Reviewing this article on access control systems will help you understand the pros and cons of each manufacturer, preventing misdirection and unwanted surprises. Jay 360 helps you understand your property security needs and guides you in choosing the right system. Based on the limited information available, this article offers a comparison based on industry certification, consumer reviews, and product testimonials, with Honeywell and Keyscan being the top competitors.  Other manufacturers will depend on specific client applications.

If you are looking for an introduction to access control systems, feel free to read up on this primer (click here) provided by The article offers a highlight of key features along with tips on how to choose a manufacturer.

Access Control Systems Throwdown – Summary of the Best

This chart summarizes findings on a handful of access control manufacturers. This analysis is meant to be a starting point and readers are encouraged to learn more about each of these providers. It should be noted that depending on the manufacturer, some of these systems are strictly for commercial/institutional uses. The comparisons provided can be generally applied to an organizational context also. If you’re not into sorting out the dozens of home security solutions, Jay360 can also help you choose the right system.

access control system

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Honeywell access controlHoneywell Access Control Systems

Honeywell is an international brand committed to innovation, research & development, and quality. Honeywell uses mergers and acquisitions to integrate new technologies into its product line, helping them stay ahead on the innovation front. They are proud to be known as industry pioneers in commercial and residential security technologies. Their web interface provides customizable reporting along with remote monitoring options. Honeywell is the choice if you want integration with reporting, home alarm system, and fire alarms control.


Keyscan logoKeyscan Inc.

Keyscan helps institutions and businesses manage their premise security. Their systems are mainly for professional use rather than residential use, although a residential property with an extensive landscape could make use of their systems. Keyscan is also noted to have solid products and customer support. The company offers its products across a wide range of geographies including Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America, South America, Great Britain, and Europe. Keyscan offers enterprise and institutional grade products, so if you are in this segment make sure you look into their offerings.


Cansec logoCansec

Cansec is focused on developing innovative, affordable products that are easy to install, use, and support. They offer full-feature access control systems including access schedules, access profiles, holidays, and unlock schedule. Their corporate website also offers a variety of resources from training to remote technical support. If you are a hands-on person, Cansec offers what you need to get up and running quickly for your home access control.


kantech logoKantech

Kantech is part of Tyco’s company holdings.  They offer solutions for small businesses and have a wide variety of products. Buyers are to be aware that they do not cater to DIY-ers as technical support is only provided for professional installers. Kantech products can also integrate with other products within the Tyco family. For business owners who do not want to hassle with the wires of access controls, go with Kantech and their certified service providers.


mircom logoMircom

Mircom was founded in Vaughan, Ontario in 1991 and focuses on targeting real estate developers looking to secure condo or apartment towers. They offer extensive schematic information on their products, helping to instill confidence amongst building engineers. Their products have a wide variety of applications from real estate security to low voltage operation for developing countries abroad. For customers looking to secure commercial or apartment establishments, Mircom is the choice to help you meet building code and protect your tenants.


SDC access control systemsSDC Security

SDC is an ISO certified organization that is a good fit for compliance with building code for those who are securing commercial and residential high-rise properties. They also offer a number of video reviews conducted on their various product lines. SDC does offer its own access control systems but these offer fewer integration opportunities with other products, staying within their own ecosystem of access control accessories. For those looking for a company that has an unparalleled focus on entry point and door automation security, look no further than SDC.



Service Provides a Distinguishing Factor

Despite the many bells and whistles offered by these home security manufacturers, choosing the right service provider makes all the difference. Some manufacturers listed above only provide technical support through a qualified installer. Having the right partner could mean the difference between having a decorative system and a truly functional one that provides robust security. Jay 360 works with you to ensure we address each one of your security concerns and offers insights into angles you haven’t thought of or seen before.

jay-360There are many more factors to consider when choosing and installing an access control system. Jay 360 continues to help clients ensure their premise security, looking at all the different vantage points to provide you with peace of mind and comfort. You can rely on the knowledge and experience of Jay360 to provide you with professional security solutions. We will recommend only the security products that meet your specific needs and budget.

Call on Jay360 to help you to choose and install the ideal security system to suit you and your needs, all at the very best value.

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