Access control keypads can give you great peace of mind by knowing that your house, business, or multiple sites are secure, monitored, and protected. With the use of electronic keypads and software integration, you can track, schedule, and even disable your electronic keypads. Read on to discover more.?From remote control gate and overhead doors to full commercial installations, you can trust Jay360 Network to supply and install door access control systems to control anywhere from one to literally thousands of doors – contact us today!

Featured Keypad

One of the access control keypads we recommend is the HC-P640 (High Security Combination Proximity Reader and Keypad) from Hartmann Controls Access Control Systems.

The single-piece HC-P640 delivers non-contact read ranges up to 6 inches (152 mm), and operates from 5 to 14 VDC (volts by direct current).

Physical size is a compact 4.6 x 3 x 0.70 inches (117 x 77 x 18 mm). Mounting is simplified with horizontal and vertical mounting slots instead of holes, which allow the reader to be conveniently adjusted and levelled.

To allow both indoor and outdoor operation, the electronics are sealed in tamper-resistant epoxy potting.

The 12-pin keypad label is made of durable polyester material. Numbers are clearly embossed with aesthetic blue backlighting, a continuously illuminated 5-key and a raised ‘pip’ on the 5-key for impaired individuals.

3 Benefits of Keypads

1. Access

Prevent unwarranted access to your commercial or residential property and approve who has access.

2. Security

Keep a log of who comes and goes on your property and protect your building(s) and their contents.

3. Insurance

Reduce insurance costs by improving security and preventing unwanted access.

Trust Jay360 For All Your Access Control System Needs

Jay360 Network can supply and install a?wide assortment?of access control equipment to suit your specific needs.?We have the experience to handle everything from new installations to retrofitting existing keypad systems, as well as providing repair services to existing access control systems.

With a yearly maintenance service contract as an option, we can keep your systems functioning to manufacturer?s standards. Our commitment to our customers is to provide professional service and installations to maximize use and to minimize costs.

Give us a call today?for a quote.?Jay 360 Network provides hassle-free and professional installation.



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