An automatic barrier gate is a functional and potentially attractive solution for controlling public and private vehicle transit and access to rest areas, even with high traffic volumes. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best-designed models currently out there, and if you have any questions along the way, contact the experts at Jay360 – they can help with all your residential and business surveillance and security needs.

Automatic Barrier Gate – 5 Models You Need to See

Before we take a look at different models, let’s first define exactly what we’re talking about here.

Chances are you’ve recently passed through an automatic barrier gate, as they’re routinely set up to control access to parking lots and parking garages, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, exhibition centres, amusement parks, airports and railway stations, as well as all other types of small or large public facilities.

Automatic barrier gates are a great way to add extra security to your property.

There are many different styles, and depending on the level of security you need, the size of driveway/parking lot, and other property factors, one may suit your needs better than another.

This list will go over five you need to see, outlining the best features of each one.

1. Nice – Wide Barrier

Wide is a new automatic barrier gate system from Nice that is easy to install, handy to maintain, and safe to use. Thanks to its modular bars and the new bar joint, Wide is an extremely simple and flexible system that can cover passages from 3 to 7 m. This barrier can be installed to regulate access to residential parking areas, small commercial buildings, or underground parking.

Nice prides themselves on offering a product that is easy to use, solid, handy, and safe, and its sleek design makes it feel like you’re entering a modern and up-to-date facility.

automatic barrier gate


2. LiftMaster – MATDCBB3

This automatic barrier gate from LiftMaster is designed to keep traffic flowing 24 hours a day and has a number of attractive features, including:

  • Battery Backup safeguards your property by providing up to up to 900 cycles when the power is down.
  • Breakaway Arm can be easily reinstalled if arm is hit, quickly restoring traffic control.
  • Heavy-Duty Drive System with Commercial Gearbox provides reliable, continuous operation.
  • Magnetic Limit Sensors have no moving parts and are designed for high-cycle applications, so there’s less wear and tear and you’re assured dependable operation day-in and day-out.
  • Sequenced Access Management provides control between barrier and slide/ swing gate operators to maximize traffic flow.

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3. Automatic Systems – BL 15

Combining speed, ease of use, and reliability, the BL 15 is Automatic Systems’ new rising barrier designed for access control of public sites.  The BL 15 is billed as an efficient, secure, and economical barrier thanks to its price points and the guarantee of Automatic Systems’ quality. Its main benefits include assimilation of major traffic flows, remote management, modern design, and long lifecycle, making the BL 15 perfectly suited to all corporate and public environments.

automatic barrier gate


4. SKIDATA – Barrier.Gate

The Barrier.Gate by SKIDATA is a universal automatic barrier gate with a unique look and feel. You can view a 3D interactive diagram of the Barrier.Gate on SKIDATA’s website, making it easy to decide if this gate is right for you and your property. With the Barrier.Gate, you can choose from a wide variety of options such as boom length (up to 4.5 meters long), jointed arms, and the option to display various symbols to your customers.

5. Canadian Parking Equipment – Magnetic MicroDrive Parking Gate

The Magnetic MicroDrive Parking Gate by Canadian Parking Equipment is the perfect automatic barrier gate for those looking for environmentally friendly options. This gate offers 75% less power consumption than other comparable gates and is made from 99% recyclable materials. Additionally, the newly designed automatic barrier gate offers improved visibility and thus decreases the risk of damage to people and materials. Passage is possible at an opening angle of 35°, allowing more vehicles to pass during peak times.

The barrier control also features easy access from all sides, six languages, ease of operation, and more. If you’re looking for something unique from a Canadian company, this gate is a great choice.

Trust the Experts at Jay360

Jay360 Network can supply and install a wide assortment of automatic gates to suit your specific needs. We have the experience to handle everything from new installations to retrofitting an existing automatic barrier gate system, as well as providing repair services. With a yearly maintenance service contract as an option,  we can keep your automatic barrier gate and subsystems functioning to manufacturers’ standards. Our commitment to our customers is to provide professional service and installations to maximize use and to minimize costs.

Give us a call today for a quote and set up an appointment for one of our professional sales staff to come out and assess your needs.

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