AlarmForce is a household name in residential and business security solutions. ?Here you will find candid grievances from around the web on product, contract, and invoicing issues. Knowing the capabilities and?performance of a security system is just one of the factors in choosing the right solution.?Jay 360 helps you understand your home security needs and guides?you in finding the right fit in value and cost.

Note: perspectives expressed are based on the views of external parties and do not reflect Jay360’s view unless noted. Be sure to get both sides of the story by reading?below. Alarm Force has also been contacted for a statement. This article will be updated if such a statement?is received.

Alarm Force Complaints: The?360 View

There are many AlarmForce complaints?available online, but synthesizing the information remains the best way for the customer to get a balanced 360 view of the product. Jay360 offers the bottom line view on AlarmForce, helping you to make the right choice see here for a 360 review on Alarm Force.

alarm force complaints summary table

There are many reasons why customers may file a complaint against a security alarm provider, although these issues of product, contract, and invoicing can be avoided with the right security advisor. It is recommended that customers ensure they receive a contract template to review alongside a trusted home security system advisor.

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Here is the condensed version of hundreds of AlarmForce complaints filed by customers across the web. Ratings below were calculated when not available as indicated next to each score.

Complaint Board – Don’t Get Tripped up by?Broken Monitoring and Collection Agencies

Alarm Force Complaints from Complaints Board

Key Issues Encountered:

  • Sybil1927:?Customer received a call from a collections agency for $600 for not returning alarm equipment.
  • Argh1 wrote: “They cannot monitor if there is no phone line, and they don’t call you when the system cannot phone back to their monitoring center.”
  • mmathews wrote: “I was told to return the equipment, but the person told me not to worry about the single motion sensor that was mounted high up on a wall. I would later be sent a bill for $300.”

What We Learned:

  • Don’t get caught by the fine print:?When canceling the service, read the fine print on the equipment. Ask the customer service rep to provide you with the details. Document who was speaking with you and when to ensure you are protected against fees.
  • Confirm that monitoring is active: Ensure that you have a phone line connection so that AlarmForce can monitor your premise. Call in to test the 2-way communication periodically in case of outage. Ensure that AlarmForce has an alternate contact to reach?you in emergencies.

Rating (provided by Jay360): 6/10 based on 18 complaints

Source: Spotlights Issues with Products and Customer Service

homestars alarm force reviews

Key Issues Encountered:

  • A Private User from Alberta wrote:?”I was bounced around from department to department to cancel/transfer services. In the end, I can’t even cancel this contract for services I no longer need without paying the ENTIRE balance of the remaining payments.
  • Sharna shares:?Her home?alarm had been set off and?AlarmForce claimed that they didn’t subscribe to a service. The tension mounted as her?home was suspected of being burglarized. Later Sharna’s husband realized that they had been subscribed and were misinformed by a service rep.
  • Kaz?wrote:They installed a cheap plastic faulty alarm that would go off on its own and wake up our little one-year-old to the point that our little girl was afraid of the key pad.

What We Learned:

  • Avoid getting bounced:?Give the company a shot at dealing with your issue or complaint but?take to sites such as to get?a direct contact with an AlarmForce rep.
  • Know what you paid for: Review your service subscription and know your rights as a consumer. Keep companies accountable for the service that you paid for. Ensure you get an email confirmation or representative identification for each call so you have an audit trail of what was discussed.
  • Schedule a system test:?Before hitting prime time with your security system, schedule and make time for a brief test. This can help iron out early installation issues.


Rating: 6.9/10 along with 6 responses to 24 complaints in the last 12 months as of September ?28,2016



Better Business Bureau Spotlights?Billing and Product Issues with AlarmForce

bbb alarm force reviews

Key Issues Encountered:

  • Customer billing and collection issues: There were numerous issues with consumers looking to get equipment return charges waived after cancellation.
  • Watch out?for contracts:?Contract termination penalties could not be waived entirely. Some customers were offered 50% reduction?on their remaining contract?but didn’t settle.
  • Cat problems:?Some AlarmForce customers had issues with getting their system configured so cats would not set it off.

What We Learned:

  • Don’t hold on to any equipment:?Once you cancel the service make sure to mail back the equipment ASAP. Get mailing instructions from customer service and ensure you have the conversation documented in case anything goes wrong.
  • Know the Terms and Conditions to contract termination: Customers continue?to face challenges when trying to get out of contracts they agreed to.?For those who aren’t able to stomach long contracts with costly buyout options, look elsewhere or contact Jay360 for recommendations.
  • Get references from other pet owners:?Connect with other customers of AlarmForce to get a sense of how their equipment and service?performs in your area.?As service is contingent on area get the first-hand scoop by taking to or contacting a trusted security advisor.

Rating (provided by Jay360): 5/10 based on 87 resolved complaints/106?complaints without settlements


alarm force reviews by best home security

Key Issues Encountered:

  • GL Mathes writes: “I have to repurchase all the equipment that the tech took back with him. …It seems to me that this is false advertising where you buy the equipment and then the company demands to have it all back.”
  • Michelle Allen wrote:?”We ?inherited? the alarm contract in our home from AlarmForce. We have had the service for less than a month. I am so 100% disappointed in the service and the product.”
  • S. Palmer:?”Fall detection system service malfunctions and has very poor range. Cannot go outside ? customer service said to ?open a window? each time I go outside. So ridiculous.”

What We Learned:

  • Hold onto equipment:?When transferring residences be sure to contact your service provider to ensure equipment can be transferred to other?properties. Purchasing equipment means you have ownership and companies should not be asking for the equipment to be returned.
  • Avoid inherited contracts:?Talk with the seller of your properties to ensure that you aren’t inheriting unwanted contracts for services. Ensure you get the seller to cancel or make amendments to your agreement addressing these issues.
  • Get a trial period for features:?Though contracts offer?a number?of predetermined services it may be possible to get a trial period for untested or maturing features like fall detection. If the service and feature fits,?then sign on to a regular service. ?Ask for trials or discounts to hedge the risk of new technologies.

Rating: 3/10 based on 34 complaints of 47 customer reviews



A Quick Look at ALARMFORCE

AlarmForce logo

AlarmForce is a?leader in ?security for residential, commercial, condo, and senior care. They provide two-way emergency response systems?and video surveillance. ?AlarmForce?takes full control of products, installation, and monitoring. AlarmForce?designs and manufactures their?products in-house, they do not use contract or 3rd party technicians, and they?do not use 3rd party monitoring centres. AlarmForce offers products for both urban and rural customers provided a wired internet connection is available.



Get Help with your AlarmForce System or Upgrade to Our Trusted Security Solutions

In recent reviews, Alarm Force offers convenient security setup and reduced risk to hardware ownership. It is a trusted brand that sometimes has run into customer service and product challenges.?Alarm Force is one of many products and monitoring service providers, yet looking at only one brand can limit your overall home or commercial property security.?Protect your most important people and assets whether at home or at work with the help of Jay360. Jay 360 works with you to ensure we address each one of your security concerns and offer insights into angles you haven’t thought of before.

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