Our Top 5 Office Alarm Systems 2017 list is intended to help you select the perfect alarm if you are in the market for a new system. The following alarms are ideal for either your office space or home!

For more information:

Click here to contact us today!

Systems Overview

1. Fortress Security Store (TM) – S02-B Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System

Amazon Rating: 4.3 Stars

With over 1000 reviews on Amazon.com and 84% of those reviews consisting of 4-5 stars, it’s easy to see why the Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-B Security Alarm System is number one on this list.

Notable features include support for up to 99 sensors and connection to 6 programmed phone numbers. This system is simple and easy to use, free from useless bells and whistles. There are also many different S02 systems, from S02-A to S02-F. The systems are easily customizable, and the company offers a “build your own system” page. Unlike many other security systems, this one comes with no monthly fee!

Cons: Fortress Security Store (TM) is an American company and shipping this product to Canada, although possible, may be pricey.



2. Skylink – SC-1000W Complete Wireless Home & Office Burglar Alarm Alert Safety Security System


Amazon Rating: 4 Stars

The Skylink SC-100W Alarm System comes as an optional starter kit package, making at-home installation as easy as possible.

Notable features include a motion sensor and two door/window sensors. Additional sensors may be added for larger homes and businesses.

The control panel has the capacity to control up to 30 different sensors. The emergency dialer can store up to 9 different phone numbers.

Cons: not ideal for large office spaces, as control panel has limited capacity.



3. Vinker – T-01A – 99 Zones Wireless Home and Office Security Alarm System

Source: Amazon.com

Amazon Rating: 4 Stars

Available on both Amazon.com (4 stars) and Amazon.ca (4.7 stars), this security system is ideal for both home and office use. It comes as a DIY kit and, like all the other systems listed here, can either be installed at home or through a security system installer.

Notable features include a capacity for up to 99 sensors, infrared sensory system, and wireless door/window sensors that can easily be attached to any shape of door or window. This system also comes with remote control buttons that allow you to turn off your alarm before even entering your home or office.

Cons: Does not contact emergency services (such as the police) for you in an emergency.

4. Doberman Security – 13 Alarm Home and Office Security Kit (SE-0157)

Source: Amazon.com

Amazon Rating: 4 Stars

Doberman Security products are easy to find and are available at many different stores including Walmart, Home Depot, and Amazon.com and Amazon.ca.

Notable features include 13 alarm systems of varying sizes, peel-and-stick installation process ensuring an easy, tool-free set-up, and vibration triggered door alarms. This product also comes with zero monthly fees and is relatively inexpensive.

Cons: Does not come with an interface system, not suitable for large offices.



5. Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 Wireless Residential/Commercial Security Alarm Kit with Wifi and Zwave Module

Amazon Rating: 3.8 Stars

Comes with a bright, easy to use touchscreen control system. With large graphics and icons, the touchscreen enhances ease of operation.

Notable features include support for up to four cameras. The alarm system connects with AlarmNet® and sends out different alarm tones for fire/carbon monoxide, and panic/burglary. For residents in Canada and the U.S., the Lynx Touch L7000 also alerts users of impending tornado warnings.

Cons: Some users reported difficulty installing this product and suggested going through a security system installer for best results.


Installing Your Security System

Jay360 - installation of office security alarm systemsAll the systems listed above are capable of do-it-yourself (DIY) installation. Though DIY installation is a quick and easy solution, getting the job done right matters most.

For the inexperienced installer or the user who just doesn’t have extra time, it’s often best to get the help of a security system installer.

Call on Jay360 to help with all your installation needs. With over 28 years of experience, we have the know-how when it comes to installation.

Top 10 Home Security Systems Mistakes 2017

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Avoid these 10 mistakes homeowners make when dealing with home security systems. Knowing the capabilities and vulnerabilities of a security system is just one of the factors in choosing the right solution. Speak with Jay360 today on your home and business security needs helping your family get the security and privacy you deserve. Let’s get things started by counting down the top 10 mistakes in buying and managing home security systems.

Top Mistakes when Buying, Installing, or Running a Home Security System

Despite the plug-and-play features of many home security systems, the process of selecting, installing, and maintaining a security system takes investment. Yet each of these mishaps when dealing with home security systems can be avoided, some of which only require 5 minutes to resolve. Homeowners join Jay 360 in protecting your communities and family by avoiding at least one the mistakes below.

10 – Forgetting to Change Default Passwords

home security system passwords

Source: Wikipedia – Psyomjesus

Make sure that once you’ve configured your security system you change the default factory passwords. This includes the following:

  • Administrative consoles
  • Mobile app passwords
  • Previously configured camera passwords (if bought second hand)
  • Change passwords every 2 months to maintain security

9 – Google for Vulnerabilities Before You Buy

Source: Pixabay

Even with stunning marketing and allure, technical vulnerabilities are always inherent in any product. Homeowners are advised to review via online searches whether their camera has security flaws that can easily leak access to other parties. In a previous article, we detailed how to protect yourself from home security systems vulnerabilities.

8 – Look at Professional and Purchaser Reviews

home security systems review

Even though it’s easy and tempting to just go off of reviews like PC magazine or home security comparisons, going onto Amazon to check actual reviews from those who have bought the product helps you understand the product more. This allows you to look at the best and the worst case scenarios of your product purchase before you spend even a single dime.

7 – Forgetting to Check Product Complaints

alarm force reviews by best home security

Reviews aren’t the same as complaints and often times knowing specific grievances for your product of choice can help you avoid unforeseen headaches. Alarmforce complaints is one of the most searched terms on Google and this is a good practice to extend to other brands like Honeywell, ADT, and other home security systems.

6 – Surprised by Poor Customer Service

Technical specs aside, not having a clear understanding of how well customer service representatives treat clients is another mistake. This is one of the biggest service gaps in the industry.  Issues revolve around unreturned calls, getting bills after canceling service, unresponsive intrusion monitoring teams, and forcing customers to pay for upgrading hardware.

5 – Infringing on a Neighbour’s Privacy

home security system privacy

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regulates the privacy rights of all Canadian citizens, and it is the right of every Canadian to have their privacy respected. Monitoring your premise is a right that property owners have, but, unfortunately, the line can be crossed. Home security and surveillance systems owners should avoid the mistake of infringing on a neighbour’s privacy, and ensuring they are being respected.

4 – Not Testing your Configuration

home security system testing

Most owners set up their cameras and point them in a general direction, hoping it optimizes the area coverage of their surveillance system. This is haphazard at best and more likely an ineffective way to utilize a home security system. It is crucial to test home security systems when you are at home, allowing pets to run around, and simulating an intrusion can help approximate the effectiveness of your home security setup.

3 – Maximizing Coverage Area of Home Security Surveillance

home security system placement

It’s usually only after a break-in that users review recorded video images. Sadly, without the right calibration the images and figures of those who have burglarized a premise cannot be ascertained. This is because the camera was not properly focused or tested under various lighting conditions and optimized for coverage. Here is an article from the Jay360 blog on surveillance camera placement that can help give clients ideas for maximizing coverage.

2 – Not Using Motion Detection and Monitoring

home security system motion detection

Most home security systems now have dashboards and alerts that inform you when there is movement detected within your premise. Despite the availability of this technology, because of existing contract arrangements or dates this feature is often not employed. Yet the technology is invaluable and can help clients avoid the lengthy process of reviewing security footage while actively being able to respond to alerts.

1 – Neglecting to Consult a Home Security Professional

manufacturers surveillance camera vulnerabilities list

There are too many instances of customers being jettisoned after purchasing their home security system or subscribing to a home alarm company. A local security professional can help you through each step of home security system ownership. Having a security professional like Jay360 can help clients save hours in installing and maintaining their security systems. Take the guess work out of trying to secure your home and get complete service from Kitchener-Waterloo’s trusted home security professionals.

Get the Help you need to Secure your Home Security Systems with Jay360

Home security systems are a breeze to set up and run with Jay360’s help.  With the right expert beside you, you can reclaim your home and business security. Jay360 provides you with comprehensive security solutions that take into account your premise’s needs while offering over 20 years of digital and physical security expertise.

jay-360You can rely on the knowledge and experience of Jay360 to provide you with the best home and business security solutions. We will recommend only the security products that meet your specific needs and budget.

Call on Jay360 to help you to choose and install the ideal security system to suit you and your needs, all at the very best value.

Gate Operator Installers in Waterloo

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Looking For Gate Operator Installers in Waterloo?

gate operator installers waterlooJay360 Network supplies and installs a wide assortment of gate operators to suit many different needs. Need a brand new gate operator? We can do that. Need to retrofit an older, existing gate operator? We can do that too! Jay360 Network offers a variety of additional services including repair and the option of yearly maintenance services.

Gate operators are the perfect way to prevent loiterers from parking in a limited capacity lot, keeping you from dealing with snow or rain before heading into your home, or protecting your property.

This short guide outlines three different gate operators we install. Each product has unique features to suit unique needs. Jay360 Network can help you choose the perfect gate operator for your home or business!

Featured Gate Operators We Install

GDI operator – SGWD

The GDI operator – SGWD is weatherproof and comes in unlimited gate length for all models. It locks in both closed and open positions and comes with Torquelock™ open and close positions which enable the gate to be pushed open or closed. The gate open/close speeds range from 2″ per second to 36″ per second for up to 4,000 cycles a day! The GDI operator – SGWD is battery backup capable and comes with an adjustable timer to close. These operators can be powered by 115, 208, 230, 460, or 575 VAC at 60Hz.

Additional features include:

  • Field settable gate direction change
  • Configurable modes of operation
  • Closed-loop control motion profile technology
  • Obstruction sensing with programmable threshold level
  • 24VAC and 24 VDC capability to power accessories

When is this product the best choice: When looking for a sleek system that is still capable of heavy duty usage in an industrial setting.

LiftMaster SL 595

The LiftMaster SL 595 allows you to quickly secure your property. It prevents unauthorized access with Quick-Close/Anti-tailgate features. With Quick-Close, you can also ensure that only one vehicle enters your property at a time. The LiftMaster’s innovative plug-in loop detectors ensure that vehicles interrupt the closing gate if the vehicle is in the gate’s path.

You will be confident that you know what’s going on at home with the Liftmaster SL 595’s MyQ Technology. When paired with the LiftMaster Internet Gateway, the MyQ Technology allows you to monitor and control both your gate operator and lighting from anywhere!

You can get the MyQ mobile app for free – no annual activation fee required. You can also receive email or text alerts so you always know the status of your gate and lighting. For full access to all features, this product requires an internet connection. It also requires 828LM MyQ Internet Gateway to connect to MyQ Smartphone App.

The LiftMaster’s P3 motor is designed to meet the exact requirements needed to open and close your gate.  Its heavy-duty commercial gear-driven transmission provides unsurpassed reliability, so you won’t have to worry.

Additional features include:

  • Simple-to-use emergency release handle allows the gate to be operated manually.
  • Access your property quickly with Security+2.0® Technology that utilizes a tri-band signal that virtually eliminates interference and offers extended range each time the remote control is used.
  • Attach additional safety reversing devices with provided safety inputs. Each entrapment point should be protected with its own device.
  • Tested to UL/cUL listed standards to meet the most stringent industry guidelines.

When is this product the best choice: The LiftMaster SL 595 is a heavy-duty product, ideal for an industrial setting. Great when the user enjoys using new technology for additional security.

NICE – Toona 7 Swing Gate Operator

The NICE – Toona 7 Swing Gate Operator is the perfect choice for industrial installations and was designed for intensive use. This gate operator contains a surface-mounted electromechanical gear motor.

If you’re looking for durability, the Toona 7 Swing Gate Operator is the way to go. It is made up of two tough aluminum shells with polyester paint finish, making it more resistant to atmospheric agents. The internal moving parts are made completely of steel, light alloys, and technopolymers.

Additional features include:

  • Silent operation
  • Gear motor powered at 24 Vdc with magnetic encoder

When is this product the best choice: The Toona 7 Swing Gate Operator is ideal for intensive, industrial settings. Perfect for the user who needs an extremely durable product.

Product Comparison


Quality Gate Operators at Jay360 Network

Every gate operator has its own pros and cons. Some, like the LiftMaster, use advanced technology but require an internet connection and smartphone app to get the most out of the product. The Toona 7 Swing Gate Operator is tough and durable but was designed for industrial settings. The GDI Operator – SGWD does not have all the advanced tech like the LiftMaster, but is battery backup capable and weatherproof.

It might be tough to decide which gate operator is best for you and your needs. The team at Jay360 Network can help you select the perfect gate operator. You can view some of our gate operators in action here.

Why go with a gate operator installer? Although some opt to install their own gate operators, many lack the experience and technical expertise for installing equipment. The process for selecting the right gate operator and installing the equipment could take quite some time. Many people don’t even know where to start. The Jay360 team can help save you time and effort!

Have questions about our products or services? Need a quote? Ready to go ahead and purchase/install your gate operator? Contact us here.


“My gates were installed yesterday. Thank you – everything looks great. I wanted to let you know that this was a very professional experience by your team. Our family felt comfortable and at ease from start to finish.” – Mike W, Kitchener
“Thank you Dave and crew, for a job well done. It was a pleasant experience dealing with your company. Everything was done exactly as you explained and both of my neighbors are happy with the work and the very pleasant people you have doing the job. I would highly recommend your company.” – Myra and Arthur Coates, Elora
“Very happy from the time we called and met Dave, to the finished project. Will recommend to everyone! Thank you.” – Mark & Nancy Emond, Kitchener