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Access Control

Jay360 network provides a wide assortment of access control systems.

From remote control gate and overhead doors to full commercial installations, we can supply and install door access control systems to control one to literally thousands of doors. With the use of electronic keys and software integration, you have the peace of mind knowing that your house, business, or multiple sites are secure, monitored, and protected. The software integration allows you to track, schedule, and even disable your electronic keys. Imagine the confidence of knowing that you could delete a key without needing to find it!

What other products or systems do we carry?

We also carry a wide variety of keypad and telephone entry systems that give you the ability to program codes for access and even control a door or a gate from any telephone, including cellular phones. We also carry product lines that can give you the ability to communicate visually with your guests, clients, or customers. If you require a higher level of access control, we can supply and install biometrics print scanners along with facial recognition systems to suit your needs.

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