There are a number of wrought iron gate manufacturers who do custom/pre-designed products. Having a view into which is which will help?homeowners and businesses improve the security and privacy of their?property. Jay 360 works with qualified and dedicated gate manufacturers to give customers the best value. ?See here for gates we’ve supplied?and installed.

Wrought Iron Gate Fabricators Listing

Here is a list of local gate fabricators along with some quick facts on products, company information, and location. Though the quality?of a gate plays a significant role, working with the service provider ensures that factors such as placement, proximity, security, and privacy are not overlooked.

Dufferin Iron & Railings

wrought-iron-gate-manufacturers-1About us: At Dufferin Iron & Railings, we build what you envision. With over 40 years of experience, we draw from a wealth of expertise cultivated through passion and skill in order to forge and design custom made wrought iron furnishings that truly represent craftsmanship and quality.

  • Wrought Iron Gates Produced: Dufferin Iron produces both wrought iron gates and fences for your property needs. They have featured products for decorative iron gates and an offering?for gardens.
  • Points of Interest:?The company provides free quotes and ?is available for custom manufacturing orders. Their website notes that they only source from suppliers that are just as particular about their craft as they are. Dufferin also is a member of the Stair and Railing Association of Canada.
  • City: Toronto
  • Homepage:?

Smith Metal Works

smith metal worksAbout us: Smith Metal Works proudly serves the Greater Toronto Area and has done so for many years. All of our team members have over 10 years? experience and can work with designs of any complexity. We work with homeowners, contractors, multi-story building owners, and commercial businesses. We view our customers as family and always provide outstanding customer service before, during, and after any job we do.

  • Wrought Iron Gates Produced:?Smith Metal Works produces wrought iron gates and fences for your property needs. They have featured products for decorative iron gates?and also classic functional offerings. Based on their gallery they have done a variety of projects for front side residences and enclosures for pools as well.
  • Points of Interest:?Smith?views their?customers as family and aims to?provide outstanding customer service before, during, and after any job. Their company website also features live-help which can get you connected immediately.
  • City: Mississauga
  • Homepage:?

Jay Fencing

Jay Fencing Site Menu

About us: You can rely on the knowledge and experience of Jay Fencing Ltd. Feel confident that we will recommend only the fencing that meets your specific needs and budget.?Careful consideration to community requirements, personal and property security, privacy, ?and protected play for children and pets are all important issues that we will help you to examine.

  • Wrought Iron Gates Produced: Jay Fencing offers gates for commercial and residential use. Gates range from functional?to decorative offerings to suit a variety of needs.
  • Points of Interest:?Jay Fencing offers a 2-year warranty guaranteeing the quality of the work provided. They are also certified by the?Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) for the CSA W47.1 standard which demonstrates weld quality and workmanship meets the?rigorous standards of the CWB.
  • City: Kitchener-Waterloo
  • Homepage:?

Pro Weld

Pro Weld websiteAbout us:Pro Weld provides complete welding services, fabrication, and mobile welding services. Pro Weld has been serving the Greater Toronto Area communities for over 20 years. We are CWB certified.

  • Wrought Iron Gates Produced: Pro Weld offers a wide range of wrought iron gates, including hybrid wood and wrought iron. They are adept at providing customized designs and ornamental gates.
  • Points of Interest:?Pro Weld specializes?in on-site welding. For larger projects they can?offer workshop facilities using equipment in a fully insured secure environment.
  • City:?Concord
  • Homepage:?

Venetian Iron Art

Venetian Art websiteAbout us: Venetian Iron Art is a family owned company with over 20 years experience, known for their focus on serving customers in the market for custom designed fencing and gates.

  • Wrought Iron Gates Produced: Venetian Iron Art is known as?leading experts in custom manufacturing of?Gates?and other products for residential and commercial properties. Venetian Iron Art manufactures?the following types of gates: driveway, garden, and automatic.
  • Points of Interest:?Offers a design-it-yourself service that helps you conceptualize the gate you want. This business offers to provide finishing on gates ordered to help preserve the look and feel of the original design.
  • City: Mississauga
  • Homepage:?

The Iron Shop

Iron shop websiteAbout us: The Iron Shop provides custom Wrought Iron Services in Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Georgetown, Brampton and Acton.

  • Wrought Iron Gates Produced:?The Iron Shop manufactures wrought iron gates for commercial and residential uses.?The Iron shop builds gates for?garden, commercial, automatic, and security uses.
  • Points of Interest:?The Iron Shop?offers a??showroom and factory providing a preview of various?types of products, designs, and manufacturing techniques. The Iron Shop is quite particular about their iron, and even offers a brief history of wrought iron usage.?The company prides itself on offering the classic wrought iron look and feel based on specialized equipment and processes.
  • City:?Milton
  • Homepage:?

For additional wrought iron gate manufacturers contact us here to discuss your design and needs.

JAY 360?Offers Integrated Wrought Iron Manufacturing and Installation Expertise

jay-360There are many more factors to consider when choosing the ideal wrought iron gate. Jay360?has the expertise to help you not only determine the right product?but guide?you each step of the way to protect your property. We look at vulnerabilities, mechanical challenges, and ease of use to help find the right solution for any property.?You can rely on the knowledge and experience of Jay360 to provide??you with the best?gating?solutions.?We will recommend only the products that meet your specific needs and budget.

Call on Jay360 to help you to choose and install?the ideal wrought iron gate?to suit you and your needs, all at the very best value. Jay 360 is a trusted service provider in property security in the Kitchener-Waterloo region.


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