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Gates, whether automatic or not, provide security and peace of mind to home and property owners. But what happens when your gate breaks down? Repairing any type of gate or automatic gate controller can seem like a daunting task. There are many common problems that can happen with gates, each with different solutions. At Jay360, we have over 28 years of installation project management experience. Contact us now for more information on gate repairs and services!

Gate Repair – What Types Of Gates We Work With

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From a damaged wooden gate to an automatic iron gate that just stops working, each type of gate comes with its own potential problems. The team at Jay360 can repair many types of gates. Check out the list below to see the variety of gates we work with.

Each type of gate and related gate repair comes with its own unique challenges. Working with an experienced installer who knows these unique challenges is one way to ensure your gate is not only repaired, but will last longer.

Common Gate Problems

Both automatic gates and regular gates suffer from everyday wear and tear and unforeseen issues. Here are some common gate problems home and business owners frequently run into.

  • Automatic gate gets stuck in manual mode
  • Automatic gate suffers obstruction in path
  • Automatic gate controller malfunctions
  • Automatic gate won’t close or won’t stay closed
  • Sagging wooden or chain link fence
  • Damaged gate or broken gate (e.g. accidentally backed into gate with car)
  • Gate and fence do not comply with local bylaws
  • Gate won’t close properly/is not secure

These common gate problems shouldn’t stress you out! Like everything else, gates can malfunction or get damaged. At Jay360, we can fix the smallest to the most complicated gate problems. Don’t wait until your gate problems get worse. Repair your get today and get your security and peace of mind back.

How To Find A Reputable Company

When something goes wrong, the last thing anyone needs is another big problem! Unfortunately, scammers and unprofessional companies do exist. How do you find a professional, trustworthy, and reputable company? Finding a reputable installation company is important. Receiving a poorly installed gate or an improper repair job can result in a lack of security and privacy. When working with an unprofessional installation company, home and business owners often face:

  • Company uses poor quality or improper materials
  • Refusing to fix or charging extra to fix their mistakes
  • Many delays or not showing up on time
  • Ignoring your contract
  • Overall poor workmanship and work ethic
  • Inappropriate behaviour such as foul language, ignoring building codes, and ignoring bylaws
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Learn to avoid unprofessional companies can save yourself a major headache down the road. Here are some tips to help you find a great installation and repair company no matter where you live.

  • Read Reviews Online – With the increase of modern technology, online reviews are becoming more and more relevant. Checking out online reviews, such as Google Reviews or HomeStars can help give you a relatively good understanding of any potential company.
  • Spend Time On Their Website – A reputable company will have lots of pictures of their work, as well as readily available contact information. If you notice a company is trying to pass off stock photos as their own work, that is a huge red flag. You want to work with a company that is honest in every way.
  • Word Of Mouth – A good way to find a reputable company in your neighbourhood is to ask your neighbours! Seek recommendations from friends, family, and others around your neighbourhood. Remember that everyone will have different experiences, but if a company receives generally favourable reviews, they may be worth looking into.
  • Professional Attitude – A reputable company will have a professional attitude in all circumstances. That means from the receptionist to the installers, you should feel comfortable and respected when speaking to members of their team.

How Fast Can My Gate Get Fixed?

Because every problem and situation is different, gate repair time will vary based on a number of factors such as the extent of the damage, the cause of the damage, and other factors. However, at Jay360, our efficient and highly trained team can work hard to fix your gate in a timely manner. If you have a gate that needs repair, contact Jay360 now to find out exactly how long it will take for your gate to get fixed! Remember, small problems can quickly turn into big ones! If you notice something wrong with your gate, call on the experts sooner than later so your small problem doesn’t become a large one.

Let Jay360 Help You And Your Gate!

At Jay360, we value top notch customer service, providing the highest quality products and services available, being a name that you can trust, and having experienced and hardworking staff. You can rely on the knowledge and experience of Jay360 by Jay Fencing. Feel confident that we will recommend only the security products that meet your specific needs and budget.

Jay360 can help you choose and install the perfect privacy, security, or automatic gate for you, your business, and your family. Over the years, we have supplied and installed a lot of gates! With over 28 years of experience, we know how to install and repair gates of all sizes and shapes.

We can supply and install anything from door, swing, and various versions of slider gates. We carry a wide variety of manufactured gates and create custom designs according to your specifications and dimensions. Call on Jay 360 today!


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