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Things to Consider

Jay360 has a variety of solutions that provide you with mobile-anywhere access to your video and integrated security system.

We can tailor the solution to your needs, adding convenience and peace of mind.

Security cameras deter criminals as well as help to record any problematic events that take place on your commercial or residential property, potentially helping with insurance claims or police investigations.


Yes! The more integration the smarted your system becomes, providing you with more control and insights on who comes and goes on your property.

Our customers overwhelmingly agree that this integration has assisted their usage of their systems.

Jay360 has completed over 10,000 projects in the security and surveillance fields. We’ve installed all types of cameras, gates, access controls, audio and video surveillance, card access, etc.

Choose the southern-Ontario professionals with experience!


Jay 360 Network provides a HASSLE-FREE and PROFESSIONAL installation.


Jay 360 Network provides RELIABLE and ACCURATE installation services.

We have over 28 years of installation project management experience to draw on and thousands of happy customers.


Deter crime from your location.
Protect your assets.
Monitor and record location activity.