This article looks at the reasons your gate opener may have stopped working and offers possible solutions. Owning an automatic gate can bring extra security to your property and peace of mind for homeowners. However, homeowners often face a frustrating process when an automatic gate stops working. Oftentimes, it is not the actual gate that’s the problem – it’s the gate opener. This article outlines some of the most common reasons why automatic gate openers stop working and how you can check for these issues.?Still need help with your gate or gate opener? Contact the experts at Jay360 today for more information on gates and gate repair!

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Why Is My Automatic Gate Opener Not Working?

Your automatic gate opener may stop working for a variety of reasons. This section provides an overview for each of these common problems and provides steps you can take to try to remedy the problem. Keep in mind that you should not go into the control box or hardware to try to fix a problem yourself. You may end up creating more damage or even injuring yourself. Leave it to the professionals who can safely and efficiently fix your gate opener.


Remote Controller

One of the most common reasons why your automatic gate stops working is due to problems with the remote control. The issue can be as simple as dead batteries, or a bit more complicated. Like every type of electronic device, your remote control has a lifespan. If you have owned your controller for a long time and it doesn’t start working after a battery change, it might be time to replace it. Here are some steps you can take to see if your gate controller is the problem.

1. Change The Batteries:?Add new batteries to the remote. If the controller works then you know it’s just a simple battery issue!

2. Try A Back Up Remote: You want to ensure that the problem is, in fact, the remote and not your gate!?If you have a back up remote, try using it on the gate. If the gate opens without a problem, your?remote has probably reached its life expectancy.

Suggested Action: Call the?supplier or company you worked with to install the?gate. They can help you replace the controller or provide additional steps to try to solve the problem.


Cold Weather

One of the top reasons why gates and automatic gate openers stop working is due to the cold weather. In Ontario, we often see both extreme heat and cold. If you notice your gate opener began acting strangely around the same time the cold weather set in – the weather is the likely cause of your problems.

The good news is that problems due to cold weather often resolve themselves – sometimes the controller or the gate itself is sluggish due to the cold, but after a few seconds to a few minutes will warm up and get back to working the way it should. Check out the video below to see how cold weather can affect your gate and gate opener.


Here are some ways you can check to see if cold weather is the culprit.

1. Press Your Gate Opener Multiple Times:?This will hopefully allow the opener to warm up and allow the needed chemical reaction to occur. This technique is similar to trying to start a car engine which gives it the warm-up it needs to open (source).

2. Inspect the solenoid switch: Ensure you wear rubber gloves while performing this action.?Identify any corrosion, and clear safely using your rubber gloves.

3. Clean the rollers and bearings: Clean the rollers and bearings?with cold resistant grease or lubricant. This can help ensure your gate works smoothly and your gate controller won’t have to fight against a sluggish gate.

4. Remove the battery:?Have your battery tested?at an auto store or use your own battery tester to ensure the battery has not been damaged by the harsh weather.

5. Buy a?High Cold Cranking Amp?battery:?Talk to your gate manufacturer or installer to learn about the different options for batteries that will survive cold and wet winters.

Suggested Action: If all else fails and your gate or gate opener is still giving you problems, it’s best to have a professional come in and look at the problem for you. It may be a more complicated issue, or something small that you overlooked!


Electrical Or Mechanical Problems

There are a variety of both electrical and mechanical problems that can occur with your automatic gate and gate opener. One of the simplest issues that is commonly overlooked is a mechanical problem. For example, an object or some debris may be blocking your gate’s path. This may make it seem like there is a problem with your gate opener, but really it is just a blockage in your gate’s path. Electrical problems are issues with parts of the gate such as wiring, sensors, and key switches.


Mechanical Problems

Mechanical problems are sometimes easier to spot than other issues. Here are some tips to help figure out if you have a mechanical issue.

1. Check the gate’s path: As mentioned above, before you jump to conclusions about your gate or gate opener, check your gate’s path. Something may have simply blown into its path and is stopping it from opening or closing properly. Clear away any debris and try again.

2. Check the gate & gate opener: Check the physical gate and gate opener for any damage. During a recent storm or accident, your gate or gate opener may have sustained some damage or it may have started to rust. If you see anything that looks new or out of the ordinary, physical damage may be the cause of your gate’s problems.


Electrical Problems

Electrical problems can be a bit trickier to determine. You should never try to repair an electrical problem unless you are experienced. Trying to fix an electrical problem yourself can result in more damage to your gate or serious injury to you. Here are some ways you can check to see if an electrical problem is causing your gate issues:

1. Ensure “hold open” command is not set: Many gates have a “hold open” command that keeps the gate in the open position. If your automatic gate opener stops working, it may not be your opener at all! Check to make sure you or someone in your family did not accidentally leave this command on.

2. Check the fire department key switch: It?s possible the fire department came by to check your gate and forgot to put your settings back to normal. Check the key switch and ensure everything is normal before moving on to the next step.

3. Reset the power on your gate operator:?if you have tried both of the above and your gate opener is still not working, reset the power on your gate operator. Like all electronics, sometimes all your gate needs is a simple reset (source).

4. Check the sensors:?Your gate opener may not be working due to an issue with the sensors.?Check the photocell/photo eye/sensors on your gate. Is there moisture? Debris on the lens? Check these sensors to ensure nothing is blocking them.

5. Replace the battery?on edge transmitters:?Ensure that edge transmitters are functioning. If you replace the battery and the transmitter still isn?t functioning, then your gate opener issue may actually be a transmitter issue. To fix this problem, you will have to replace the edge transmitter (source).

Suggested Action For Mechanical/Electrical Problems: Call the experts! If you have tried all the above and still can?t figure out what?s wrong with your gate opener, the problem may be more serious. It?s always best to?call on the experts?to ensure you do not cause more damage to your gate or gate operator or injure yourself,?especially while working with the battery or electrical components.

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Poorly Installed Gate & Automatic Gate Opener

Though DIY installation may seem like an appealing option, gate installation is a complicated process. Ensuring that both your gate and gate opener work smoothly is no easy feat. A lot can go wrong along the way during a DIY gate installation. By the time the process is complete, you may not realize a few problems along the way ended up causing current issues! If you own a poorly installed gate and want to get it working again, it?s a good idea to call on?an experienced gate installation?company to help fix the problem.


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