Here are the top 5 features?to add to your driveway gate if you are looking to improve the security of your driveway entrance. If you are looking for driveway gates, a company to install them, or to improve your current driveway gate, give us a call as we can help.

Automatic Driveway Gate

Automatic Closure

Having a gate that automatically closes after entry is not only very convenient, it also increases security. By having this feature with your driveway gate it ensures your gate stays closed even if you forget to close it. Click here to watch a number of videos of automatic gates we have installed.



Driveway Gate With Reinforced SteelSteel Reinforcement

Having a gate that is made of strong material and has steel reinforcements will ensure that your gate is not breached if a vehicle attempts to drive through your gate when it is closed. The risk of this is low, but stranger things have happened! Having the gate designed with reinforced steel will be sure to stop the approaching vehicle dead in its tracks and deny it penetration through your gate.


Driveway gate video surveillanceVideo Surveillance

Adding video surveillance adds an extra level of deterrent. For superior results, we would recommend placing clearly visible fake video surveillance cameras and cleverly hidden, unidentifiable active video surveillance cameras. By having a fake decoy, you get the benefit of the visual deterrent?and you reduce the risk of someone damaging, blocking or deactivating your real video surveillance. By recording the activity at your driveway gate you can quickly and easily review it for unusual activity. In addition, in the event of a breach of security, you can review the video footage to assist in determining the cause of the breach and in identifying the trespasser.


Driveway Gate Backup Power SupplyBackup Power Supply

High-security driveway gates only operate so long as they have a power source. Having a backup power supply is important to keep it ?operational in the event of a power outage. If the driveway gate can be opened manually when not powered, this can cause a weak link in your driveway security. There are multiple ways to overcome this challenge. Two excellent options are to install a backup battery to the driveway gate or a solar panel as a secondary power source. Alternatively, you could install a solar panel as the primary power source and have a battery and electric grid feed as secondary power sources.


Driveway Gate Access ControlCoded Access Control

The simplest way to do this is to integrate a keypad access box into your driveway gate system. The benefit of this approach is that you can give the code to guests, allowing them to gain access easily. Another alternative is to install a remote system, whereby the driveway gate only opens by remote. The downside to this approach is that if anyone is able to obtain or steal your remote they will be able to gain unauthorized access. In addition, the transmission code of a remote can sometimes be cracked and activated by counterfeit remote. With all of these options, as well as the ones below, you can also add an intercom system, which can be nice for granting guests access.

For the super high-tech there is also fingerprint or retina?scan equipment that can be configured with your driveway gate. Here are just a few products

Retina Scan Access Control Equipment

Finger Print Access Control Equipment



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