Looking for a great wireless security camera system? One of the best ways to find a security system that works best for you, your home, and your family, is reviewing these 8 questions to ask yourself before you purchase. To learn more about security cameras and proper installation, contact the experts at Jay 360 now!

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Wired vs. Wireless Security Cameras

When security cameras first came out on the market, they had to be connected to an electrical source to work. You can still purchase cameras like that today, however, these cameras rely on cables to transmit video signals to a viewing device, such as a TV or computer.  Wireless security cameras transmit the video signal and/or audio signal digitally over the internet to a wireless receiver that connects to your viewing device.

As such, wireless security cameras are much easier to install than the wired ones, since you don’t have to worry about cables at all. Wired cameras must connect to your home’s electrical system so you will need to hire a professional for this type of installation. Wireless security cameras offer benefits to people renting, new to home security cameras, or those who are on a budget. These cameras are easier to move and also easier to install.

Here’s a list of 8 questions you ask know before you buy a home security system.

1. Do I Have Valuable Assets I want to Protect?

You can install devices that will notify you if your valuables have been tampered with. Asset protection devices let you know when, for example, a jewelry box has been opened, a painting has been moved or a safe has been tampered with. If you have valuable items that you would like to protect, this is something to consider when buying a security system. These devices not only protect from theft but also give you peace of mind.

2. Are Burglar Alarms The Same as Home Security Systems?

There are many major differences between a burglar alarm and a home security system; home security systems provide many additional benefits to help protect your family. Before signing up with a security company or making any purchases, it is important to know how their systems work. A burglar alarm is a traditional type of alarm system that has sensors on doors and windows. It will alert you and/or law enforcement if an intruder has entered the home. This is beneficial, however, a home security system can warn you of much more.

3. Do Security Systems Operate During Power Outages?

If you are concerned about how the security system is powered, you should know that it will continue to operate during a power outage Even traditional wired security systems have a large battery included to back up the system when the power is out. Another option if you want to be on the cutting edge is a solar powered security system. A solar-powered system is definitely more expensive but offers a more environmentally friendly option. 

4. Does Size Matter?

Although some may say that there is a one size fits all rule with security systems, that is not the case. There are several types and sizes of security systems available on the market. Each of them can also be customized to meet your specific needs. You need to be sure your system fits your lifestyle and needs. A small system might be fine for an apartment or very small home, however, if you have a bigger home you will need a system that can handle more monitoring devices and information.

5. Are Home Security Systems Affordable?

Even if you are on a tight budget, you can have a home security system. There is low, mid, and high price range security systems available, and based on your need and budget you can definitely find the perfect fit for your home. While some are not as advanced as others, they will still provide peace of mind and protection for your family.

6. What is The Installation Process?

The installation process varies. Depending on the type and size of your system the installation will also vary. As noted above, a wireless system will be significantly easier to install than a traditional wired system needing to be installed by a professional.  The installation will also depend on where you purchase your system. If you purchase directly through a security company like Jay360 you can speak directly with an expert to learn exactly what is required for installation. Be sure to ask this before you purchase.

7. Do Systems Offer Personal Security?

You may wonder what would ever happen if something happened to you in your home? What if you slipped going down the stairs or had a bad fall? How long would it take for someone to look for you? Many home security systems have technology that is able to be used in a medical emergency. Often you can get a pendant or bracelet that allows you to get in touch with emergency services. This is a great option for the elderly who live alone.

8. What Provider Should I Choose?

After answering most of the questions above, now you have the information to make the decision to go ahead with a purchase of a home security system. The next question is which provider should I choose? First, consider the reliability of a company. Do they have credible reviews and testimonials, have they been in service more than a year, are they local to your region? These are all key questions to determine which service you should choose. For those in Waterloo region and surrounding areas, Jay360 is a reputable, trustworthy service.

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